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Penang, in Malaysia, may be just a few hours’ flight from Singapore, but Itchyfingers have been struggling for the time to fly there…One of the main reasons to go there again, after two visits many years ago, is to find the street arts of Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic in Georgetown, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In conjunction with Penang’s Georgetown Festival 2012, the artist was commissioned to give the old walls within the capital a new lease of life. These artworks depicted people and their way of life, and many of these integrated very well with the character of the buildings and their walls.

So when Itchyfingers knew that the artist was coming to Singapore to leave more of his works on our walls, we couldn’t wait to see them! These were what we saw last late October…er, sorry for the delayed posting…Itchyfingers was simply too tight up with work last November and December…. 😦

The first one we hunted down were these horses at Everitt Road.. 😀

Two boys riding on horses…But I dun understand why were the boys
holding mop and paint brush…hahah…

But I do like the contrast of realistic painting and kiddie scribbling…

These are on a narrow road…

Look to your left and you would see these trio…

The Minions!!!! The artist sure did his homework and knew how much
the locals here adorn these little yellow guys! They were painted on
the concrete pieces that I do not know what are the names, but these

are usually erected at the entrance of narrow streets to stop cars from 
entering or illegally parking there….They look like burglars! Burglars
that stole your hearts! Hahahah! (PS. I later found out these are also
called “bollards”, the same name as those short, thick post on the deck
of a ship or on a wharf, to which a ship’s rope may be secured)

The artist cleverly made used of this particular piece which had a
corner broken off to show the brain inside the Minion! Their favourite
bananas were also painted on the extra bit of concrete at the base…

When we visited the site, these guys were partially blocked by the
wheeler bins….Luckily I saw photos of them before and suspected they
were nearby….

Over at Victoria Street, Itchyfingers had fun shopping!

Your eyes were doing no tricks! Two Itchyfingers!!!!

Human-trafficking! Wahahah!!!! The artist did a painting of a child
sitting in mid-air in another country which I couldn’t remember now, 
and placed a shopping trolley against the wall, creating the illusion
as if the child was sitting inside the trolley. So now he repeated the
success here, with the trolley sliced into two…Did this remind you
of the Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4 and his trolley? Hahaha


The Fallen… :p

Look up and you will see the Climber… :p

Dun miss Mr Tip-toed…

“Knock your head! Peeping Tom!”

“Take this!”

Gosh! Whose smelly feet are these?!

The Girl with a young lion cub…This one is a huge one…

Having viewed these murals, in Itchyfingers‘ humble opinion, they seemed to be not as interesting as the ones in Penang. They don’t really show our way of life as much as those in our neighbouring country. One of the most controversial piece of work done in Johor Baru, Malaysia – home to Asia’s only Legoland theme park. The mural depicted two lego characters, with the lady carrying a Chanel bag walking around a corner towards a back lane and what lied ahead of her was a black-clad robber with knife. The artist was spot-on in highlighting the problem of crime in the town but the authority obviously didn’t share his sense of humour. A third lego policeman, waiting to arrest the crook with handcuffs, was later added on by some other artists, probably in an attempt to save the town’s image. A pity the mural was eventually whitewashed by officials before Itchyfingers could find time to visit it…

Although the murals in Singapore are not as thought-provoking, they are still worth a visit as they do add more life to the otherwise boring walls…Last October, Ernest Zacharevic’s mural of the two boys riding horses in Singapore was chosen as one of the Top 10 Most Popular Street Art Pieces in the world! And it was ranked second, after the Street Art master Banksy! That’s surely reason enough for a visit! 😀

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Happy Mooncake Festival

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Today is the 15th day of August on the Lunar Calendar, a day with supposedly brightest moon. It’s the Mid-Autumn Festival or the Mooncake Festival. It used to be celebrated by Chinese as a day of thanksgiving for good harvest in the past, but now it is seemed more as a day of gathering and reunion for families and friends.

On this day, Itchyfingers would like to wish all friends and readers a very happy Mooncake Festival!

Bum mooncake! Read about it here

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Catch Me If You Can

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Earlier this month, a sign put up by the neighbourhood police appealed for witness for crimes happening in the car park….

Oooo? Mischief to Vehicles? Someone had been creating trouble in the car park,
probably vandalising them…Nowadays, police will put up signslike this to appeal
to public who had witnessed crimes such as unlicensed money lending harassment,
shop theft, housebreaking etc, to help bring these criminals to justice

So far, Itchyfingers have not seen any suspicious person loitering around the car park leaving his marks behind. But this particular night, Tisu Boy finally found out who is the culprit! Guess who is that!

Ah ha! Caught you red-handed! Er, should be caught you furry-pawed! So, 
my fat lady Miss Dusty is the one creating mischief to vehicles! 😀

“Huh? What do you mean? Me creating mischief? Me just trying to get 
a better vantage point…”

“This spot is good, cos it is safe and cool…I don’t have to worry about cars
coming, and I can see you from far…Now, where’s my dinner?”

Huh? You mean that there are people who are so nasty as to dislike or even
hate cats? You mean they will get angry if they see me on their precious
cars? But they have warm beds and I don’t..What? They will complain? OK,
I will come down…”

Seeking warmth and comfort between Tisu Boy’s feet….

Haha…Itchyfingers were kidding when we said Dusty is the culprit for the car vandalism. Surely a little, ok, a fat kitty can’t do much harm to your cars? At most they will leave cute little paw marks and maybe a few cat hair…In fact, you get even more scratches from tiny flying pebbles and twigs while driving on the roads…So next time if you see a kitty seeking some refuge on top of your car, don’t be angry. Most of the time the kitty will jump down and go hiding before you can even approach it for a photo…

Dusty giving one of her sweetest looks….”Please bear with me….” Itchyfingers
are still waiting for the day Dusty jumps onto our car…So cute! 

Now, while you are still been mesmerized by those beautiful eyes, don’t forget to watch out for the real culprit…

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