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Being simple Itchyfingers, I have never fancy any of those “die-die” must-have, so-called IT bags that send some girls crazy. I simply dun understand what is so nice about bags with huge repeated logos, or monogram as they called it. The killer price tag just dun make sense to me. Besides, if I were to carry one, it just doesn’t match me, hahah…most probably people would think that I am carrying a fake bag…hahah…And talking about fake branded bags, well, I think if one cannot afford it, it’s better not to carry fakes as that it would be so embarrassing if someone could tell that yours is not the real thing…hahah…so cheapo. :p

So, what kinda bags does Itchyfingers carry then? Actually any brandless bag will do as long as the design is nice…hahah…But I prefer big bags as I can just throw everything inside, although sometimes it is quite a chore trying to fish for that little item among many others in such a big bag…haha..Ever since I started using cotton tote bag to carry my groceries, I would look out for interesting designs and use it as a normal bag to carry my barangs

After visiting the museum at the Singapore 1960 exhibition, Itchyfingers saw this poster and was immediately drawn to the bag on it. It reminded me of the other exhibition on paper bags that we also visited some time ago. So retro!

Cute right? It even has the red and white cotton twine on it! Really reminds
you of the old brown paper bag…but this is even more durable and can be
used for longer time!

Unfortunately, when we went to check out the kiosk, there was no such bag on sale. Probably sold out…and we forgot to check when will new stock be coming in…

Then when we were walking around the Esplanade area trying to steal a peek at the YOG opening preparation, we chanced upon this bag which I also like a lot! Although the idea is not new – personally I had done a similar design for an invitation card, but to use it on a bag is a cute idea, especially when you were to use it in August…Definitely a headturner and conversational piece…haha :p

The 1965 9th of August old calendar bag! The day Singapore gained independency
45 years ago! So cool to carry around especially if you are going to the National
Day Parade! Hahahah! So patriotic! Hahaha!

But seriously, I think it is such a cool bag to give to friends especially those who have been away from Singapore. I am sure it would bring out a big smile in them and make them homesick! Buahaha…!

I think I may pop by the museum and check out the paper bag tote bag soon… :p

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Playing Dead

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Itchyfingers were birdwatching at Sungei Buloh when we saw something floating in the water. At first look, we thought it was just some big branches, though the colour was a bit pale. But, wait. No, it was something else…

Oh my goodness! It actually had limbs! Looking at the size, it should be a baby!

A baby floating in the water!?? It was floating with the legs above water. Gosh! What did we just discover? A murder? :O How gruesome can that be, especially if it was a dead baby with no head… :O Oh my goodness, what should we do?!?

Then we remembered I had the binos hanging on my neck. I raised it up, but not before mentally preparing myself for the worst…

I stopped breathing and looked through the binos…then…

“Hahahahahhaahahaaaaa……” I burst out in laughter… 😀

It was a baby. But it was a baby doll!

Aiyo! Nearly scared the daylight outta Itchyfingers! Buahahahahah!!!!

No lah, Itchyfingers were not so dumb lah. Was just fooling around again…hahahah…But next time hor, wanna throw away such life-like doll, please dispose of it properly hor! Not only it is polluting the water and the environment, imagine seeing it in dim light! Really can give you a shock! Hahahaah… 8)

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The Golden Girls – Youth Olympic Triathlon

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Last week, Itchyfingers went to support the first event of the Youth Olympic Games, the Women Triathlon, at East Coast Park. It was a fine and slightly cloudy morning but I was perspiring non-stop from brisk walking to the starting point. We were just in time to catch the start of the swimming leg of the race! Luckily the introduction of the individual triathlete took a bit of time.. :p

Ready, get set…

and SPLASH!! The girls had to swim 750 meter in the open water

It was Itchyfingers’ first time ever to attend a sports event, and since we weren’t early enough to recce the place, we weren’t sure of the exact location where the triathletes would be picking up their bikes. We followed some people before hearing an announcement about getting past some security to get nearer…so we decided to just do that…

It wasn’t that long a queue but it was so slow! Tisu Boy decided not to queue
but to wait for the triathletes along the race route. I was so near to the
checkpoint when some of the triathletes emerged from their swim and dashed
past to get their bike! Aiyo, missed the action!

