Urban Sensation! Festival

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Itchyfingers was happy to be invited to join this two-day event organised by the South East CDC at Big Splash@East Coast after the organizer saw us at MAAD@Red Dot Museum last month.

As the first day happened to be a Friday evening, I was alone to do the setting up. The sun was blazingly hot and the sea breeze was so strong, it made the job tougher…

The table was much bigger than the display case at MAAD. Decided not to 
redo a stand and just lay the animals on the table. It was tough to make 
the light-weight woolly animals stand against the strong wind, so it looked
rather messy..Took almost an hour to set up on my own…

The second day I got help from Tisu Boy for setting up. We brought along
used styrofoam boards as backing for the photos as well as to pin the animals
down on the table

I think it looked much more organised

The first day of the event felt a bit like a rehearsal and warming up session for the various performing groups. Even the Minister was invited only on the second day to grace the event as well as give out prizes for a photography contest. Hahah….

While making his round at the various art stalls, Minister Mr Lim Swee Say stopped at Itchyfingers‘ stall for a chit-chat…

Mr Lim asked if the animals were done by itchyfingers. Tisu Girl then 
explained how the furry kids were made…Had to explain twice cos it
sounded a bit complicated…hahah

Looking at the customised miniature dogs, the minister asked if we have
any Golden Retriever. Too bad we didn’t make that yet….Forgot to ask if
he wanna customise one for his son…hahah… 😀

Itchyfingers had a good experience at the Urban Sensation! Festival. The atmosphere, music and performance were all great, and we made a few new friends too. Hope to be able to participate in more such art fairs in the near future! 😀

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