Catch Me If You Can

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Earlier this month, a sign put up by the neighbourhood police appealed for witness for crimes happening in the car park….

Oooo? Mischief to Vehicles? Someone had been creating trouble in the car park,
probably vandalising them…Nowadays, police will put up signslike this to appeal
to public who had witnessed crimes such as unlicensed money lending harassment,
shop theft, housebreaking etc, to help bring these criminals to justice

So far, Itchyfingers have not seen any suspicious person loitering around the car park leaving his marks behind. But this particular night, Tisu Boy finally found out who is the culprit! Guess who is that!

Ah ha! Caught you red-handed! Er, should be caught you furry-pawed! So, 
my fat lady Miss Dusty is the one creating mischief to vehicles! 😀

“Huh? What do you mean? Me creating mischief? Me just trying to get 
a better vantage point…”

“This spot is good, cos it is safe and cool…I don’t have to worry about cars
coming, and I can see you from far…Now, where’s my dinner?”

Huh? You mean that there are people who are so nasty as to dislike or even
hate cats? You mean they will get angry if they see me on their precious
cars? But they have warm beds and I don’t..What? They will complain? OK,
I will come down…”

Seeking warmth and comfort between Tisu Boy’s feet….

Haha…Itchyfingers were kidding when we said Dusty is the culprit for the car vandalism. Surely a little, ok, a fat kitty can’t do much harm to your cars? At most they will leave cute little paw marks and maybe a few cat hair…In fact, you get even more scratches from tiny flying pebbles and twigs while driving on the roads…So next time if you see a kitty seeking some refuge on top of your car, don’t be angry. Most of the time the kitty will jump down and go hiding before you can even approach it for a photo…

Dusty giving one of her sweetest looks….”Please bear with me….” Itchyfingers
are still waiting for the day Dusty jumps onto our car…So cute! 

Now, while you are still been mesmerized by those beautiful eyes, don’t forget to watch out for the real culprit…

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Stay Calm and Play with Fire

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Last Friday Itchyfingers were once again at the National Museum of Singapore for the annual Singapore Night Festival. We were there at around 8pm and already large crowds were gathered at the museum ground, waiting for the performance to begin…

If I’m not wrong, this is the first time the event name is being projected
on the facade before the beginning of the programme. Kinda nice cos people
who dunu about the event will know what’s going on…hahah… Oooo…Can you

see two person there?

Getting ready for the show…

Titled “Vertical Extraction” by French group Compagnie Retouramont, two
performers did stunts and jumps while hanging on bungee cords attached
from the museum facade. Video projection captured earlier of them doing
the stunts interacted with their live performance and created the illusion
as if there were more people around…

Hang in there….

The shadow cast by these two and a third lady doing her stunt while 
clinging low and close to the facade were fairly interesting, but somehow it got
a bit monotonous looking at two person swinging and bouncing on the 
cord, and we could barely see the third lady as she was standing on the ground
and blocked by so many people in front of us. The background music was not
very exciting either….

We were still waiting for some grand finale where maybe the third lady would
join in the fun, but were a little dropped-jawed to know that was all on their 
sleeves…Oh, wait, there was no sleeves…hahah…Might as well, cos I think I would 
start to feel nauseous if they continue to bounce up and down endlessly….

But they were not done yet…Just next to the facade, a rope structure lit up…

Three’s a crowd…

Titled, “Pyramid of Void” by the same French group, this aerial performance
with a pyramid structure made of ropes suspended in mid-air, was supposed
to “outline the contours of a void, or an abstract space invisible to the eye”.

Stay calm and hold on to dear life… 😀

This stunt requires a lot of flexible, strength and guts…But again, I thought
all that was happening was three ladies hanging on tight ropes, pulling and
swinging each other’s rope….Again, the music was very uninspiring….

After minutes of swinging in their own void, they decided to descend to 
the lower end of the pyramid and join forces….

And finally rotate in unison….

Before hanging loose and relax….it’s finally over…for them and the audience….

Totally spent after the workout….I think last year’s Argentina group, Fuerzabruta
had set a high standard for the Night Festival, so our expectation for this year
is much higher, resulting in us feeling a bit disappointed now…

Alas, there was more to come! The last performance here was “Starlight Alchemy: Redux”. The artists were actually playing with various fire and specially created LED tools…But we could not see anything! The stage created were kinda low and we were behind a thick crowd of people…We could only see some fire flying around and the only time we could see what was going on was through the LCD screen of other people’s iPad! Just as Itchyfingers were about to give up and leave with disappointment for this year’s Night Festival, we found that we could get a clearer view by standing further away nearer to the road! How dumb of us to try to sneak a peek when it was so much easier to see from far! But by this time, we had already missed quite a fair bit…

Caught the solo performance of this lady playing with the hula hoop…but with
fire torches burning around it!

She looked totally calm and at ease playing with fire! Must have taken lotsa 
practise to perfect the act!

Fiery babe! Hot and sexy! 😀

Be careful not to burn your pretty face! 

Nice outfit with matching hair pattern!