Got this pass to get nearer to the finishing point…but there were already
so many people. The bikes were at the further end and blocked so it was
impossible to get good pictures of the girls getting into their bikes…

Only managed to get this picture of the last girl, Thailand’s Mattika
getting her bike. Go, go, go!

There were a lot of waiting at the spectators’ area near the finishing line. It could get a bit boring waiting for action but luckily, there was a group of cheerleaders making the atmosphere a lot more lively!

“Come, come! Get an instrument and join us!”

Another happy drummer cheering along!

There was a group of supporters in t-shirts that said “Triathlon Hong Kong”

Just when I was lamenting my wrong move of getting into the spectators’ viewing area as there was not much action around here, Tisu Boy was having much better luck as he could move around where the girls were doing their laps of 20 km cycling…

No. 24 Canada’s Christine Ridenour was leading the way…look out for No. 10!

Ooops! No time for shoes!

Some had only time for one shoe… :p

Time for a drink! Oh she got her shoes on now! :p

Well, the girls did past by, but they were too fast and far!

From the result board’s update, we could see that No. 3 Monika Orazem from
Slovenia was first after the second lap…So exciting!

And that’s Monika!

It was a close race! Look out for the fifth girl from the left!

And that’s our own triathlete Clara Wong! Go, Clara, go!

At the running leg of the race, No. 30 Adriana Barraza from Mexico started

Followed closely by No. 10 Yuka Sato from Japan!

No. 2 Kelly White from USA and No. 25 Ellie Salthouse from Australia
rubbing shoulders!

There were already some girls doing their second loop of the 5 km run and
among the spectators I could hear worrying voices asking, “Where’s Clara?”

There was loud applause when Clara finally arrived, nevermind she was
the last one to start her running leg of the race! Go, Clara, go!!!!

I heard from Tisu Boy later he saw from very far that Clara had a fall at one point…That explained why we had to wait so long over here… 😦

In the meantime, it was tough fight among the running girls…

Nice running posture!

It was only later from the media that I realised that there were more
crashes during the cycling leg that two of them needed to be sent to the
hospital for treatment. She must be among one of them in the crash. With
all those painful cuts and bruises, it was not an easy task to complete the race!

One interesting thing looking at the photos now was…

Some girls had tapes to cover some graphics on their gears…

Black tapes here…

Ooops….her masking tape’s coming out… :p

Japan’s Sato running ahead of the race…I think we had a champion soon

With the two girls from Australia and USA, still running side by side,
following very closely

Someone was shadowing her very closely!

Over at the spectators’ area, we were all waiting very anxiously for the champion to emerge…

Mr Ng Ser Miang, Chairman of Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising
Committee, was among the VIP stand waiting…

And yes! No. 10 Yuka Sato from Japan was the first to run to the finishing
line with a time of 1:00: 49.69! Now I was glad I stayed at the spectators’
area to catch this!

No. 25 Ellie Salthouse from Australia came in second barely a minute later

Coming very close was no. 2 Kelly White from USA. So close that I didn’t
get to take her photo passing me! Over at the finishing line, the top two
girls seemed to be congratulating each other… :p

Though they knew that they did not make it to the podium, all the girls gave
their best and finished the race

So happy to finish! All the triathletes were winners of their own race!

Eventually all the other triathletes crossed the finishing line. All of us waited patiently for our own Singapore triathlete to cross the finishing line…

Then finally Clara Wong appeared! All the spectators gave her a loud cheers
and applause, with many reaching out to her for encouragement, but that
also blocked my view for a better photo… 😦

After the exciting moment, some spectators began to leave. I also followed cos I wanna look for more photo opportunities of the triathletes after their race. But that was a mistake! I wanted to catch the award ceremony which I thought would be somewhere nearer the finishing line. But it turned out that it was to happen right in front of the spot I was standing all the while! Damn! Missed the action again!

Could only photograph the back of the winners receiving their medals! 😦

The flags raising with Japan’s national anthem playing in the background

The result. See the full official result here

Luckily after the flag raising, the girls turned over and walked past! Yeah!
Hmmm, Sato actually looked quite sweet!

The same goes with Ellie!

Well done girls!

In any competitions, there will be winners and losers. But I think to be able to compete at an international level is already an achievement. Nevermind if they do not win or come up last. As long as they had given their best and not give up, that should be reason enough to celebrate and cheer for all the girls!

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