A Glimpse of the Parade

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The paper just reported that the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort (IR) have finished the construction of all its 55 floors. Itchyfingers have been trying to record its progress whenever we have the time if we were in the vicinity, and knowing that this would be the last stage before they put up the sky park, we thought we better come and take some photos.

Report on The Straits Times, 27 July 09

This was taken in March…

Within a period of three months, the three hotel towers have more than
doubled in height! Very fast hor?

Before we even reach the Merlion Park, we already saw these…

We were wondering what these gold ingots (元宝) were doing there?

Then we realised they must be part of the National Day Parade performance! Itchyfingers had unintentionally coincided our visit with one of the National Day rehearsal! Yeah! Since we have not not been lucky to get any tickets to the preview or the actual day celebration, being able to catch a sneak preview should be quite fun too! So we decided to wait for the time to come. :p

While waiting, we spotted a White-bellied Fish Eagle riding the thermal, soaring around the IR and the Singapore Flyers. Then it dived into the water to pick up his meal! Unfortunately, we did not have our binoculars with us. It was very far, so even if we had our big lens, we would not be able to take a decent photo of it. But being Itchyfingers, I just had to take a photo for the kick of it…hahah…:D

The eagle circling around…

People on the Flyer should be able to get a pretty decent view of the
majestic eagle…er…unless they dismissed it as a super big crow… :O

With a long lens, this is what you might be able to capture against a clear
blue sky if it is soaring nearer..the biggest raptor found in Singapore

Finally, action started! These boats with the huge inflated balloon ingots, er, or should they be origami boats…, started to steer towards the floating platform where the actual parade will be held. As we could not hear clearly what was happening over there, we didn’t really know why these boats kept moving to and fro without any formation or purposes…hahah…but it was a nice contrast against the blue sky.

I wanna sing the children song, 小白船 (little white boats)…hahah…you
could tell it was a very hot afternoon…

It was a long wait before we saw tiny red dots descending from the sky…

It’s the Red Lion Parachute Display!

All landed gracefully and safely!

The sun setting slowly, leaving its glow on the IR

Reflection on the water…

It was another long wait before we finally spotted the Chinook and Apache helicopters in the distance taking their respective position, getting ready.

The Chinook making its appearance…

Then came closer..and closer….

Our position was good as the Chinook came very close! Er, too close in fact! We were happily taking photos when it came so low and close to the people around the park that water started to splash all over under the forceful blades of the helicopter! Wow! It felt like raining! Couldn’t record any pictures cos we were busy keeping them away from the water! 😀

Then came the Apache!

Our small cameras could only manage shots like these…so small…

Another highlight we were waiting for was the huge flag flyover. But it came directly from behind us, and then over our heads, which meant that we couldn’t see the full display of the flag! 😦

There goes the flag! Arrrrgh!

We left after this as the rest of the performance would be too far for us to see from our position. Hopefully we can find some other time to catch the rehearsal again..this time, with bigger lens! 😀


Under Probation

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New drivers or riders in many countries like Australia, Japan and New Zealand are required to display a distinctive plate, sign or mark on their vehicles. This is meant as a safety measure – giving an early warning to other motorist to be more tolerant and forgiving to the new drivers who may make mistakes and to be given more road space to them as they are less experience on the road. 

Similarly in Singapore, all new license holders are required to display this sign on their cars during a one-year probational period. We call this bright orange triangle in a bright yellow sign the ‘P Plate‘, short form for ‘Probation Plate’. The positioning of the P Plate is equally important as they have to be prominent enough to be seen. Failure to display the P Plate will be fined S$120. Repeat offenders will even have their licences revoked.

So you see that it is really very important to display the P Plate if you want to keep your driving licence, as to many, they may even be depending on their licence for a living, like the cab driver, bus driver, lorry driver, delivery man, postman….etc etc etc…and maybe also….

…the garbage man…! 😀 Must display P Plate leh! If not cannot ride on 
Orchard Road, then who is gonna pick up your rubbish? 😀 Er…but your  
P Plate is upside down leh… :p

It’s Play Time! #3

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Itchyfingers have always been on the lookout for old memories of Singapore to photograph, and the children playground is one of them. If you can still remember, Itchyfingers mentioned that we found four old playgrounds and had since written about two of them. This is the third one that Tisu Boy discovered accidentally while visiting his relatives but have not been written about simply because I wasn’t there to experience it myself. Well, until recently…

It was a very sunny morning when we decided to visit this old playground. Took a while to find as we weren’t very familiar with the place. When we finally saw it, I was so excited cos it was another differently designed playground from the previous two.

Rather than having separate swings and slides, this playground has all the
different components connected as one single unit

View from the other angle. I don’t remember playing in one of these before..

Wow! Certainly looked fun! Of cos Itchyfingers won’t miss this opportunity to have some fun, especially since no one else is playing! 😀

First, climb up these steps…

..then slide down! Woohoo…! 😀

Then run towards the middle…you can choose to slide down from this
red pole like what army boys were trained to do…

..or continue screaming and running across this bridge to the other side…

…where you can see the birds..or seals or whatever you imagine this to be!

In between screaming and running, don’t forget to stop to admire how
time made the old playground so charming…like these layers and layers of
peeling paint on the railing…

End off by sliding down from the other end…but wait…

There was a cat lying on the steps…

We didn’t want to disturb it, so we ran back from where we began…

..to take a picture of her, now obviously alarmed by us…

Then we repeated the process again…this time slided down besides the stairs
where the cat was sitting…but hey…she was gone…

She had ran down to lie on the sand, trying to get some peace…

Next, run across and grab one of these swings…and enjoy the wind
blowing onto your face…eeeeeha….

Before Tisu Boy pointed to the hole below the bird structure and ‘proudly’
declared his favourite childhood pasttime, which turned out to be….

…catching half-dead fish from the drain and then burn them in the hole!
Wow! So evil!

We ended our play time by running up the nearby flat to take an overall
view of the playground

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