Everyone Says Good Good Eat…Once More!

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My friend Butterfly, who is now based in Melbourne, bought me this cute little snack. At first I thought it’s another new snack from the same brand, although the photo on the pack looked familiar. Alas, upon opening up, it was really the same thing…They have updated the look of the pack…Can’t find this product in the super mart now for some reason…Not popular? 😮

Remember this Taiwanese snack with the cute little girl’s name and cartoon
character as the brand? I always thought it is unique branding….

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House of Fame @ JiuFen

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At the ghost mask museum at JiuFen, Taiwan, not only you were able to see hideous looking masks as well as hilarious looking ones, there were also a few masks of famous people there. But, to be displayed in a museum with a name like ‘ghost masks’ ( 泥人吴鬼脸馆), does that mean that these famous people were also regarded as ‘ghosts’ by the creators? :p “Ghost” or in Chinese has many layers of meanings. Besides the literal meaning of ‘ghosts’ or ‘spirits’, it also means ‘evil’, ‘mischief’, ‘secretive’ etc. Whatever meaning of ‘ghost’, certainly it is not a compliment to be part of the exhibits…hahah… 😀

Most of these famous people were politicians and celebrities. Among all of them, the most notorious and deserving ‘ghost’ must be him…

Osama Bin Laden! Like a devilish ghost, his whereabout is unpredictable
and mysterious…but once he made his appearance, there would be havoc
and disasters…! 😦

Taiwan’s former President, Chen Shui-bian 陳水扁, who was arrested and
charged with financial shenanigans

Chen’s son-in-law, Chao Chien-ming 趙建銘, who pleaded guilty in court
to perjury. Do you know why was he made with eyes looking up?
Well, that should be meant as a mockery for his habit of looking at people with
chin raising up according to the local news media… 😀

James Soong 宋楚瑜, another politician in Taiwan

Lee Myung-bak 李明博, President of South Korea

安倍晋三 Shinzo Abe, former Prime Minister of Japan

There was also some historical figure…

Wu Zetian 武则天, the only woman in the history of China to assume the title
of Empress Regnant

Among the celebrities, these were the more well-known ones..

Andy Lau 刘德华…not as life-like as the waxed figure Itchyfingers saw in
Hong Kong…

Jackie Chan 成龙. Since Itchyfingers do not like him, we din take any of
his waxed figure in the Madame Tussauds Museum

Fans of Jay Chou 周杰伦 are gonna scream when they see their idol being
portrayed so uglily :p

Luckily the creator redeemed himself with this second mask… :p

Wow, even 茂伯 from Cape No. 7 made it to the list of celebrities… 😀

This one was bizarre…Why was it there?

You would have thought this was a piggy mask. But the name said otherwise.
This was Lin Wang 林旺
, the famous Asian Elephant that served with
the Chinese Expeditionary Force during the Second Sino-Japanese War
(1937 – 1945) and later relocated to Taipei Zoo. He died in 2003 at the ripe
age of 86…

If only Itchyfingers were to visit Taipei Zoo six years ago….Nevertheless, we saw the huge container used to transport Lin Wang during the zoo’s relocation.

Huge container…

Sign outside the container

Old photos of Lin Wang inside the container

Try to look for the mask of the creator when you visit the museum…not tough to miss it though! 😀

The 搞蛋鬼 (mischievous ghost), creator Wu

Do visit the ghost masks museum 泥人吴鬼脸馆 at JiuFen 九份 next time you are in Taiwan for a good laugh or good scare! Haha… 😀

Entrance to the museum…Only now on closer look at the photo that
Itchyfingers realised that the admission charges were NT50 for adults and
NT30 for students…and we were asked to pay only NT30 each! Hahah!
So Itchyfingers still look like students??? Hahaha…. Biggest joke…

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House of More Ghost Masks @ JiuFen

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Words of Caution (again!): The following post contains graphical imageries that may make you feel sensitive, uncomfortable or offended; and may be unsuitable for those physically or mentally under 18… :p

The creator at the ghost mask museum of JiuFeng must be someone of a great sense of humour to come out with so many different kinds of ghost faces, though some of them, he claimed, were what he saw day to day with his accidentally-acquired ‘gift’ of being able to see the deads, or what we called the ‘yin yang’ eyes 阴阳眼.

There were a few masks made with multiple numbers of extra organs on the face, which often made them so funny looking… 😀

The literaly Eyes-with-four-views Ghost…haha..wow his vision must be
very wide…

This was the Dirty Ghost…should be called the Nosey Ghost instead! 😀

The Multiple-mouth Ghost! Talk only when necessary if not you ended up
like this when dead… :p

Or if you love to boast a lot, you also may become like this one…

The creator also seemed to have something against plastic surgery, cos a lot of the masks made fun of flopped procedures… :p

The Crooked-mouth Ghost…but maybe he was suffering from a stroke? 😀

Another Surgery Ghost…

The Flopped Tatooed-Brow Ghost… haha

This was the Beauty Brow Ghost…wow….the two of them looked like twins.. :p

Not sure who was this person…maybe a Taiwan celebrity who had gone
under the knife to enhance her assets… :p

This was the Perky-Boob-faced Ghost… :p

Some masks made fun of prominent and often, unfortunate features of the face… :p

The Pockmarked Ghost…the chinese name was literally
“Fight-the-(chicken)pox Ghost”…but to fully appreciate the joke, you really
need to know Mandarin!

The Pile-faced Ghost!

Some were named completely opposite from how they looked… :p

Like this Handsome Ghost…haha…looked more like a villain in period drama

And this was called the Innocent Ghost! Goodness…he looked like a lecher!
Doesn’t he look like a Taiwanese comedian, 九孔?? (must click the link!) hahah..

The Gentle Ghost

Like to act innocent and you ended up looking like a Moron Ghost…

Too much of anything is always a bad idea… :p

The Reading Ghost…

The Web Ghost…

The Cigarette Ghost…see, smoking is really bad for you!

The Gambler Ghost

Gamble too much and lose money…you become the pathetic Borrow-money Ghost

The Sadistic Ghost

The Foul-mouthed Swearing Ghost

Some of the ghosts made Itchfyingers see red… :p So shy and embarrassing… :p

The AIDS Ghost

The wolf-calling Lecherous Ghost…”Gimme a kiss, gimme a kiss…” :O

The Brothel-patron Ghost… :p

Er, if you are underage, please skip these ones.. :p

The Masturbation Ghost… wow lao! :O

Eeee….the Oral Sex Ghost..! Wow lao! :O

And the perversive Bra-stealing Ghost! :O Wahahah!

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