A Different Garden – Sabah Trip #2

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On our first morning at Kota Kinabalu National Park, we visited the Botanical Garden. Apart from the RM15 entrance fee (for foreigners 18 years and above) at the Park HQ, there is an extra RM3 for visiting the Botanical Garden…

Path leading to the ticketing booth. Was surprised to see so many other trails accessible from the way to the Garden

Itchyfingers were even more surprised to find that their Botanical Garden seemed to be amongst nature…more like a forest botanic garden, which is not too manicured.

But the paths were well maintained and easy to walk

There were many orchids, with only some labelled. According to the sign, there are 102 endemic species of orchids in Kinabalu Park! Wow!

Bulbophyllum lobbii. The distribution range is between 800 – 1,800 metres in altitude

Close up of Bulbophyllum lobbii. Orchid flowers are differentiated from those of other flowering plants by having one petal modified to form an elongated lip, or labellum

Coelogyne hirtella

A high percentage of orchids are epiphytes, using other plants for support. But they do not obtain nourishment directly from the host, unlike parasitic plants. The “bulbs” at the base of the leaves of some species are the orchid’s storehouse of nutrients, thus orchid plants do not require soil to grow

Tiny unknown orchid species

Rhododendron crassifolium. Best developed in cool and moist condition, they are most common on the mountain from 1,200 to 3,000 metres. There are about 900 species worldwide and Borneo is the second richest island in South-east Asia to have about 50 species described

This Ficus tarennifolia is endemic to Kinabalu Park, with a distribution range of 500-3,000 metres

This is a common tree found in the Garden, the Pink Maiden (Medinilla speciosa)

Bright pink inflorescence that no one can miss!

These turned into pink fruits

Young fruits are pink in color and turn into dark blue when ripe. These are edible with sweet taste

Forgot the name of this, but these were in abundance in the Kinabalu Park too

Looked like a pair of Angel’s Wings! 😀


Did someone dot the rim of this leaf with water droplet? 😀


Mushrooms! Always happy to find them!

Quite small for a Botanical Garden, but if you look carefully, you would still be able to discover some gems here. Pity there weren’t any pitcher plants around. A nice warm up for the day and we might come back to explore the other trails around the Garden if we have some time later.

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