RATS! They Are Everywhere!

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In another 12 days, we will have to bid sayonara to Porky and say hello to Mickey. Yes, it’s the Year of the Rat.

Rats have been a much unwelcomed animal in urban living. Nonetheless, being the first animal in the chinese zodiac, this year marks the beginning of another new cycle. So in line with our gahmen’s policy of using foreign talents, the folks at Kreta Ayer-Kim Seng Citizens’ Consultative Committee invited the most famous mouse of all – Mickey Mouse and his friends to celebrate Chinese New Year with us. Too bad Remy from Pixar cooked up his famous stew, Ratatouille, a bit too early last year, otherwise, he and his colony might be the ones in the limelight.

Working near the area, I went for a look see before the lightup last week, and Rats! they are now everywhere! Not the disease carrying rodents but colourful mousie decors now don the streets.

Mickey and Minnie on work permit here, working no day…

..no nite!

Mickey lanterns everywhere!

lion mouse
Mickey and Donald

Golden mousies..

More of Mickey’s cousins…

Take your pick!

These look like they’ve got some skin diseases…

Ok, we all know why the fish – “nian nian you yu”  sounds like
bountiful supplies year after year. But what about the rats?
Nian nian you shu? Er, I think we will need the pest control folks’ help….

Lastly, a walking Mickey…

Everyone loves Mickey


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