Dance Dance Dragon

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Itchyfingers paid a visit to the yearly Sentosa Flower Festival during Chinese New Year. Somehow we didn’t find this year’s flower variety exciting…many of them were the same kind…Last year, there were flower displays of the 12 zodiac animals (which we didn’t write about!). This year is the Dragon Year, so we were expecting to see a lot of majestic flower arrangements of the Dragon. There were a number of them, but not all were nice. I thought they didn’t make use of the space to make something really spectacular…

A pair of golden dragon next to the ugly elephant look-alike logo…hahah
The expression looked very comical…heee. Quite cute actually…

Purple and red ones…

The pink lady with the elephant logo… :p

Flower polka-dot Dragon…This one was the backdrop for photo taking…
Itchyfingers also joined in the queue as it was surprisingly short…

Cute purplish flowers…I wish I know the name…

They were small and very sweet looking…

Couldn’t help but posed in front of the flower dinosaurs with their long
distance cousin, Longan, the 
Baby Dragon that Itchyfingers made. Yes, he
is that tiny!

By the way, Longan has found a lovely home! :D

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A Visit to the Hospital

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No, Itchyfingers didn’t visit the hospital for checkups, but we were there to visit some friends, or rather, some friends from nature. :p We have long heard that Alexandra Hospital has a garden with lotsa butterflies, but never visited it until some time ago. :p

ou would have thought this is one of our parks right? :p

The Alexandra Hospital Butterfly Trail has many host plants that butterflies
love, thus making it a haven for these creatures. For butterflies lovers, this
is also heaven for them!

There are also many medicinal plants in the garden, inspired by Dr Wee’s

Oooo….I can’t wait to see a snake…hahah…
:D Most snakes in Singapore
are non-venomous, so we shouldn’t be too alarm when we see them, especially
if we leave them alone, they will also leave us alone

There are indeed quite a few species of butterflies fluttering their wings among
the many plants. This is the
Centaur Oakblue (Arhopala centaurus nakula)
银链嬈灰蝶. The wing looked a bit damaged, otherwise it should look more
this. This individual was among the most cooperative ones to stay so
still to allow me to go so near to photograph

Many of the other butterflies were not so cooperative and gotta say that I din expect there to have so many mossies around…hahah…din bring any repellent, so I was also a bit impatient to wait for better opportunities to shoot. :(

A record shot of the Dark Band Brown Bush (Mycalesis mineus) 小眉眼蝶

A little pond with kois

Just behind the pond there is this photographic butterfly information panel.
These are the many different butterflies that were found here at the hospital!
All photos courtesy of Butterfly Pals and Butterfly Circle

Each of these shows the Latin as well as common name of the butterfly
species and its host plant. So if you can recognise the host plant, chances
of finding the butterflies are higher…hmmm….Itchyfingers must really go
and study plants…By the way, I saw this Common Mormon but was unable
to shoot its picture…what a waste!

Then I saw this! The Common Birdwing (Troides helena cerberus) 裳凤蝶!
It was a long time ago since I last saw this beautiful butterfly, one of the
biggest in Singapore, with forewings length of 85mm

t says the host plant is Aristolochia tagala

But I found my Birdwing flirting and collecting nectar from these flowers.
Must go and find out the name of this flower… (Thanks to Khew from Butterfly
Circle, now I know this flower is called Bauhinia kockiana)

A nice infomative sign on the metamorphosis of butterfly was unfortunately
partially covered by overgrown plants…

Life cycle of the Autumn Leaf butterfly

Around three weeks later, a beautiful butterfly will emerge. Different species
of butterflies will take different time to transform from egg to adult

The name of this plant is so strange! It’s called Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
(Brunfelsia pauciflora/calycina)
. It was only when I did a search that I
found that it is so called because at one time there will be white, lavender
and purple blooms on the same plant. Too bad I only took the purple flower

Besides plants and butterflies, there were also many birds spotted…

Similarly, photographs of birds spotted at the hospital were displayed here

My history knowledge is not the best, so it is good to read and know more

It was a short visit at the Alexandra Hospital as it started to drizzle very soon. But it was great to know that there is another good and easily accessible place to look for some good photo opportunities, as Itchyfingers will continue in our next post! :D

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Black and White

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After seeing the nice black-and-white bungalow along Bury Road, Itchyfingers felt an unbearable itch to explore further in… 8) And my goodness…it was such a vast difference…The bungalows inside were bigger, nicer and some of them even have big garden…!

