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Last weekend, Itchyfingers had a great time at the National Museum of Singapore. We were there to showcase our work at the Bras Basah. Bugis Arts Flea Market organised by Public Garden. We were asked by our friend from Brigette’s Little Shop to share a table as neither of us have ever attended any event either as a shopper or a vendor by the organiser. Since we love the idea of a market in the museum, Itchyfingers decided to go for it!

Our table display for the first day

These are original acrylic paintings on canvases by Tisu Boy.
There were a lot of enquiries on the originals but we are only selling 
the limited edition blank cards for now. As for the originals, we are 
thinking of eventually selling them to raise some funds for our community
cats in Singapore when more pieces are done

It was a good location but as a large part of the roof were fitted with glass to allow for natural illumination from the sun, it was quite warm as it was a fairly sunny day…But the crowd were constantly coming in, though not as many as I would have expected on a Museum Open House Day. I guess it was also due to a lack of on-going blockbuster exhibits.

The further end of level two was cooler as it was shaded…This was taken
when the crowd thinned down so I had a bit of free time…hahah

The folks at level one were constantly exposed to the sun…
There were quite a number of stalls selling food

We met quite a few interesting people, both the shoppers and the vendors….

This guy was at our table talking to us and we din notice his very special
backpack until he turned around….I had to chase up and secretly 
take this photo cos cannot control my itchyfingers! Wonder how heavy 
is the bag and how much stuff can it hold inside… 😀

Sharing a table may be a bit cramp but we had fun promoting our friend’s lovely handmade pieces too! Hahah…

Itchyfingers on the second and last day of the event

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Wow Wow Run! Wild Wild Run!

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Itchyfingers’ first race for the year happened just last Sunday at the Singapore Zoo. Yes! We were back for our second Safari Zoo Run – In memory of Ah Meng. Last year we did a 6km fun run cos we couldn’t resist the cute looking medal…Actually all the medals for the different categories were so cute but we settled for the 6km since it had all the different animals. Haha…

This year, the same thing happened again. Just look at the cute medals…

So cute again! Why does 6km Fun Run always have all the animals? And I
would love to have the grouchy tiger and elephant ones if I were a kid! 

Eventually, we decided to join the 12km run to have two different medal designs…hahah….But the route is similar to last year and 12km run is running the same route twice again… :O

The day was cool and a bit overcast. The starting time for the 12km run was 7.30am but we were at the back of the queue and had to start at the second wave about 11 minutes later.

The starting line was far far away…

Itchyfingers had done mostly 10km and a few 21km runs, and Tisu Boy did a full 42.195 km marathon two years back. This was the first time we were doing a in-between 12km run. The weather was cool but felt somehow quite humid with not much wind, probably because we were surrounded with tall trees along the relatively narrow paths. The first 2 km were a bit congested, and Night Safari route has a few slippery up slopes to negotiate. We were not as familiar with the route at Night Safari since we visit it less and also because it is dark during the opening hours. So it felt somehow longer to run, even though the route was supposed to be 3km at Night Safari and 3km at the Zoo. I wasn’t sure how fast we can finish. But at a venue like the zoo with animals looking at you while you run, it was hard to really concentrate and run seriously…hahah…At the zoo, we had the leopards giving such deafening roars that I am sure some of the runners would have stopped to check them out!

All my photos while running turned up like Blair Witch Project…hahah.
The overcast sky wasn’t helping much too! 😀

Tisu Boy went ahead to shoot pictures of the Indian Rhino cos he said it
is tough to take decent photos under low light at the Night Safari…I caught 
up only few minutes later

The second loop felt much smoother. Eventually Itchyfingers finished and crossed the finishing line together slightly off my projected time of 1:20 hour. Might have done better if I were to push harder but it was difficult to ignore the animals totally…hahah…and I nearly slipped at one of the slopes but luckily I was able to stop in time to prevent a badly sprained ankle. Overall, quite a pleasant run with nice cool weather and adequate drink supply. It was the first time I don’t see much congestion around water point…

Queuing up for drinks after the run…

Itchyfingers with our cute medals…

We had wanted to hang around the zoo to take some photos but look at the
sky! Here the kids were getting ready for their 2.8km dash…I heard it poured
quite heavily half way through the 6km Fun Run…

Our cute medals on my equally cute running tee…Dunu why the tiger and
ele are so grouchy…hahah…Maybe cos they had to wake up early?

Nice thing about the medals is that it is detachable and you can use it as 
a key chain if you like…

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Meet Itchyfingers At the Museum!

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This coming weekend Itchyfingers will be setting up stall showcasing our handmade creations at the National Museum of Singapore. Do come down and say hello if you have some time to spare!

Date: Sat 23 – Sun 24 Feb 2013
Time : 1 – 7 pm
Venue: National Museum of Singapore
Address: 93 Stamford Road Singapore 178897

Hope to see you there!

Public Garden Event Banner

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