The Lost Gardens – Sabah Trip #6

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After our expensive lunch, we continued to explore around Poring Nature Reserves since I seemed to be feeling ok after a close shave

According to the map, there were supposed to be an Orchid Garden and Tropical Garden

This was where the clumsy Tisu Girl nearly fell to her doom…

Apparently we took the wrong direction and walked the wrong way…

Look what we found….another gigantic leaf!

Tisu Girl fooling around, pretending to be the Iron Fan Princess from Journey to the West….hahah…Can you believe just a while ago she was hanging onto dear life on a skinny tree at a slope?

The Orchid Garden was quite a disappointment. It was supposed to have 1,200 species of orchids found within Kinabalu Park, boosting the largest collection of Sabah’s endemic orchids. But we didn’t find that many orchids species there actually. There were no staff or gardeners around, you wonder if it was under any care or not…There was not even anyone at the ticketing booth near the entrance, except one that was deeply asleep! The only thing in abundance were the big mosquitoes!!!!

Some of the orchids we saw there

Most of them had no tag on them, so we couldn’t find out their names…

Another nameless species…

These were very tiny orchids!

Another tiny ones! Could have easily missed it!

Even with my long pants, long-sleeved shirt and mosquito patch, I still ended up donating blood to the many blood suckers…So hurriedly, we decided to leave and check out the Tropical Gardens instead…

Well, if the Orchid Garden was bad, the Tropical Garden was even worse! All the enclosures that were once occupied with animals or birds were now empty and the whole place looked deserted and badly maintained, if any….

Found this interesting looking little seedling…

Fungi on a fallen log

Nice pattern

On our way out we saw this fig tree…

This should be the same Ficus tarennifolia that we saw at the Botanical Garden earlier

At first glance, we thought this was a giant yam tree…and there were so many of them….

But then we realised it has fruits that look like corn! We found out later this should be Alocasia macrorrhizos, common names include Giant Taro and Elephant Ear Taro

Looked like those colored corns that I have never tried before! Haha….

With that, we left Poring Nature Reserves feeling disappointed at the gardens that have lost their charm but also feeling lucky and relieved that all I got were lots of bruises from my fall…hahah

On our way back, we couldn’t help but stopped the car and hopped over to the opposite side to look at the mountain range….

Could see the few peaks without obstruction….

Actually I was still limping while crossing the road…but nevermind, take photo first! LOL!

Back in the car, I took a look at my crudely bandaged leg to check for swelling…Seemed to be ok now though still painful…

Stopped by these rows of stalls for some shopping…

The mountain range was their backdrop…Most of these stalls sold the same stuff like fruits and dry food…

There were stalls selling flowers and plants…

So many pots of pitcher plants! Too bad cannot buy back….

I really love these Fuchsia! Such vibrant colors but somehow the camera failed to capture it accurately. These won’t survive in our climate even if we could buy them back….

Agapanthus flower

Back at the HQ, we had super early dinner at the nearby eatery so that we could go back to the resort and rest my bruised body.

We could vaguely see the radio tower and the rest house from the carpark why the sky cleared! 

At that time, I was wondering if a clumsy person like me should consider climbing Mount Kinabalu? But I guess maybe not…I may have the fitness, but I am just not agile enough and too clumsy….

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