Forest Walk – Sabah Trip #11

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After the morning river safari on boat, we had breakfast and then it was free and easy time until the next activity. We decided to just explore around our camp area, and we were rewarded with many surprises!

A very easy walk with all the raised boardwalk at the campsite…You won’t get lost unless you venture out

Just close to the dining area, we saw this beautiful Black-and-red Broadbill….Have been a while since I last saw this

A melodious White-crowned Shama hopping around….

Couldn’t be sure of the identity of this raptor. He was perching so high and called so loud…

Another old friend, the Rufous-tailed Tailorbird….

Not sure if this is the Sunda Blue Flycatcher?

The catch of the day must be this one…

The Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher!!! So tiny and gorgeous!

The best thing was, we didn’t have to go far to look for it! It just landed outside our hut! 

A peep at the bright pinkish/magnet back of this beauty

We were so happy that he landed right in front of us and stayed for almost 10 minutes!!!!!

Not sure which gliding lizard was this…super long tail that got out of the frame…


At around 10.20am, we took the boat and went for our jungle trekking….It was an interesting walk led by informative guide, but unfortunately a lot of the plants have only native names in Malay, so remembering them was quite challenging…hahah…

Were told this was the Fire Ant nest…not too sure about this…could be another kind of ant but the name was lost in translation?

Evil-looking tree with big sharp thorns…These were much thicker than those of the Rattans…Can use this as weapon…wahahah

Rubbing the leaves of this plant is supposed to save you from mosquitoes’ bites…

Closer look. We tried it but not too sure if there were any effects….

Fallen flowers that looked so similar to those of Canonball Tree

Saw a few of these Tractor Millipede again…

I nearly stepped onto this one…

Better leave the centipede alone…

Not sure which caterpillar was this…

And lots of cicada moults! But this number was nothing compared to what Itchyfingers saw at New Zealand!

A closer look

Tisu Girl with our Guide in front of this big fig tree….

Unfortunately it rained that night again, so we couldn’t go for our night walk…Pretty sure we could have spotted some interesting animals or insects….But well, that is nature…Borneo is certainly an amazing place to visit if you are a nature lover! Just be prepared to rough it out a little and you would be rewarded by the beauty of nature!

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