Match Made in Heaven – Lost in Translation #3

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While walking on the streets of Bangkok, Itchyfingers found this sign outside a row of shop houses. A most common light box sign that you may just missed it since most of them are in Thai. It happened to have a large English word in the middle, so that caught our eyes. But look closely…I think times are really bad, so to stand out from your competitors, you have to offer something really special and different…

Marriage for Aliens! Wahahahahah!!!!! Certified marriage for intergalactic
couples??!? 😀 I think they meant to be marriage for foreigners…wahahahah…

Thailand. A Land of Smiles… 😀

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What’s on Your Plate?

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Recently, within a short two-week’s time, there were two unfortunate and fatal road accidents involving Singaporean driving overseas for holidays. 😦 One was in Australia, the other in New Zealand – both are vast countries with long, straight and endless highways. Coincidentally, Itchyfingersfirst road trip happened to be in New Zealand, and thank goodness for us, it was a fairly smooth journey throughout with no road bullies, no bad weather, and no traffic police jumping out from the bush to fine anyone exceeding the speed limit of 100km/h, even by just a little. Hahah…of course, that was a joke we made cos Tisu Boy’s friend was really issued a ticket by the traffic police. He didn’t notice they were around until it was too late…

Well, Itchyfingers were blessed to have a safe road journey, in which Tisu Boy loved to brag that it was because he had superb driving skills…But skills aside, sometimes unfamiliarity with a foreign country’s traffic rules and conditions can really get you into troubles. The endless highways, especially in places like New Zealand, which run through some flat landscapes can be quite monotonous after a while. Many a time we were the only car on the road. So it is easy for drivers to feel drowsy after hours of driving. The ideal situation is to have a second driver to share the driving load or very chatty passenger(s) to keep the driver awake, unless he is one that needs 100% concentration and cannot drive and talk at the same time. Unfortunately, I don’t drive and though talkative at times, am one of those who gets sleepy-bug attacks whenever I am on a moving vehicle.. :p I doze off quite easily when my mouth is not moving (either talking or eating) after a certain time frame, usually within a maximum of an hour.

So to keep both of us safe on the road, I have to be awake! But how? I can’t keep eating right?

Recently, while driving on the roads of Malaysia, I discovered something that I can do, besides eating, talking and singing out-of-tune – to keep a look-out for unique or even funny car plate numbers! As we all know, Singapore latest privately owned cars have three letters that starts with an S. To avoid confusion, no vowels were used after the letter S so no meaningful words can be formed, e.g. SEA, SIT, SEX, SEE etc.

But things are totally different in Malaysia and that is what makes it so interesting! 😀

Driving this car will never get you lost cos it is a MAP! 😀

We have MBS (Marina Bay Sand) in Malaysia too!

Saw RWS (Resort World Sentosa) too, but it sped past us too quickly…

JAW! Beware of killer shark!

If you can’t hold your bladder during long-distance driving, don’t ever stay behind this car….

Cos it will keep reminding you that you need to PEE! 😀 The car seems
to be wearing a cheeky grin on his face…

Wow, January 1111? Did he bid for this?

Just last month, the paper reported that there was a record RM520,000 (S$213,000) bid for “WWW 1” licence plate, which is the acronym for World Wide Web. Sounds crazy right? Itchyfingers‘ car happened to have a rather auspicious number when read in Mandarin or even the Cantonese dialect, but really, we didn’t bid for it! Hahah…So I wonder if these car owners really bid for these plate numbers or it was just coincidence? Otherwise, I wonder how much does this plate fetch in the market…

WTF!!!! We also see the milder version, WTH, but it was too fast for us to 
catch up… 

Itchyfingers will continue to look for interesting car plate numbers to stay alert! 😀

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How the Rabbit Turned into the Cat

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As Chinese around the globe welcome the Bunny for the Year of the Rabbit, Vietnamese is purr-fectly happy being the odd one out. Why? Cos they are celebrating the Year of the CAT.

So, how did the Rabbit turn into a Cat?

It all began as a misunderstanding – The Chinese word for rabbit is 卯 (mao), which sounds like ‘meo’ in Vietnamese, meaning cat. So while others celebrate the Year of Rabbit, Vietnamese will celebrate the Year of Cat. Hahah…Apparently, the Vietnamese have no interest to change it now. Since most of Vietnamese people are farmers, they prefer the cats as they can kill rats that threaten their crops whereas rabbits are the ones who will eat the crops!

Haha…interesting right? A pity Itchyfingers are not in Vietnam now, cos it would be nice to see decoration of the cats all over the street. For Chinese who celebrate the Year of Rabbit, we have red packets with bunny design. So I guess for the Vietnamese, their choice of design will be the cat! 😀

Itchyfingers happened to see this set of 招财猫 (Fortune Cat) red packets…

Called Maneki Neko in Japanese, they are also known as the Lucky Cat,
Fortune Cat or Welcoming Cat…

These do not cost much and has six design in a pack. The back of the red
packet is not left empty too…

Initially we had thought if these were sold last year for the Year of Tiger,
at least it is more related as they are both from the Cat Family…

Then we thought the 招财猫 is a lucky symbol itself so it is appropriate
to use on the red packet..haha

But now we know that the Year of the Rabbit is the same as the Year of
the Cat! Hahaha…

Happy New Year to all!

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