Respect for Life Begins with Concern for Animals

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Itchyfingers got this nice little black tee as pressie recently and really like the way it was packed – in the shape of a bone. :p

Tees for Animal Welfare – a collaboration between SPCA Hong Kong
and Giordano. 10 esteemed designers lent their hands to drive home the
message, “Respect for Life begins with Concern for Animals”

he back. There is an intro on the designer as well as the design rationale.
Could have been better if it was done in two column for easier reading…
The zig lock bag made taking out the tee a breeze without the need to tear
open the plastic. Wow! Finally Itchyfingers got a designer’s item…hahah

Designed by Hong Kong designer, Tommy Li. The design rationale of the tee
says, “Some people think keeping animals is like shopping, while always
ignore the duty of taking care of them. The simple idea is to create a shopping
bag as a prison, animals are not products, but always need more care from us.”
In short, I think the designer wants to convey the message that animals are
not toys you can get off the shelves, they are life-time comittment

I am glad my friend got me a cat design, as they are one of my favourite
animals. This adds on to my collection of animal welfare tees…

Logo at the back of the tee

Itchyfingers will definitely be wearing my designer’s tee to pass the message around…hahah…

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Mystery of a Caterpillar

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The first time Itchyfingers saw this strange caterpillar was at the zoo. Spotted this fellow munching leaf and was immediately drawn by its huge green lump.

Initially I had thought the big lump was the backside of the caterpillar,
especially when the other end looked like it was munching leaf

As the plant was kinda blocked among other plants, it was a bit tough to go nearer to take a closer look at the caterpillar…So I tried to move my  position and finally managed to take this picture. At that moment of time, I was just concerned about whether the picture would turn out sharp or not cos it was really a bit far to take a good closeup…

It was only back home on the computer screen that we realised that the big
green lump is the head after looking at the legs. The first three pairs legs on the
thorax are called the thoracic or true legs, which will develop into the adult legs of
butterfly. The other legs on the abdomen are called the pro-legs, which end in small,
hook-like suction cups called crochets. Since pro-legs don’t have segments or joints,
they’re not real legs. These disappear when the caterpillar metamorphoses into
a butterfly or a moth

Hmmm…now that is interesting cos that was the first time Itchyfingers saw this big headed caterpillar. We were curious to find out whose caterpillar was that but unfortunately couldn’t get the answer after seeking help from friends and searching online. All we found was that the caterpillar belongs to a moth, exactly which one we don’t know. But we found a beautiful picture of the caterpillar here. Someone commented that it is “Probably a nolid in the tribe Careini. Two moth species from Hong Kong in the genus Carea have this swollen thorax.” Itchyfingers tried looking under the keywords he mentioned but couldn’t find much information.

It was after a second encounter with this caterpillar that Itchyfingers finally found the name of this caterpillar.

I was having a leisurely walk with some friends at Sime Forest when one friend found this among the leaves. Must say she really have good eye sight… :p Actually we were looking for butterflies and insects that day.. hahah

an you see anything here? These were different leaves from the ones I
first saw the caterpillar

When I saw this guy I was so happy, cos this time his position was much better. We could go much nearer to examine it closely…too bad I don’t have macro lens with me…

The other end really looked like the head to me the first time I saw it…This
guy was much bigger (about 4cm) than the first one I saw

There are some white spots on the swollen green lump that really looked
like eyes…hahah

oo..nice red legs…hahah…The picture on this site shows that the big lump
is actually the thorax and not the head. So I think we shouldn’t be calling
it the Big-head caterpillar anymore, but the Big-chest caterpillar! Hahaha!

Back home, I relooked at the genus name from the comment made on the macro shot found earlier. I was more determined this time to find out the identity of this moth. At last, after combing through the net, I finally found similar pictures of the caterpillar which lead me to these information – this is the larva (or caterpillar) of Carea varipes (Superfamily Noctuoidea, Family Nolidae, Subfamily Chloephorinae, Tribe Careini). Larvae are large and obvious leaf feeders but have not been observed in large numbers, perhaps because of their own natural enemies. Pupation occurs in rolled or between touching leaves. But the moth doesn’t look very pretty…hahah…(more moth pic here). But the information points to the species from Hong Kong, so I am not sure if the ones in Singapore are the same…It should still be a Nolid moth caterpillar, but exactly which one…well, we will need more expert opinion then. Guess the mystery of the caterpillar is still half solved. 😦 Certainly hope to be able to learn more of this caterpillar/moth! Do drop Itchyfingers a note if you have more information to share! 😀

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Li Chen: Mind • Body • Spirit

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Having seen the works of Taiwanese artist Li Chen 李真 at the Singapore Management University ground in mid September, I went to see the full exhibition nearly a month ago. This post is delayed partly due to heavy work schedule and partly cos I felt my pictures did not turn out well and was hoping to get a chance to reshoot them. But well, I think I should share some of the works that I like in case I don’t have the time to revisit the exhibit.

