About ItchyFingers
ItchyFingers is a lifestyle blog created to share information and reviews of lifestyle products in general.  

From our first posts:
Tonight is the grand opening of this wonderfool, er, wonderful blog dedicated to those of you whom may had been chided for being “itchy fingers” when young by parents. You know, being curious as young kids, it is naturally that we would like to check things out by looking, peeping, asking and of course, by touching. But si bay suay leh, we always get scoldings from impatient adults! Many of us eventually grew up contented to be spoon fed – afraid of looking stupid by asking the so-called “obvious questions”. Fortunately many of those kids at heart, continue to explore, ask and learn new things.

So this is the spirit of ItchyFingers! To start with, we have fingers that are itchy, dying to create and explore new things, we have restless and itchy backsides eager to go places to learn about foreign cultures. Lastly, our itchy mouths will not hesitate to spread the news and lobangs around!

So whose itchy fingers are we talking about?
None other than lao niang…Tisu Girl. :p 

Excuse moi, Tisu Girl? Si mi lai?
Actually ItchyFingers belongs to this graphic designer who is obessed with turtles…all kinda turtles – life or ornamental, a gal who would like to be a hot babe but in reality is just your ordinary girl-next-door.Tisu Girl is a cartoon character that is the mascot of ItchyFingers.


How did Tisu Girl come about?
You see…one day, Tisu Girl was out with her bf to photograph birds. They waited and waited till the cow went home and started sweating like hell under the mid day sun. So to cool off, they used wet tissues to cover their faces. Like this…


Tada! and Tisu girl was born! 



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  1. aiyoeh..i tink i like the ang-kong-kia version better lah…hheeheehee

  2. Hi Tisu girl, I came across your very interesting photos and articles on the Shit van, Queenstown library, the Buangkok house and the journalistic style of your approach to things in general. Wonder if you’ve heard about our annual photographic event – Eye e City. Do visit our website and see if you’d like to participate in our photojourney every 31 Dec. A hundred best works are selected and published yearly.
    All the Best!

  3. Oops, this is to correct the email which I entered in my previous comment. I beg your pardon.

  4. Hi Shirley,

    Thanks for your emails. I am glad you find those posts interesting. I have seen the book and the exhibition before. Will try to participate if I think I have good stuff on hand. Have been busy lately so didn’t update for a while. Do come back and check out Itchyfingers often!

  5. Hey! congrats on being 1!! 😀

    • Heee….thanks…managed to survive so long….:D

  6. enjoy to read ur article about trip to Cambodia 😀 May i ask about ur nationality? i wonder where u r from^^

    • Thanks! Itchyfingers come from the tiny tropical island – Singapore! 😀

  7. Hey Tisu GIrl! I really love your posts! Although I am still young, I am already loving your posts. Especially the Humour ones! I love the book, but my parents say I can’t buy it. So, I want to be a blogger to earn money from advertisers, so I can buy the book. And btw, your Blog ROCKS TO THE MAXIMUM!!!!! 😀

    • Hi Chernell,

      Hahah…thanks for visiting itchyfingers! Which book are you talking about? Running Alone? :D? Hahah…blogging is not just about earning money….more for interest and sharing… Besides, not many bloggers can be rich and famous you know? :p

  8. Thank you for sharing your amazing adventures with the world, they have been an absolute delight to follow. I nominated you for a versatile blogger award. Check it out if you like: http://riseandroam.com/2011/12/19/the-joys-of-blogging/#more-378

    Keep transcribing your experience for the world, we appreciate it!

  9. Greetings Tisu Girl from Scotland,,I have just found your great fun blog, good pictures and just after I viewed your woodpecker photos I looked to my bird feeder and saw a woodpecker which is not common in my garden. So i added my photo to my face book page which is a collection of many photos.
    I was lucky to visit Singapore for just 2 days but would like to come back for longer.
    Gary Brindle http://www.scotaviaimages.co.uk

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