Safety First – Hong Kong Trip #1

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Early this month while walking up the Mid-level escalator in Hong Kong, we saw something quite unusual.

One of the many tall concrete buildings there apparently was having some sort of face lift or maintenance. Close to two third of it was covered with scaffolding which instantly looked out of place. Why leh? Because of the material they used to build up the whole structure.

Over here, we used steel for the scaffolding. Workers need to use safety harnesses. But in Hong Kong, apparently they prefer something more natural…

Against the clear sky, the bizarre-looking scaffolding seems so surreal,
ever ready to engulf the entire building.

Can’t make out what did they use? A close-up may help…


Yes, we all know that bamboo is strong. According to the guy supervising the project from where we were standing, he said the building is 30 storey high. So surely a building that tall deserves something sturdier? And their safety precautions looked so basic…but that didn’t stopped him from asking two of the guys on the lowest end to pose for us.

Hey what’s so interesting to look huh??

We stayed for quite a while, taking pictures and observing.  Debris was seen flying off towards the next building before hitting the ground. The guy must have felt uneasy and asked us why are we taking photos? “Just for fun lah.” Unconvinced by our answer, he started to tell us to stay further in case stones were to hit us. Ok lor…give way to other tourists who were also attracted and started to take pictures. But one last picture before moving on..:p 

Superheroes at work…

Ironically, just less than five minutes’ walk from this building, a poster was seen on the hoarding at another construction site…

Poster promoting safety precaution in construction site. Members of the
public can dial the hotline to report anyone breaking the regulations.


No wonder the guy got suspicious and chased us away!

May we salute all the construction workers and our very own Samsui Women for risking their lives building up the modern city!


Christmas Exchange

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Every year before Xmas, Tisu Boy will be cracking his brain on what to buy for his company gift exchange. “Chay! Only he needs to crack meh?!? I oso wow!” Ooo, I hear many people protesting now. Ok, Christmas Day is over, but hey, there are supposed to be 12 days of Xmas! So for those of you who have not exchanged gifts, maybe can try this method to help come out with ideas. 

Being in the creative line, Tisu Boy came out with this brilliant way of generating gift ideas. First, set the theme for the gift. Then, write down words to describe the theme and put all in a box. Then get everyone to draw 2 words and they have to get gifts that fit the description, theme and budget. They did this last year and everyone agreed that it is more fun and interesting to have some clues as to what to get.

So this year’s theme was set as “food” and Tisu Boy’s words are “thick’ and “soft”. Wow lao…”what food is thick and soft other than the french loaf?” was the first thought. Huge Xmas candy stick? Melts in the mouth and becomes soft.. or drumstick lor, thick and soft…Original or Crispy? hahha…In the end, this is what we got.. 

Logcake made from towel. Looks like the real thing!

Excuse moi! Not food leh! Isn’t that cheating??

Er, in case you still dun understand what are people from the creative line supposed to do:

Who says the food must be edible in the first place? :p haha.

Hope you find this gift idea generating method useful for the next Xmas Exchange!

Greek Masterpieces From the Lourve

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Does anyone know why is NIKE logo a swoosh? Well, now I know, after visiting the Greek Masterpieces From the Louvre exhibition at the National Museum last week.

I must say I am pretty impressed. I mean, these pieces were made in the period of 5th to 4th centuries BCE, and at that time, using what should look like primitive tools by today standard, these artists were able to produce exquisite works of art. Attention had been paid not only to the facial expression of the marble sculptures, but also to the hair and clothing. Many of these sculptures, vases, terracotta and gold jewellery are presented for the first time in South-east Asia, thanks to the refurbishment of the Louvre’s Classical Greek and Hellenistic galleries. After all, not that many people can afford the time and money to fly all the way to Paris to admire these works of art…hmm, think better start saving up now…any lobang for freelance design work? Hahaha…

Anyway, back to NIKE. If you have the time and patience to strain your eyes on the dimly-lit and often small font-sized description, you will understand why NIKE logo is a swoosh. The company takes its name from the Greek Goddess of Victory, who personified triumph throughout the ages of ancient Greek culture and is always protrayed with wings, in a sprinting postures, in most statues and paintings. How clever is that! Maybe NIKE should become one of the sponsors since they are given free promotion! By the way, somewhere also mentioned CANON, but I can’t remember exactly what was said, some itchy mouths out there, if you happen to visit the exhibition, do drop us a note!

Of the many pieces, I like the full size sculptures the best. Too bad photography is prohibited in the gallery, but you are allowed to sketch with dry media and foldable stools are provided.

Small terracotta piece showing an owl – Greek Goddness Athena’s pet bird,
in helmet with shield and spear. It is the symbol of intelligence

The exhibition will be on till 16 Mar 08, admission is $8 adults. No excuse to miss it! If you happened to be a PASSION card holder, you get to pay the price of 1 for 2 persons.

On a side note, I also visited GROOVISIONSSIN at Level 3.

Can you spot the Singapore icon?

Groovision is one of the most popular design teams in Tokyo, with unique blend of full dimensional graphic designs, motion graphics and innovative products.

Can you spot the Itchy Fingers?

There are a lot of interesting design showcased, but this is the first exhibition I have visited that laid all the items on the floor, and they do not allow space for visitors to walk around to view each item at close range. No photography allowed here also. So if you are as blind as me, maybe it is a good idea to carry along a binoculars :p…and do hurry, last day of the exhibition is on 6 Jan 08!

Get your picture taken and shown to the world!

But be careful of wet floor!

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