Wow..such big house…Gosh…life’s unfair isn’t it?

Everything was in black and white…how nice if there were black tiles for
the roof…Perhaps the letterbox should change into a black one too.. :p

I think I prefer the old road sign… :p

Most black-and-white houses were surrounded by big and beautiful trees…

This house sat behind fences, separated from the small road by a patch of

And at the fringe of the field, we were delighted to find these…

Unique-looking mushrooms!

Some houses had garden so big that you need to drive a distance in…this one
was still considered modest size…those with huge garden were simply out of
reach for us to take photos…wonder why some houses left the gate wide open?

Most of the time we could only steal a peek through the fences…

We followed the road which led us to a lone black-and-white house with no gate. Wow…private road leh. From far, I saw something green on the roadside and thought it was a tombstone! It was only when we walked closer that we realised what it was. :p

A reclining buddha stone statue amongst the patch of greenery that served
as a private front yard for the house. The house had a few more buddha
statues but since it was so open with no gate, we din want to intrude
further into the private property to take photos..especially when we
weren’t sure if there were dogs or not…

I forgot what this house was used for…probably some playhouse…?
We went up to check it out only to find the stairs leading to the upper
floor locked :o

Anyone has news about Louie?

We saw a roadside tree blooming with yellow flowers and went up to take
this…dunnu what tree was it…?

We also chanced upon a lot of huge fruit pods, almost as big as 15cm long, on the ground. Curious, we took many pictures of the pods as well as a record shot of the tree itself. Back home, I flipped through my dunu-when-was-the-last-time-I-flipped-through A Guide to the Wayside Trees of Singapore, and was pleasantly surprised to find an exact match to the pods we took on the very last page. :D

So this is the West Indian Locust Tree, Hymenaea courbaril. According to
the book, this is a ‘tree from the jungle of tropical America, brought into
Singapore in 1875′ and ‘very few trees are left growing in Singapore’

Wow! So a rare find from Itchyfingers! :D One of these West Indian Locust Trees in Istana was even named a Heritage Tree! :D

So back to the pod. From this website, I found it has a very interesting name…

The Stinking Toe! :D Hmmm…they do look a bit like the big toes! :D

The site said, “the term stinking toe refers to the large seedpod of the West Indian Locust, Hymenaea courbaril, commonly called the stinking toe or old man’s toe tree, one of the largest trees in the Caribbean. The seedpods look like big fat toes and the mealy pulp around the seeds, although foul smelling, is edible.”

Moving on, we saw some houses with little huts…probably built for the

And then we found yet another house with a little hut…

We went up for a close up picture…

1933…was that the year this black-and-white house was built? Then what
did the ‘C’ stand for? Or could this be the old unit number?

Before we could take more pictures, we were ‘greeted’ by loud and ferocious doggies’ barking…

These two doggies ran out from the house and barked fiercely at Tisu Boy,
who got too close…Knowing that they could not jump outta the fence,
Tisu Boy kept teasing them…very naughty!

But we quickly retreated before they got too mad at us or before the owner started to shout at us… :p

One house had this warning sign at the road side, a distance from its gate…
I supposed the doggies were especially bad-tempered?

These two doggies also dashed out of the house to bark at us even when we
were just walking along the road a distance away from their house…but
they stopped when we smiled at them…hahah… :D

Once a doggy started barking, the neighbouring doggies also follow suit.
So we had a doggy orchestra coming out from this house opposite

We found this house had a cute black chimney…a bit too small for Santa
to slip in… :D

Does this root look like an arm with itchyfingers pointing at the house? :D

Soon it was close to lunch time. Tired, we went back to our car and as we drove out, Itchyfingers discovered another truth in the chinese saying… :p

狗眼看人低 (literally, being looked down by dogs) :p

You see, when Itchyfingers were walking around, we were being barked by the many doggies, as if we were potential burglars or baddies up to no good. But see what happened when we were driving in our car…

The same doggy looking at us with a wide grin… :p

His friend was even so unbothered and continued to relax under the sun... :p

Wow lao leh! Even dogs also exhibit discrimination! Do they all think that people driving around must be of the same status as their owners? Don’t they know suicide bombers also come in wheels? :p

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