Happy Mooncake Festival

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Today is the 15th day of August on the Lunar Calendar, a day with supposedly brightest moon. It’s the Mid-Autumn Festival or the Mooncake Festival. It used to be celebrated by Chinese as a day of thanksgiving for good harvest in the past, but now it is seemed more as a day of gathering and reunion for families and friends.

On this day, Itchyfingers would like to wish all friends and readers a very happy Mooncake Festival!

Bum mooncake! Read about it here

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Butts of Desire

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Itchyfingers were recently over the moon….If you have been following Itchyfingers, you would remember that we mentioned about a very uniquely designed mooncakes from Hong Kong some years ago. This year, they finally brought them in, about a year after they opened shop here, as they couldn’t get licensing for selling food in time for the festival last year.

What are Itchyfingers talking about?

Oooo? What are these? Looks like some chinese calendars…It reminded me
of my IT bag, the one featuring August 9 – Singapore’s National Day

The smaller “chinese calendar”. But wait, it says”mooncake”….So, these are
mooncake packaging? Quite interesting right?

The bigger “calendar”. Like a typical chinese calendar with a daily page for you to
tear off with each passing day, there is this section on both the big and small
“calendar” boxes where they will give advices on the “dos and don’ts”. Here, it is
advisable for “self-consumption and gift”, while it is not so good “to keep for
three months and not eating”…hahah…On the bigger box,
 there are a rows of, er,
what are those?!?! Bums?

You have guessed it right! Itchyfingers were over the “moon” when we heard that the Hong Kong lifestyle company, Goods of Desire, or G.O.D. (which is 住好啲 in Cantonese to mean “to live better”), finally brought in their unique butt-shaped mooncakes to Singapore! Couldn’t wait to lay my itchy fingers on those bums and rushed down to buy some!

Four golden bums inside! Ooooo….so “Buttilicious”! Wahahahah!

I know it’s tough to see the “full glory” of the bums with their plastic
wrappings, so here’s the bums on their leaflet….Which is your favourite?
Actually my favourite is still the “Full Monty” which they didn’t bring in…booo..

There are actually two sets of four different bum mooncakes available in Hong Kong.
This is from their leaflet, with two other design besides the “T-Back” on the left…:p

Astronauts going gaga about the “bumpy” moon….wahahah…Do you 
like Itchyfingers new masthead with Tisu Girl dressed as Chang E flying
towards the butt moon? Wahahah… 😀

So, why use the bums as mooncake design? Here’s the rationale…haha…

The moon on the 15th day of the lunar eighth month is supposed to be the
brightest (though some people say it’s brightest on the 16th). In the chinese
language, the phrase “八月十五” (literally means August the 15th) is a colloquial
term used to describe one of our least exposed bodily parts, which is supposed
to be as bright as the moon on the 15th of August. Yes! it is the BUM – as round
and as bright (or white) as the moon….hahah…Legend also says that Chang E, the 
lady who flew and stayed on the moon, saw a bright reflection of the moon on
the river during August, when it was actually her boyfriend’s bum being reflected
while he was doing his business by the river! Wahahah…I don’t really like the
second point they mentioned here where the pomelo, a fruit that is commonly
consumed during the Mid-Autumn Festival, shares a common name with the bum
in chinese, so the 15th of August is also called the bum

The rationale on the bottom of the small calendar box, which packs just one

Itchyfingers bought this “T-back” bum for a friend, the nicest design out of the four.
Can’t wait to see the reaction on his face…wahahah

This morning, Itchyfingers took out one bum for brekky…Haha…Decided
to try our least favourite design, the “Bunny”. The drawing looks much
cuter than the actual one, which looks a bit like piles growing on the butt!!!
Wow, gross! Wahahah!!!

Nevertheless, the bum tastes like normal mooncakes…not too sweet! 🙂

Besides looking funny, the mooncakes are actually made by a renowned baker in Hong Kong. They come only in the white lotus paste filling with single yolk. In my opinion, they should make it into the black lotus paste with lotus seeds (黑豆沙and瓜子) to make it even funnier – er, if you know what I mean…gross lah! Wahahahah!!!! As for the packaging, I thought the bag should come with those red and white cotton twine that were commonly used in the early days on brown paper bag. The paper used on the bag and box could also be changed into uncoated paper stock to make it more authentic like those used on the real chinese calendars. That being said, I think the whole idea and concept of the bum mooncake is simply brilliant! But that is if you can share their kind of sense of humour! Wahahah! Itchyfingers think this is the perfect gift for friends or relatives who have an open mind and great sense of humour. Certainly suits those working in the creative field! You can now get a 15% early bird discount if you buy your butt before the 31st August! Hurry, move your butt down to G.O.D now! 😀

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iLike. iLight

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Itchyfingers finally found time to visit this year’s iLight Marina Bay 2012. This is the second year the outdoor sustainable light art festival is held. We visited the inaugural festival in 2010 but found this year’s installation much better and more interesting.  However, we didn’t manage to finish viewing all of them as we were tired after a long working day.

