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Any night this week if you have the time, do pop down to the Marina Bay area for your last chance to catch the Bi-annual iLight Festival, “Asia’s only sustainable light art festival that showcases innovative content, the intelligent use of lighting as well as an international line-up of creative talents….To promote an environmentally responsible behaviour for a sustainable future, the participating artists have incorporated the use of recyclable materials and adopted energy-efficient lighting technologies in the creation of their stunning light art installations. Every aspect of the festival will adopt a more effective and efficient management of resources to meet this commitment to the environment.”

I think to many layperson, the iLight Festival is just an event where you can view many beautifully lit-up art installations…hahah…Here are just some installations that Itchyfingers found more interesting…

Itchyfingers started our walk from the Esplanade area. Once there, you would be attracted to this one…

Titled, “Cloud”, it looked exactly like a piece of cloud from far…

Formed by energy-efficient bulbs, CLOUD invites strangers to come together beneath a dazzling raincloud and play

Viewers are encouraged to participate in this installation by pulling the switch. This is to “trigger a quantifiable shift within the greater aesthetic of CLOUD, visually highlighting the power of an individual’s ability to impact progress and achieve significant change.” 

Moving on, we saw a field illuminated by lamps…

Do they remind you of dandelions? Giant ones, of course…hahah

Titled, “Giant Dendelions”, viewers can walk freely through the 90 illuminated lamps, or light flowers…These “dandelions” were made from “close to 9,000 recycled water bottles that were cut and connected to one another by a nylon weave. Each flower was lit by an energy-efficient bulb in order to create intensity variations within the forest”. Actually the use of recycled bottled to make lamp is not new, and I think I have seen something like this before on the internet. But the artist’s idea is to use the exaggerated scale of the lamps as dandelions to create “an interesting landscape of light, and through the creative re-using of the discarded plastic bottles to send out a bigger message of inspiration and hope to the less-privileged.”

Just two weeks ago, Singapore experienced the worse drought since decades. So with a field of giant dandelions, I think some help would be needed to make sure they don’t dry out…hahah….

So we have these giant water pots to come to the rescue! 😀

And if watering is still not enough, try jumping into the pool to cool down! 😀

Titled, “The Pool”, this installation consists of  “a group of giant, concentric circles created from interactive circular pads. By entering The Pool, visitors enter a world where play and collaborative movement create swirling effects of light and color. Imagine a giant canvas where you can paint and splash light collaboratively. This installation is best enjoyed and is most beautiful when a group of people play with the different pads together.”

So you see Tisu Girl also joining in the fun!

From far you wouldn’t know what this collection of lighted cones and domes were. But walk to the other end, you would realise it was actually a crocodile! 😀 There were “warning signs” to alert people of the biting crocodile….hahahah

Can’t seem to find any information of this piece. This was one of the two huge inverted dishes with flashing LED lights inside. The effect was quite nice but it seemed to be taking too long to change colours and there were always some people standing under it for photos or selfies, thus preventing others from taking unblocked photos…I kind of lose patience and decided to move on…

There were many people crowding around the Helix Bridge, waiting for something to happen…It didn’t take long for us to find out what it was…

Ahhhh….light projection of local artists’ work on the Art Science Museum….But the image stayed for so long and nothing else happened…wondered why…

This looked like some flower or tree…Actually it was inspired by Golden Wattle, Australia’s floral emblem. Titled, “Digital Wattle”, the changing colours represented “the new mix of cultures residing in the city”. Well, whatever it was meant to be, it just looked very pretty with the changing colours…hahah…

Then while shooting the Digital Wattle, the projection on the Art Science Museum turned alive! So, this was what kept people waiting!

