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Have always been interested in traditional puppet show but didn’t really have the chance to shoot them cos they are not a common scene nowaday. The only time you may still be able to find them is during the Seventh Lunar Month, and again many have been replaced by the more popular Getai. So I was pleasantly surprise when I went to Chinatown before the Chinese New Year lightup and found this traditional puppet show.

A typical colourful stage. I guess the pictures below should be some
kinda ‘poster’ showing the kinda story they perform. Here we have
the Journey to the West.

These tales of traditional folklore in hokkien is a 17th century art form. According to the banner there,”tradtional chinese puppet theatrical performance were introduced by the early southern Chinese immigrants. Singapore is the only place outside China where you can find four out of the five genres of traditional Chinese puppel theatre – the Gloved Puppet, String Puppet, Rod Puppet and Wired Puppet.” Dun think I have ever seen the wired puppet…

Puppets at work. One just emerged from behind the curtain.

The puppets are about 30cm tall, with legs wearing little shoes.
I like the little props like the chairs…

…and the little weapon! She was fighting so ferociously that the weapon
flew out of the stage. Being itchyfingers and of cos helpful lah,
I picked it up and put in back on stage for her…:p

behind stage
Behind the scene. The aunties puppeteers see through the screen
to manipulate the puppets.

see what
Multi-tasking – left hand maneuvering a puppet on stage and right hand
preparing another. The other aunty doesn’t look too friendly leh…:p

Ok, here’s a short clip of the fighting scene. Being such a linguistic genuis, I have provided subtitles for those of you who are unfortunately not proficient in Hokkien…:p Look out for the flying weapon!

RATS! They Are Everywhere!

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In another 12 days, we will have to bid sayonara to Porky and say hello to Mickey. Yes, it’s the Year of the Rat.

Rats have been a much unwelcomed animal in urban living. Nonetheless, being the first animal in the chinese zodiac, this year marks the beginning of another new cycle. So in line with our gahmen’s policy of using foreign talents, the folks at Kreta Ayer-Kim Seng Citizens’ Consultative Committee invited the most famous mouse of all – Mickey Mouse and his friends to celebrate Chinese New Year with us. Too bad Remy from Pixar cooked up his famous stew, Ratatouille, a bit too early last year, otherwise, he and his colony might be the ones in the limelight.

Working near the area, I went for a look see before the lightup last week, and Rats! they are now everywhere! Not the disease carrying rodents but colourful mousie decors now don the streets.

Mickey and Minnie on work permit here, working no day…

nite nite!

Mickey lanterns everywhere!

lion mouse
Mickey and Donald

Golden mousies..

More of Mickey’s cousins…

Take your pick!

These look like they’ve got some skin diseases…

Ok, we all know why the fish – “nian nian you yu”  sounds like
bountiful supplies year after year. But what about the rats?
Nian nian you shu? Er, I think we will need the pest control folks’ help….

Lastly, a walking Mickey…

Everyone loves Mickey

Grasp the Possibilities – Product Design #1

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Have loads of documents to organise or need to bookmark a page?  Forget about your normal boring clips, those are better for poking the CD tray to eject stucked CDs. Try these instead: Iconoclasps.

Came across the Iconoclasps when shopping for gifts and I simply love them! These cute paper clips come in interesting shapes: emoticons, sign language and even human shapes, like those on toilets. Each pack has 18 paper clips and assorted colours are available. I bought the human and emoticons ones in the end.

Is that a baby or a person in need of the loo urgently?

Each face actually has a name! I love the Dracula one…

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