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Words of Cautions: The following post contains graphic imageries that may cause discomfort and distress to some. Itchyfingers seek your understanding as we bring you some cruel facts on the sufferings of animals.

Two weeks ago, Itchyfingers visited one of the most distressing exhibitions at the Atrium of Plaza Singapura. Organised by the Acres, or the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Singapore), it highlighted and revealed the hidden cruelty behind the products of our daily lives towards animals by presenting a mock supermarket backdrop to visitors.

Acres’ poster

The plight of piggies…Itchyfingers has stopped consuming pork for many
years liao cos I find piggies so cute…

Poster on plight of egg-laying chickens…

From cages to display on this mock supermarket shelf…The sign reads,
“Life for a typical egg-laying hen is a tiny cage shared with 5-10 other hens,
in a windowless shed holding tens of thousands of terrified, bewildered
birds. Her personal living space is smaller than an A4 sheet of paper.”
“Being cooped for life without exercise, while constantly drained of calcium
to produce egg shells, means she develops osteoporosis – a mineral depletion,
and her bones crumble and break. Many will become paralyzed and die of
hunger and thirst just inches from their food and water.”

I really don’t know how can we do to help…cos eggs are added in so many products…The poster suggested reducing the amount of eggs and egg products we consume, and by buying “free range” eggs from hens raised in more humane conditions.

Three delicacies that people may wanna give a second thought when they
are satisfying their taste buds

Acres’ appeal to all veal lovers: “Please do not make veal part of your diet.
Spread awareness about the cruelty behind these products. Write to those
restaurants that serve veal about your concern and appeal for the removal
of these items from the menu.” I am sure if there were more than one voice
of protest, restaurant owners would give in…

Foie gras is the diseased fatty liver of a duck or goose. “To create this
‘delicacy’, ducks are cramped into wire cages and force fed up to three times
a day by forcing a metal pipe down their necks into their stomachs and
pumping in up to 2kg of grain and fat. This brutal lifestyle causes the ducks’
livers to swell over 10 times its normal size, resulting in the duck’s legs
collapsing under the weight. It is common to find corpses of ducks that had
literally burst open through overfeeding, birds that had choked to death on
their own vomit and those that had died of aspiration pneumonia – a painful
and often fatal condition caused when, during the process of forced-feeding,
food is pushed into their lungs.”

Gosh…after knowing all these…would you still be able to savour your plate of Foie gras in posh restaurants?

Some of us may not know that the products that we use daily may also contribute to the sufferings of animals… 😦

Rabbit lovers…please do not turn a blind eye on the following poster…

Did you know that many household products were tested on animals first
before they were brought out to the market?

I dun understand this! How can the manufacturer be so sure that animals
and humans would react similarly towards the same ingredient?! Is it
really necessary to use these animals for testing when “there are already
8,000 ingredients known to be safe and effective?”

Toy rabbits used for the exhibition… Do look for products that say “No
Animal Testing”!

Rats and mice are often used to determine the “safety” of many of our
household products. “There is no need for more animal suffering to produce
a new and improved detergent or air freshener. Choose a compassionate

Be an animal-friendly consumer!

To reduce the negative impact we are unconsciously making on animals, do try to make a conscious effort by simply shopping wisely. A comprehensive list of international products with regular updates can be found at and at

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Itchyfingers’ Creation Up for Adoption

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Being Itchyfingers, I always like to create miniature works of art during my free time. Finally now you can find Itchyfingers‘ creation at the Mushroom Creatives Shop, ready for adoption!

The first creation that has been put up is Mini Loves Balloon, a little bunny that stands at about 7.5cm tall.

Will you adopt Mini Loves Balloon?

Check out the Mushroom Creatives Shop today!

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