As a self-taught artist, Li Chen began his career by producing traditional Buddhist sculptures. His breakthrough came in the 1990s, where he fused Zen thoughts, deepened through his study of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, with contemporary art practice. At the Singapore Art Museum courtyard, Itchyfingers had a wonderful time looking at the many beautiful works that really made me smile. 🙂 I think I can just sit that the whole afternoon admiring them… :p

Snow Wonderland 雪峰仙踪 – “The Taoist sage is seen leaping across the peak
of the mountain, making his celestial sojourn in a confident mode”

This is so cute – The Buddha in the Cloud 云中一如来. The Buddha is standing
on top of a mountain with his head sticking out of a white cloud 😀 The cloud
actually represents a pair of wings

Cultivated by Mist and Cloud 烟云供养. I really like Li Chen’s work, cos the
sculptures are big and heavy, yet they gave a sense of lightness, like this one,
it is as if the figure is ‘cloud skating’..hahah…so light and elegant..This is
inspired by dance music of the ethnic minorities

Golden Rain 黄金雨 depicts a boy gazing skyward while holding a small
collection of golden ‘raindrops’ as the last rays of the setting sun disappear
across the horizon…heee very cute

So peaceful looking… 🙂

Egret’s Spring 白鹭的春天. This may not be among my favourites but it has
an environmental message – protection and care for the environment so
that man may coexist with nature in perfect harmony

Siddhartha 法界游子. “Siddhartha is the founder of Buddhism, who blesses
and protects the pure in heart. Also known as Sakyamuni, he is an
embodiment of love, purity and sincere honesty. The figure of Siddhartha
assumes a sitting position, holding a child and a stalk of lotus in hand.
To the artist, the child in the hand represents the self in every viewer.
Afterall, everyone was a child before.”

Avalokitesvara 大士 has strong Buddhist theme. The rotund figure holds a
vase in the left hand and a seal in the right, standing with arms outstretched,
ready to embrace his followers

Yet another figure with open arms, as if welcoming visitors at the entrance
of the museum. Dragon-Riding Bodhisattva 大士骑龙 is the biggest work in
this exhibition. Simply magnificent!

Just opposite the road above the work-in-progress Bras Basah MRT station was this fiery red sculpture that was not there earlier.

Lord of Fire 火神. Here the artist explored the relationship between the
five elements and the forces of nature. The figure of a bright red flame dances
above the black ‘charcoal’

Lord of Wind 风神. My picture turned out bad…too windy cannot hold
camera still…hahahah…

Fulfillment Bodhisattva 文殊菩萨, an example of the artist’s exploration
of alternative interpretation of traditional Buddhist them scuplture

All in One 合十, yet another example…

These few works at the SMU ground had a very child like, carefree feel,
which I like very much…

Floating Heavenly Palace 天阙轻舟 is inspired by a poem by Song Dynasty
poet. I love the small details like the hand in the pocket… :p

Float to Sukhavati 飞行乐士 made me wanna sleep too… 😀

Pureland 无忧国土

Clear Soul 无心海. I found it so tough to take a nice picture of this… 😦

Landscape in Heaven 天界山水…wow 有山有水..very good feng shui…hahah
The golden mountain and the silver sea represent the materialistic lifestyle.
But the chase of these materialism often leaves one with a sense of emptiness
and loss of direction. To the artist, “the perfect life encompasses not only
the satisfaction of material needs but also the pursuit of an inner spiritual life.”

The same sculpture in the original environment. Actually it is a bit apt to
place these buddhism-inspired works here, cos after scrutinising my bad
photos, I think some trees on the SMU ground look like the Ficus Religiosa,
or the Bo Tree (菩堤树), commonly believed to be the tree where Sakyamuni
attained enlightenment…will check them out again if I have the chance…

Moving over to the National Museum ground, the artist gave yet another surprise. The style seems a little different from the rest, yet the same full bodied figures suggest that they all came from the same artist…

Five Elements 五行 consist of five sculptures positioned at the five cardinal
points on a Chinese Feng Shui compass

At first I thought this is a bear…hahah…but the stripes suggest it should be
a tiger. Very cute… :p

Itchyfingers love most of these work and would strongly recommend everyone to go visit the exhibit and spend some time admiring each of them as our pictures do not do justice to these beautiful works. :p The exhibition is on-going till 9 Decemeber 2009. 🙂

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