Wild Sabah – Sabah Trip#7

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Every night and early morning, just outside our resort room, we could find numerous interesting and pretty moths…

A pity we do not know much about moth species…

Some were so small that you could only appreciate their beauties under a magnifying glass or with the help of a macro lens…. 

This one was so well camouflaged!

After an eventful day at Poring Hot Spring, we came to the last day of our stay at Mount Kinabalu Park. Decided to take it easy and explore around our resort…

New batch of climbers waiting to register at the office…. 

No more sighting of the languars but we saw this instead…

A male Bornean Whistling Thrush at the car park

Saw the juvenile thrush too! He was chirping loudly at his parents for food…

The female was nearby too….

A Yellow Breasted Warbler….fast bird to shoot…

Went back to the Park HQ to explore the trails….

Silau Silau Trail…

Saw this big-headed caterpillar back in Singapore too!

Mini fungi on a tree trunk. They looked like tiny dwellings for forest fairies…hahah

Beautiful fern

Kinabalu Park is definitely rich in its flora and fauna….

But maybe you can also find some not-so-wild lives here….

Besides being popular among the leisure hikers, there is also the annual race to see who is the fastest to reach the summit!

My goodness! Are these people human? So fast!

We had to leave the park after lunch to catch a domestic flight to Sandakan. On our way down, we tried to locate the Rafflesia Conservatory to see if any flowers were in bloom. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find it even the help of the GPS and the map on the printed paper we saw at the eatery few days back! So in the end, we didn’t manage to see the Rafflesia, as well as Nepenthes Rajah! What a pity!

On our plane, we could see the Mount Kinabalu range….

Wonder where is the highest point….

Less than an hour’s flight later, Itchyfingers landed at Sandakan, ready for the next leg of our adventure in wild Sabah!

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