Lie Like A Rug

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Just like Itchyfingers didn’t think that doggie can really lie on the ground flat like a carpet until we saw it ourselves, we didn’t think that they can lie flat on their backs without being made to pose so unnaturally by their owners or perhaps some computer manipulating was being done. But really, seeing is believing. This time we saw a kitty lying flat like a rug with our own eyes…Oh my, and this is really cute!

We were playing with our sweet car park warden, the Fat Lady Dusty, when
she started to roll over on its back…See how happy she looked! 😀

And then she kept still like this for a while…This is just so cute! We have
seen kitties rolling on its back before but none of 
them lie so completely flat
on the back like a rug with the forelimbs folded like this! Super cute!

Normally the idiom to “lie like a rug” means to tell lies shamelessly. But body language tells no lies. For cats to exhibit this rolling on their backs and exposing their tummies behaviour is simply a sign that they are completely comfortable with their environment. As their tummies are the most vulnerable spot, if they were to show it to human, it means that they trust you and are inviting you for a tummy rub. 🙂

A pity our fingers weren’t fast enough to take a top view of her lying so flat…
she got self-conscious for so openly displaying her affection and rolled back

So now I know all the cute photos of dogs and cats lying on their back sleeping soundly are real…hahah…

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