Titled, “Celebration of Life”, this is a “playful commentary on the role and value of traditional culture in our contemporary society. Through the use of Pop-art as a playful medium in this work, this installation celebrates Asian values in our modern society through a tongue-in-cheek manner”

Beautiful! If you stand further away, you could even take in the Digital Wattle as a foreground…I shot some videos, but it turned out a bit shaky….hahahah

Do check out these timing for the projection! (8.15pm – 8.30pm – 8.45pm – 9.00pm – 9.15pm – 9.45pm – 10.00pm – 10.15pm – 10.30pm – 10.45pm)

The last installation we saw at the field in front of the Floating Platform was quite breathtaking too…

A giant fish net hung above…

Titled, “1.26 Singapore”, this installation “drew inspiration from laboratory research which documented the effects of the 2010 earthquake in Chile – the historic shock resulted in the shortening of the earth’s day by 1.26 microseconds. The colorful volumetric piece takes the shape of a tsunami sweeping across the ocean.”

Walk around it to better appreciate the changing colours and form as the wind blew on it…

iLight Marina Bay is ongoing until the end of March. Do take advantage of the cooler nights now to view the many light installation by artists around the world!

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Feeding Frenzy

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Itchyfingers just finished our little walk up the Bukit Timah Nature Reserves and were about to head back to the car park when we smelt a strong aroma in the air.  It was the distinctly sweet smell of mango, a tropical fruit. We also noticed a lot of people stopping by the trees next to the Visitors Centre. What were they looking at?

Then we heard them.

So, up on a tree was a monkey. A Long-tailed Macaque to be exact.

Then on another tree, another macaque jumped onto a lower branch. Oh, then there was another! And another! So many macaques! Besides making so much noise jumping from one branch or one tree to another, these guys were also throwing something down, creating a loud “pong” sound!

Oooo? What’s this?

We could smell mangoes in the air, but this fruit that was thrown down looked different from the usual mangoes we find in the supermarkets.

Then we found another half-eaten one. Tisu Boy picked this up and confirmed it was a mango from its fibrous texture and smell. This must be a different sub-species of mango. It was now that I remembered seeing these fruits dropped from the roadside mango trees at my old place…

So why were the macaques throwing the mangoes down? Were they trying to drive away the nosey human below? But looking at the fruits that were thrown down, I think some of them might not be sweet enough and since there were abundance of these, the macaques can afford to be choosy….in fact, very choosy! But maybe some more mischievous guys were also dumping the good fruits for fun…Hahah…Some folks couldn’t resist the sweet smell and started picking up those uneaten and seemingly good ones to be brought home for consumption…some aunties even went right below the trees where the monkeys were throwing the fruity bombs! Hahah…quite dangerous leh, I think it should be quite painful to be hit from such a height! :p

A macaque descended low enough for us to take a photo…

Yum! Delicious! Mango is also one of my favourite fruits! 

It was nice to see these native wild macaques feeding freely on the fruits in our nature reserves, instead of waiting to be fed by visitors. Feeding of wild animals, especially the macaques, has long been a problem. These intelligent mammals will quickly associate human with food, and if they were not fed, they will turn aggressive and snatch any bags of food in sight. Those people who stay near nature reserves often complain of macaques raiding their rubbish bins, and some bolder ones even sneaked inside houses to steal food, making themselves a nuisance. As a result, some aggressive ones were culled by the authorities. People should understand that there is absolutely no need to feed these animals, as they can find abundance of food in the forests. Feeding them will just change their natural behaviour and create problems for them and ourselves.

Itchyfingers were also glad to see no feeding activities in the resort of Taman Negara National Park, Malaysia. We were birdwatching around the resort one late afternoon when we saw this group of Long-tailed Macaques. Being so near to the resort with so many visitors, I was happy to see them foraging the surrounding fruit trees for snack. People were happily looking and taking photos of them, and none attempted to lure them closer with human food. A fine example of how human and monkeys are co-exist together peacefully!

A young female enjoying her afternoon snack…

Mummy and her baby….how sweet!

One of the starfruit trees around the resort…Quite small huh…Too bad I dun really like the fruit…hahah….

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