Mooncake Festival

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Mooncake is not Itchyfingers’ favourite food and normally we don’t really buy it cos it’s so expensive during the festival period. The only time we may consider buying is when we love the packaging so much. Remember the butt mooncake from Hong Kong?

This time, it’s an egg that made Itchyfingers a sucker….lol

Gudetama!! The lazy egg from Japan!

The metal box is Gudetama himself…hahah….Four different flavours..I would have thought everything would have salted egg yolks

But being an irregular shaped box, it’s a bit tough to pry open though…

Total waste of space…hahah….

But luckily, the moon cakes taste not too bad and not too sweet…My favourite is the pandan one though it has a single salted yolk…and as usual, we dug out more of the double yolk and only ate the sweet paste!! Hahahah

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Fire Breathing Dragon

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Itchyfingers first heard of this many moons ago when she was still a college student. Still remember visiting one with fellow classmates and our art teacher at one of the ulu (translates as “out-of-place”) parts of Singapore. There, we saw the “Dragon”. But when we visited it, it was still “sleeping”….

Itchyfingers is talking about the Dragon Kiln – a kiln built with bricks and earth, and originated from China. It is called the Dragon Kiln as it is very long and has a “head” and a “tail”.

Like the sleeping Dragon, Itchyfingers‘ memory on the Dragon Kiln soon went to sleep and has only been awaken recently when, out of the moon, on one fine day, I pestered Tisu Boy to bring me to visit the only of the two surviving Dragon Kilns in Singapore. I have passed by the road with a big pottery pointing to the direction of the Kiln quite a number of times for the past few years, but just never find the time to go and check it out…

So this day, Itchyfingers finally found our way to Thow Kwan Pottery Jungle in the western part of Singapore. A pity it is really a bit out-of-the-way, as you still have to walk a distance if you take a bus there. For direction, see here.

Didn’t expect to see it the moment we stepped in….

The “head” or fire box of the dragon…This Dragon was built in 1940 and bought over by the Tan Family in 1965.

During the 1900s, Dragon Kilns were used for mass production of functional household and industrial wares like cups, jars and pots. The front portion (the head or fire box) is situated at the lower ground level and is the first point where firewood is fed in into the kiln at the start of the firing process.

I thought the one we visited at Ang Mo Kio was much longer and bigger…Didn’t have a camera then…what a waste!

The entire kiln is built on a gentle slope with a gradient of between 15 to 22 degrees. This is the “body”, a long and symmetrical structure made of joining semi-circular chambers. This elevated and semi-circular structure ensures a continuous cycle of heat within each section as the heat travels up the kiln. 

A miniature model of the Dragon Kiln. These openings, called the stoke holes or “eyes”, are located at designated spots in each chamber along the kiln body for fueling purposes. Wood fuel is fed through these stoke holes sequentially in stages to achieve an even distribution of heat throughout the kiln. Temperature inside the kiln is gauged by observing the colour of the flames through the stoke holes.

A poster on the wall explains how it works…

One of the entrances into the kiln body…

The heat and smoke from the firing escapes through a chimney, or “tail” of the Dragon, located at the highest point of the inclined ground, which is partially seen here…

Careful of your head! The entrance is quite low…

The interior of the “body”…

Today, the Dragon Kiln provides a platform for artists and potters in fueling an understanding and appreciation of the disappearing art of wood-firing. To create awareness of the traditions, heritage and cultural aspect of the Dragon Kiln and promote interest in the art of pottery, Thow Kwang holds regular tours, talks and workshops in their premises.

There is a large shop area where you can find lots of traditional and contemporary pottery, ceramic wares and cute bronze sculptures like this one!

A peek at the old house at the back…Really feel like going back in time to the 60s!

For Itchyfingers, we were so lucky to visit at the right time to find out about the next firing of the Dragon Kiln!!!!

The Dragon shall be awaken and breathing fire again come this December 16-17! There will be free guided tour on 17 Dec at 2pm and 7pm. Walk-ins are welcome according to the leaflet! Itchyfingers definitely would love to witness this! 

Forest Walk – Sabah Trip #11

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After the morning river safari on boat, we had breakfast and then it was free and easy time until the next activity. We decided to just explore around our camp area, and we were rewarded with many surprises!

A very easy walk with all the raised boardwalk at the campsite…You won’t get lost unless you venture out

Just close to the dining area, we saw this beautiful Black-and-red Broadbill….Have been a while since I last saw this

A melodious White-crowned Shama hopping around….

Couldn’t be sure of the identity of this raptor. He was perching so high and called so loud…

Another old friend, the Rufous-tailed Tailorbird….

Not sure if this is the Sunda Blue Flycatcher?

The catch of the day must be this one…

The Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher!!! So tiny and gorgeous!

The best thing was, we didn’t have to go far to look for it! It just landed outside our hut! 

A peep at the bright pinkish/magnet back of this beauty

We were so happy that he landed right in front of us and stayed for almost 10 minutes!!!!!

Not sure which gliding lizard was this…super long tail that got out of the frame…


At around 10.20am, we took the boat and went for our jungle trekking….It was an interesting walk led by informative guide, but unfortunately a lot of the plants have only native names in Malay, so remembering them was quite challenging…hahah…

Were told this was the Fire Ant nest…not too sure about this…could be another kind of ant but the name was lost in translation?

Evil-looking tree with big sharp thorns…These were much thicker than those of the Rattans…Can use this as weapon…wahahah

Rubbing the leaves of this plant is supposed to save you from mosquitoes’ bites…

Closer look. We tried it but not too sure if there were any effects….

Fallen flowers that looked so similar to those of Canonball Tree

Saw a few of these Tractor Millipede again…

I nearly stepped onto this one…

Better leave the centipede alone…

Not sure which caterpillar was this…

And lots of cicada moults! But this number was nothing compared to what Itchyfingers saw at New Zealand!

A closer look

Tisu Girl with our Guide in front of this big fig tree….

Unfortunately it rained that night again, so we couldn’t go for our night walk…Pretty sure we could have spotted some interesting animals or insects….But well, that is nature…Borneo is certainly an amazing place to visit if you are a nature lover! Just be prepared to rough it out a little and you would be rewarded by the beauty of nature!

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