Itchyfingers is Going MAAD….

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Yes, you didn’t read wrongly and Itchyfingers didn’t type wrong either….Itchyfingers is going MAAD! Hahahah….Not MAD lah…Itchyfingers is still sane… 😀

“MAAD” actually stands for “Market of Artists And Designers”. It’s for “artists, designers, architects, craft makers, illustrators photographers, performer, song writers, musicians, singer or anyone with a creative passion” to participate and show your work of love. If you are not aware, Itchyfingers has been exercising those itchy fingers during her free time making little furry animals. Have been planning to showcase and promote these creations for the longest time and finally signed up for the upcoming MAAD this coming June. However work commitment and deadlines make it tough to find time to create more pieces, or even to blog often…(Itchyfingers apologize for missing in action lately!) But I guess everyone has to start somewhere…so Itchyfingers is gonna start small… :p

So if you are from Singapore or happened to be in town and have a bit of spare time, do hop down to the Red Dot Museum to say hello to Itchyfingers on Friday, 1 June from 5pm till midnight. It’s the former Traffic Police Building and the nearest MRT station is Tanjong Pagar. It takes you no more than five minutes to walk to the dark red building opposite the famous Maxwell Market. Besides handmade products, you can also enjoy free music and sample or buy yummy food or even have your portrait drawn!

We hope to see you there! 😀

Remember Ely and Mo, Itchyfingers’ first customised miniature woolly cats? Read about their
story here and here… 


Everyone Says Good Good Eat…Once More!

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My friend Butterfly, who is now based in Melbourne, bought me this cute little snack. At first I thought it’s another new snack from the same brand, although the photo on the pack looked familiar. Alas, upon opening up, it was really the same thing…They have updated the look of the pack…Can’t find this product in the super mart now for some reason…Not popular? 😮

Remember this Taiwanese snack with the cute little girl’s name and cartoon
character as the brand? I always thought it is unique branding….

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