She was soon joined by others. These torches formed a kinda chain…We couldn’t
take in all the others as our view were partially blocked…

As we had to wake up early for a trip to Malaysia the next day, we didn’t see much of the other performances at other venues. Only managed to catch some exhibits at the Arts Museum. Personally, I enjoyed the previous two years’ edition of the Night Festival much better, even though this year is supposed to be the biggest event with the most performances. But I think quality beats quantity, better to have better standard performance than to try to make it too big and suffer in terms of quality. But this is just my own personal view, I will leave you to do your own judgement. The Night Festival will be on again this coming Friday 30 August and Saturday 31 August from 7 pm to 2 am. Not too sure if Itchyfingers will be attending the rest of the show cos we would be pounding the tarmac road on Sunday morning for a coming race….Stay tuned for more reports!

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Butts of Desire

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Itchyfingers were recently over the moon….If you have been following Itchyfingers, you would remember that we mentioned about a very uniquely designed mooncakes from Hong Kong some years ago. This year, they finally brought them in, about a year after they opened shop here, as they couldn’t get licensing for selling food in time for the festival last year.

What are Itchyfingers talking about?

Oooo? What are these? Looks like some chinese calendars…It reminded me
of my IT bag, the one featuring August 9 – Singapore’s National Day

The smaller “chinese calendar”. But wait, it says”mooncake”….So, these are
mooncake packaging? Quite interesting right?

The bigger “calendar”. Like a typical chinese calendar with a daily page for you to
tear off with each passing day, there is this section on both the big and small
“calendar” boxes where they will give advices on the “dos and don’ts”. Here, it is
advisable for “self-consumption and gift”, while it is not so good “to keep for
three months and not eating”…hahah…On the bigger box,
 there are a rows of, er,
what are those?!?! Bums?

You have guessed it right! Itchyfingers were over the “moon” when we heard that the Hong Kong lifestyle company, Goods of Desire, or G.O.D. (which is 住好啲 in Cantonese to mean “to live better”), finally brought in their unique butt-shaped mooncakes to Singapore! Couldn’t wait to lay my itchy fingers on those bums and rushed down to buy some!

Four golden bums inside! Ooooo….so “Buttilicious”! Wahahahah!

I know it’s tough to see the “full glory” of the bums with their plastic
wrappings, so here’s the bums on their leaflet….Which is your favourite?
Actually my favourite is still the “Full Monty” which they didn’t bring in…booo..

There are actually two sets of four different bum mooncakes available in Hong Kong.
This is from their leaflet, with two other design besides the “T-Back” on the left…:p

Astronauts going gaga about the “bumpy” moon….wahahah…Do you 
like Itchyfingers new masthead with Tisu Girl dressed as Chang E flying
towards the butt moon? Wahahah… 😀

So, why use the bums as mooncake design? Here’s the rationale…haha…

The moon on the 15th day of the lunar eighth month is supposed to be the
brightest (though some people say it’s brightest on the 16th). In the chinese
language, the phrase “八月十五” (literally means August the 15th) is a colloquial
term used to describe one of our least exposed bodily parts, which is supposed
to be as bright as the moon on the 15th of August. Yes! it is the BUM – as round
and as bright (or white) as the moon….hahah…Legend also says that Chang E, the 
lady who flew and stayed on the moon, saw a bright reflection of the moon on
the river during August, when it was actually her boyfriend’s bum being reflected
while he was doing his business by the river! Wahahah…I don’t really like the
second point they mentioned here where the pomelo, a fruit that is commonly
consumed during the Mid-Autumn Festival, shares a common name with the bum
in chinese, so the 15th of August is also called the bum

The rationale on the bottom of the small calendar box, which packs just one

Itchyfingers bought this “T-back” bum for a friend, the nicest design out of the four.
Can’t wait to see the reaction on his face…wahahah

This morning, Itchyfingers took out one bum for brekky…Haha…Decided
to try our least favourite design, the “Bunny”. The drawing looks much
cuter than the actual one, which looks a bit like piles growing on the butt!!!
Wow, gross! Wahahah!!!

Nevertheless, the bum tastes like normal mooncakes…not too sweet! 🙂

Besides looking funny, the mooncakes are actually made by a renowned baker in Hong Kong. They come only in the white lotus paste filling with single yolk. In my opinion, they should make it into the black lotus paste with lotus seeds (黑豆沙and瓜子) to make it even funnier – er, if you know what I mean…gross lah! Wahahahah!!!! As for the packaging, I thought the bag should come with those red and white cotton twine that were commonly used in the early days on brown paper bag. The paper used on the bag and box could also be changed into uncoated paper stock to make it more authentic like those used on the real chinese calendars. That being said, I think the whole idea and concept of the bum mooncake is simply brilliant! But that is if you can share their kind of sense of humour! Wahahah! Itchyfingers think this is the perfect gift for friends or relatives who have an open mind and great sense of humour. Certainly suits those working in the creative field! You can now get a 15% early bird discount if you buy your butt before the 31st August! Hurry, move your butt down to G.O.D now! 😀

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