Some of the more interesting light installations include these…

This was the first one we saw just outside Marina Bay Sands…Not particularly
impressed by this though there was a lot of writing on the concept…But I
like how people interacted with it… 

The Light Dam consisted of inflated blocks with LED light panels installed.
Dunu why it reminded me of Berlin Wall though the artist is Taiwanese…
Maybe it was due to the fact that there were holes within the inflatables and
you could look through to see what’s on the other side…So imagine two
person separated by the wall, looking and keeping in touch with each other
through the holes…

Like this…A lot of people were doing this, so did Itchyfingers! Haha….

A deck of eight chairs were set up along the waterfront. When you sit on
one of them, it lights up. The lamp was supposed to transmit some sound,
but it was quite soft that we could hardly hear anything…especially since
it was a busy night with lots of visitors…The chair was comfortable though…

If this reminds you of a sea creature, you are right. “5QU1D is a hybrid
squid-like creature embedded with blinking lights emerging from the sea to
merge itself with the skyscrapers. This work references the rapid changes in
our modernising world and the effects they have on the natural environment.”

It changes colours at interval too…I quite like this…

As we walked along, something caught our eyes…Why were there red light spots on the people? Then we saw this…

Rays of red light seemed to be passing through the bodies of these people…

These path of lights came from this door or gate…It almost felt as if it was 
from another realm; or even from another dimension….

It felt almost like you were being sucked into the light source, into another
dimension…almost like the effects in those horror flicks where you are
pulled into the other world…

The light source was accentuated by the mist…This was one of the most
popular installations…It is simple, yet the idea is complex and it draws
the attention of visitors almost immediately…I like!

There was a gigantic bun-like structure at the first iLight Festival. This 
time, we have a similar dome-shape igloo. But this is much more pleasant.
A lot of people posed in front of the igloo made of jerry cans to create
interesting silhouette effects. But as we noticed there was a photographer
standing by waiting for free models for his pictures, we were more discreet
and moved to the other end to pose for our photos. Hence we have Tisu Girl
doing this conservative pose instead of more exaggerating ones…hahah…

This is a beautiful one…Titled, “Coral Garden”, it “raises awareness about
efforts to reform damaged reefs.”

The coral-like sculptures were made of re-used cocktail stirrers which promote  
“the beauty and importance of coral in the functioning of natural ecosystems.
The cocktail stirrers are a symbol of consumerist society, which is indicted as
an element polluting our seas.” Actually from far, they also look like
magic mushrooms! I like! 

Then we saw people standing near the river as if waiting for something. It was not long that we saw some words being projected on the wall…Then we realised that we were supposed to see something in the river…And we saw it…

Two huge creatures appeared swimming just under the water! They were so
realistic that the first thought that came to mind were sea monsters! The
work was “inspired by the artist’s interest in the history of creature sightings
documented and discussed throughout the world.” Interesting and it really
looked a bit scary especially when the water was so dark although the
reflection from the nearby modern buildings kind of killed the effect a little.
I thought the words were a bit too dim and small for half blind people like
me and there should be some sound effect to build up the climax when the
creatures appeared. Otherwise, it may lose a lot of impatient audience especially 
when it took a while to loop the video projection… 

The grand finale for us was seeing our Singapore icon being transformed by light and colours!

The beloved Merlion in a coat of white and red, the same colours on our
flag! The colours of light changed and it was fun looking at the transformation.
I Like!

The rainbow-coloured Merlion spewing fiery rays on the integrated resort…
The Merlion is already a tourists’ favourite during normal days and with
its bright coat of colours painted, it was even more popular and crowded
with people… 

We ended our night here at the Merlion. Shall definitely return to see the remaining ones before it ends in four days’ time. Do head down to view the many innovative light installations from artists around the world before it ends on 1 April!

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