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Itchyfingers paid a visit to the yearly Sentosa Flower Festival during Chinese New Year. Somehow we didn’t find this year’s flower variety exciting…many of them were the same kind…Last year, there were flower displays of the 12 zodiac animals (which we didn’t write about!). This year is the Dragon Year, so we were expecting to see a lot of majestic flower arrangements of the Dragon. There were a number of them, but not all were nice. I thought they didn’t make use of the space to make something really spectacular…

A pair of golden dragon next to the ugly elephant look-alike logo…hahah
The expression looked very comical…heee. Quite cute actually…

Purple and red ones…

The pink lady with the elephant logo… :p

Flower polka-dot Dragon…This one was the backdrop for photo taking…
Itchyfingers also joined in the queue as it was surprisingly short…

Cute purplish flowers…I wish I know the name…

They were small and very sweet looking…

Couldn’t help but posed in front of the flower dinosaurs with their long
distance cousin, Longan, the 
Baby Dragon that Itchyfingers made. Yes, he
is that tiny!

By the way, Longan has found a lovely home! 😀

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Usher in the Majestic Dragon!

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The little Bunny is finally taking its leave and we have the Big Brother Dragon rushing in very soon! For this auspicious year, Itchyfingers has challenged herself to make something completely different. After poring through various references for images of the Oriental Dragons, Itchyfingers finally completed this little Dragon in time to wish all our friends a very Happy Lunar Dragon New Year!

Meet Itchyfingers’ latest creation, Longan (龙眼) the Baby Dragon. Wishing all a happier and
healthier Year of the Majestic Dragon!

PS: Longan is available for adoption in our shop.

How the Rabbit Turned into the Cat

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As Chinese around the globe welcome the Bunny for the Year of the Rabbit, Vietnamese is purr-fectly happy being the odd one out. Why? Cos they are celebrating the Year of the CAT.

So, how did the Rabbit turn into a Cat?

It all began as a misunderstanding – The Chinese word for rabbit is 卯 (mao), which sounds like ‘meo’ in Vietnamese, meaning cat. So while others celebrate the Year of Rabbit, Vietnamese will celebrate the Year of Cat. Hahah…Apparently, the Vietnamese have no interest to change it now. Since most of Vietnamese people are farmers, they prefer the cats as they can kill rats that threaten their crops whereas rabbits are the ones who will eat the crops!

Haha…interesting right? A pity Itchyfingers are not in Vietnam now, cos it would be nice to see decoration of the cats all over the street. For Chinese who celebrate the Year of Rabbit, we have red packets with bunny design. So I guess for the Vietnamese, their choice of design will be the cat! 😀

Itchyfingers happened to see this set of 招财猫 (Fortune Cat) red packets…

Called Maneki Neko in Japanese, they are also known as the Lucky Cat,
Fortune Cat or Welcoming Cat…

These do not cost much and has six design in a pack. The back of the red
packet is not left empty too…

Initially we had thought if these were sold last year for the Year of Tiger,
at least it is more related as they are both from the Cat Family…

Then we thought the 招财猫 is a lucky symbol itself so it is appropriate
to use on the red packet..haha

But now we know that the Year of the Rabbit is the same as the Year of
the Cat! Hahaha…

Happy New Year to all!

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