Singing in the Rain Under the Banyan Tree

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How would you like to watch an open air movie under the star light, just like in your parents’ or grandparents’ time?

Itchyfingers went for a free movie screening, a programme by the National Museum Cinematheque last Sunday. It was the second time we attended such screening, the first being a 1957 chinese movie “Si Qian Jin” (Our Sister Hedy) last year. Subsequently there were more of such screenings and just last Saturday there was the 1939’s Wizard of Oz. Didn’t attend the rest cos of other commitment. Last Sunday’s screening was the 1952’s Singing in the Rain. Heard of the song but didn’t know about the story, so made it a point to catch it.

We were ten minutes early before the start of the screening at 8pm and already there were many people sitting comfortably on mats laid on the grass patch. Many came prepared with food, titbits, drinks and even wine! 😀 We found a space right in front but a little off center, well at least we weren’t blocked by anyone. The couple next to where we were sitting were even eating their ‘tabao’ tze char! Hmmm, smelled good…:p

The evening weather was cool and the movie started on the dot at 8pm. No more opening speech like the last time, so no more Kinokuniya vouchers to be won for answering questions…:o

Tried to take picture of the main casts in yellow raincoats and carrying brollies
but was too slow

For those unitiated like me, “Singing in the Rain” was about the transition from silent movie to talking films, or what they called ‘talkies’. Don Lockwood (starring Gene Kelly) was a silent film super star who started as a singer, dancer and stuntman. Together with his co-star Lina Lamont (starring Jean Hagen) they were protrayed as on-screen romantic pair. Lina had convinced herself that the fake romance was real but in actual fact Don couldn’t stand his shallow leading lady.

Don met Kathy Selden (starring Debbie Reynolds) while escaping from over zealous fans. It was funny seeing him trying to get fresh with her while she sneered the so called super star who couldn’t speak for himself on screen and claimed herself as a stage actress (who could speak and express herself freely). It was only later during a party that Don found out that Kathy was only a chorus girl and ridiculed her for it. Furious, she threw a cake at him, only to hit the ‘gorgeous’ Lina right in the face! 😀 Soon, they fell in love.

At the same time, Don’s boss was under pressure to make the transition from silent to talking movie after a success from fellow competitor. The fun started here again when you see how the actor and actress had to go through classes to correct their pronunciation, especially Lina, cos her voice was very high pitched, sharp and comical. Solving the technical issues of projecting sound into the microphone was another funny part. 😀

Their first “talkie” preview was a flop due to the many technical issues and most importantly the audience hated Lina’s voice. So Don’s best friend and partner came out with the brilliant idea of having Kathy do the voiceover and singing for Lina, with Lina kept in the dark. When she found out that her voice was replaced by Kathy who stole her ‘lover’ away, she was mad and wanted to sue the studio for her rights unless Kathy remained unknown to the audiences. The movie proved a hit and this time, Lina insisted on delivering her own speech.

Well, can you imagine the shock on the audiences’ face when they heard the shrill voice from the beautiful actress? “Sing!” they demanded her instead…So Kathy, unwillingly sang for Lina from the back of the stage…this was my favourite part…hilarious!

Itchyfingers’ attempt at  movie piracy proved a flop…:D
But at least there weren’t any people’s head blocking…hahah

It was an enjoyable movie night under the banyan tree, except for the occasional inconsiderate smokers puffing away. If you would like to enjoy great movies in the open air, do join in the next screening session! Check out the museum’s website for more details!

Here’s the classic scene for those who missed the movie. Great foot work from Gene Kelly! Enjoy!

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Sleepless in Siam – Bangkok, Thailand Trip #2

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We checked into the same hotel as our last trip nearly two and a half years back. Had thought their room was decent, the price was reasonable and it was located in the middle of Sukhumvit, which was quite a happening place. The only bad thing was that it was quite a distance to walk in from the Na Na Skytrain station, especially after a whole day of walking under the hot and humid weather condition. So normally I would have no problem sleeping during travel but this night was different…

Half way through the night I was awaken by this terrible itch on my right arm. Itchy fingers as usual, I scratched all over it and to my horror, there were not one or two big bumps but almost more than ten to twelve spreading all over my right arm and shoulder! “Shouldn’t be mossies right?”, I told myself, cos I was all covered up and would probably be awaken by the annoying pests.

My “souvenirs”…

The itch was terrible, and I soon realised that my ear, the back of the neck and my collarbone areas were not spared either. It was then that I realised that it should be the bed bugs having a feast!

See the red bump on my ear? It was one of the most terrible bite! Very very itchy!

I quickly jumped off the bed to check for any bugs but couldn’t find any…my bed looked innocently clean and hygiene…either the bugs were too tiny to be seen or had fled for another victim. But I remembered reading on the paper about an old woman living in a house infested with bed bugs and they were clearly visible to the eyes cos the photo showed big black patches of bugs! The thought of that just grossed me out…:( It was then that my friend KG also woke up and complained about neck bites…

I was lucky to have brought along medicated oil to relieve the itch slightly. Maybe the smell of oil prevented further invasion from the bugs cos I was being left alone for the rest of the night. But I was feeling too itchy and traumatised to sleep anymore…

The next morning we went down to the reception to complain about the evil bugs…I even wore short sleeves shirt as it would be easier to show them the “evidences”…(No lah, we were going to Chatuchak Market which would be HOT HOT HOT!) Actually not really complain lah, we just asked if they could change the mattress, pillows and bedsheets and hopefully the rest of the nights would be ok lor. The ladies at the reception took a look at my arm and merely gave a “ohhh” expression and then they offered to change us a room. Gosh. Obviously it was not the first time they got complains about bed bugs!

So back home I did a bit of reading up online about the bed bugs. According to Wikipedia, “bed bugs are nocturnal creatures. The adults are a reddish brown, flattened, oval and wingless. A common misconception is that they are not visible to the naked eye. Adults grow to 4 to 5 mm (one-eighth to three-sixteenths of an inch) in length and do not move quickly enough to escape the notice of an attentive observer.” But some site says “When disturbed, bed bugs actively seek shelter in dark cracks and crevices.” So that’s why we couldn’t find any trace of them! Attracted by warmth, they pierce through the skin of its host with two hollow tubes – one injecting its saliva, which contains anticoagulants (so as to get free flow of warm blood) and anesthetics (so the host would not feel any pain and continue to sleep like a pig!) while the other withdraws blood from the host (victim lah! that’s ME! :O ) After feeding for about five minutes, the bug returns to its hiding place. The bites cannot usually be felt until some minutes or hours later. The severe itch can last from hours to days. Wow, I was feeling itchy throughout my whole stay in Bangkok!

Now I just hope that I won’t be left with more ugly marks and scars!

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Natural Instant Breast Enhancement – Bangkok, Thailand Trip #1

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ItchyFingers went for a shopping spree in Bangkok and beside the many great bargains picked up, we also found a great lobang for the many unfortunately less endowed sisters out there! 😀 Absolutely no needles, no implants, no drugs, no greasy cream, no exercise, no massage and no side effects! 100% natural! Achieve your ideal silhouette and fit into that little black dress and be the limelight at parties!

In short, be the next BLOCKS BUSTERS! 😀

Brassiere for every shapes and sizes. Absolutely brilliant! 😀

So, which type are you? :p

Thailand. The land of Smiles. 😀

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