Itchyfingers Gone MAAD…

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The day has finally arrived for Itchyfingers to go MAAD! Hahaha…As mentioned earlier, we are going to the local handmade craft market! 😀

Turned up at designated time to report and get the slot…It was Itchyfingers’ first time to set up stall but luckily I had a friend who had done it before with me. This was her third time to join MAAD.

The night before, based on the photo from the organizer’s Facebook page, Tisu Boy helped to make a display stand using hard board. This was how Itchyfingers’ case looked like after setting up….

Set against the rising sun…hahah…Actually the bright light was a designer
light that was on display at Red Dot Museum..

A lovely birdy stand loaned from a friend…

tchyfingers’ new name cards! Should have turned the bears to face the 

Just next to Itchyfingers’ stall was my friend’s lovely stall, Brigette’s Little
Shop. It’s named after
 her equally lovely daughter. You can find her shop here. 

It was the starting of the school holidays so the crowd was considered not so bad. Was so happy to have few friends dropping by to say hello and gave moral support. I hope I didn’t disappoint them with my fairly bare display of items…hahah…Didn’t manage to make more pieces due to work. Managed to make a few sales and had a few enquiries for customized animals. Hope those will pull through…Overall, it was a good experience to be able to present our creation. Itchyfingers certainly hope to come back again maybe in a few months’ time when we are more ready!

My friend’s daughter likes Speedy, the Marathon Bunny very much as she
also loves running. Had wanted to give Speedy to her but Mum and daughter
insisted to pay. In the end, we decided to do a barter trade instead! Hahah…
So Speedy was exchanged for a nice crocheted tissue pouch and a cute owl…

So there we were, doing an official exchange, with Aunty Itchyfingers and
Brigette doing a friendly handshake posing for camera….Hahah…Brigette’s
identity is protected with her shop’s little bunny mascot. Wow, I didn’t
notice we were wearing similar white G-shocks! 😀

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