The Full Monty

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As we all know, the moon on the 15th day of the lunar eighth month is supposed to be the brightest. (Actually some people say it’s the 16th that is brightest). In the chinese language, the phrase “八月十五” (literally means August the 15th) is a colloquial term used to describe one of our least exposed bodily parts, which is supposed to be as bright as the moon on the 15th of August. Yes! it is the BUM – as round and as bright (or white) as the moon….hahah… 8)

So, what has the bum to do with the Mid-Autumn Festival? This morning Itchyfingers received a funny email from a friend. In conjunction with the coming Mid-Autumn Festival, a Hong Kong retail company came out with a new mooncake design, which to me is totally bold, creative and hilarious! 😀 I dun normally buy mooncake cos it’s really a bit costly, especially those which are really nicely packaged. But I think I wouldn’t hesitate in rushing down to the shop to buy the whole range of these if they were to be sold here! 😀

Mooncake in the shape of bums! So funny! 😀
I like the Full Monty one the best!

Each bumcake, er, mooncake is individually packed with no indication of the design, a marketing strategy to entice people to buy more in order to collect the whole range. I also love the old calendar design box. On first glance, people would think it is just a calendar left on table and if they try to flip through the ‘calendar’, they would be in for a surprise when they see a full round bum inside! Haha…

I tried asking a Hong Kong friend if this is really selling there and she said she hasn’t seen them, but most probably it is cos the company is known for such creative twists. Wow! How i wish we have them here…but I am not too sure how well received it would be, cos not everyone has the same sense of humour, especially when it is the bum and the content is dark…..hahahah…what are you thinking of?? 😀


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