Urban Sensation! Festival

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Itchyfingers was happy to be invited to join this two-day event organised by the South East CDC at Big Splash@East Coast after the organizer saw us at MAAD@Red Dot Museum last month.

As the first day happened to be a Friday evening, I was alone to do the setting up. The sun was blazingly hot and the sea breeze was so strong, it made the job tougher…

The table was much bigger than the display case at MAAD. Decided not to 
redo a stand and just lay the animals on the table. It was tough to make 
the light-weight woolly animals stand against the strong wind, so it looked
rather messy..Took almost an hour to set up on my own…

The second day I got help from Tisu Boy for setting up. We brought along
used styrofoam boards as backing for the photos as well as to pin the animals
down on the table

I think it looked much more organised

The first day of the event felt a bit like a rehearsal and warming up session for the various performing groups. Even the Minister was invited only on the second day to grace the event as well as give out prizes for a photography contest. Hahah….

While making his round at the various art stalls, Minister Mr Lim Swee Say stopped at Itchyfingers‘ stall for a chit-chat…

Mr Lim asked if the animals were done by itchyfingers. Tisu Girl then 
explained how the furry kids were made…Had to explain twice cos it
sounded a bit complicated…hahah

Looking at the customised miniature dogs, the minister asked if we have
any Golden Retriever. Too bad we didn’t make that yet….Forgot to ask if
he wanna customise one for his son…hahah… 😀

Itchyfingers had a good experience at the Urban Sensation! Festival. The atmosphere, music and performance were all great, and we made a few new friends too. Hope to be able to participate in more such art fairs in the near future! 😀

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Run for a Cause – Jurong Lake Run 2012

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Itchyfingers have always been wondering why are all the runs held either in the city area or at the east side of the island, and never one in the west side. So we were quite pleased to know of one finally held in the west. We missed the registration date for last year, and this year, we made sure we join in the fun at the Jurong Lake Run! The run was themed “Run for a Cause” in support of several charity organisations. It felt good to be able to do something that we like and do some good deed at the same time. :p

The starting point was conveniently located nearby Jurong East MRT, so we were able to take the train there this time, and leave our homes fairly late…heee…Arriving later meant we would have to be at the further end from the starting point…But apparently some VIPs were even later, so there was quite a delay in starting…

Could we have just been flagged off by whichever VIPs that arrived on time 
rather than being kept waiting? Those VIPs that were late could have been 
asked to flag off the other categories instead…So many thousands runners
using public transport were able to report on time despite the rain, so I failed
to understand why a few VIPs driving in cars cannot do the same. Well, I guess
that’s why they 
are the VIPs….(PS: A reader pointed out that the VIPs were
early and that the delay was caused by system fault due to the rain. We
were far behind so didn’t hear anything about the faulty system. Apologies
if that was the case!) 

It started raining at 5 plus in the morning, so it was great that the sky
cleared slowly…The rain proved to be a blessing cos we had such cool weather
perfect for running…I didn’t even sweat half as much as I usually would have…

Actually other than those inside the garden, I wasn’t too familiar with the route even though
I live in the west…hahah

But have to say the route was quite nice especially those around the lake and garden. The cool weather was seriously a great bonus, except the few puddles of water here and there.

Running towards the gate…

First time I see a couple holding hands while running…normally you see them 
doing that only towards the finishing line. It was quite nice and sweet for the 
guy to try to encourage and run with the girl, but for narrower path it may not
be a good idea as you may block others who wanted to overtake…

Band performance to boost runners’ morale! Thanks to the volunteers!

Nice view…

I was trying to take a photo of us running up this curvy upslope bridge towards
Chinese Garden when Tisu Boy pointed to the White-Bellied Fish Eagle
flying overhead. We were running together for the first few kilometers as it
was rather crowded especially along those narrow paths. So instinctively
I pointed the camera on the eagle instead
 even though I didn’t have any SLR
camera with long lens…hahah…Can you
 see the tiny spot against the white
cloud? That’s our biggest resident Eagle
 in Singapore… 😀

I was just snapping away without focusing or framing much while running
whenever I saw any nice scenery, so it was kinda surprising by how they turned
out…hahah…Well, maybe that was because I was running like a tortoise…haha 

Finally passed the 9km mark!

Passed the finishing line! I love the weather! Really didn’t sweat that much…

But once past the finishing line, there was a massive jam to the welfare
area for refreshment, finishing medals and t-shirts. This was one huge area
for improvement.
 It was only now that I started to sweat more… hahah. 

Met up with Tisu Boy who finished earlier but was still stuck behind the 
queue, and took this I-did-it-again photo… 😀

There was a post-run carnival and it was nice to have free ice-cream treat! But the queue was long so Itchyfingers skipped this.

Oh, you can find this ice-cream uncle normally selling along Orchard Road, 
I think outside Ngee Ann City…hahah 

But we saw a second ice-cream stall with a shorter queue and decided to get one for ourselves to fill the hungry stomach…

It was ages since I last eaten ice-cream with bread. Normally I would go
for scoops in a cup cos they are less messy…hahah 

Last picture against Chinese Garden’s landmark before heading back home 

I think Jurong Lake Run is one of the better organised runs, especially commendable since they are only into their second year. The website is informative and clear, with details of fees, routes, tee sizes clearly listed out. I also like it that they showed the medal design. Couldn’t commend on the race expo day cos Itchyfingers were away.

It is the only run that gives out finisher’s tee to 10 and even 6 km runners…

It’s a nice gesture and encouragement especially to newer participants
but I wish the words were smaller and not so loud…hahah…Afterall, as
compared to a full 42.195 km, 10km is really nothing to shout about…hahah.
Really hope to finish one full marathon in the near future soon! Gotta train

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Private Lives: An Exposé of Singapore’s Rainforests

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Yesterday, Itchyfingers attended the launch of the fourth and last book of the PRIVATE LIVES series. This book focuses on the biodiversity of our rainforests.

The invitation cum poster of the launch

The previous three books of the same series produced by the Raffles Museum
of Biodiversity of Singapore (RMBR) and the National University of
Singapore (NUS). Itchyfingers are lucky to be involved in both the second book
about mangrove, as well the latest book on rainforests

It was really a pleasant surprise when Professor Peter Ng announced that there will be a fifth Private Lives book in the pipeline! He jokingly said that it’s because ‘four’ is inauspicious number in Chinese…hahah…But it’s nice as the first book was about lives above the sea (intertidal) and the last one will be about lives beneath it…

The coral reefs!!!! Something that I may not have much chance to see as
I can’t swim properly to save myself, let alone scuba dive to see the
magical underwater world….

The introduction by Prof was quite short this time round, and the talk ended with this slide which made many among the audiences let out a ‘wow’….

A sneak preview of the model of the new natural museum to be ready 
somewhere in 2014. Sadly, it will no longer be called the Raffles Museum
of Biodiversity of Singapore (RMBR) 

Guest-of-honour, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister of Information,
Communications and the Arts getting ready to launch the book. Ironically,
he had to cut the ‘tree’ in order to present the book. The idea being, hopefully
we will be able to preserve our natural environment and not just leave a
book behind for the younger generations. Hmmm…nice idea. But I doubt
the government can understand this, cos otherwise, Bukit Brown will not
have to give way to roads…

Yeah! Book launched!

Besides the book, a web portal archiving Singapore’s natural history was also launched.

A screen capture of the website of The Digital Nature Archive of Singapore,
or simply the DNA of Singapore. You can find huge archives with scientific
papers, imageries and videos. It is a work-in-progress site as collection
of datas is always on-going 

The Straits Times report on 5 July 2012. Look out for another report
on the book on next Tuesday’s paper!

The book cover features one of our native nocturnal mammals, the Colugo
with a baby, by Mr Norman Lim, who did a study and wrote a book on it 

Spread on birds

Spread on butterflies

Spread on pangolin! I wish to see this in our forests one of these days!

Private Lives: An Exposé of Singapore Rainforests, like the previous three books, is suitable for anyone who is interested in nature. You can get your copy at RMBR, NUS Co-op, Nature’s Niche, Select Bookstore and the Library Shop at the Singapore Botanic Gardens at $22 for paperback and $35 for hardcover version. All proceeds from the sale of the books will go towards more nature publications and biodiversity projects! What are you waiting for? 😀

P.S: You can now find the Private Lives books series in Kinokuniya! 😀

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