Chasing Art – Spain Trip #9

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While Itchyfingers were in Spain during our last visit, we were really delighted to find many good street arts in the city. Most of them were of such high standard that they could easily make it to art galleries. In Singapore, it is illegal to deface any public properties unless it is a designated area. No matter how nicely the artwork is done, it will still be considered graffiti and vandalism. The penalty can be a fine or even a jail term!

We were so impressed with the standard of street arts there that we even alight the bus earlier and traced back the bus route to find the artwork to photograph…hahah…Here are some of our favourites…can’t recall their actual location now though… :p

An owl! One of my favourite birds! This looks like an Eagle Owl…Does
it look like straight from a canvas?

Another bird illustration in a different style…

A playful monkey!

Looks like a nomad with his horse…

Portraits are also popular subjects for these street artists…

Homage to Picasso! One of the most successful Spanish artists! Itchyfingers
visited Museu Picasso (Picasso Museum) when we were there but unfortunately
no photography is allowed, even on the building itself…The guards were
very alert and strict!

He looks like a jazz singer!

At the other end was this similarly monochrome portrait of a young lady.
The texture of the wall added dimension to her face…or rather added some
blemishes on her face, making it more real like a person….

Mysterious look!

Sketchy yet this showed the sorrows in the girl’s eyes very well…

Some artists like to touch on the subject of music, like hip-hop….

Yo, wassup man!

Another DJ…

Or the classical…

An old violist

And a young one! I like the shadows cast by the wire cables…seems like
the strings of the violin had come alive…hahah

I like the way some artists chose their spot for their art, it made them interact with the environment, sometimes blending so well into them…

Cheerful girl in colourful palette, even the sign has turned into a lollipop…

Blow bubbles this way…

No parking of buses in my mouth…wahahah

On the metal gate of this shop…The girl without pupil reminded me of 
another China artist, Feng Zhengjie’s work which we wrote about – his
ladies have very tiny pupils…hahah

This one had much bigger eyes and pupils….hahah

Next to the door of a café-bar. Chic!

Another nice one at the corner of a shop

Clowning around 

The shadow from the trees made this wall very busy looking…

Some were very graphical and imaginative….

Like this one here…

This man is the face of a vessel….

Growing wings?

Some like monsters or aliens….

From outer space?

Monsters in an underground pass near Park Güell, another famous work
by Gaudi

But there are also some who likes it cutesy!

Sponge Bob Square Pants!

Clap clap clap!!! Bravo to the beautiful works of the street artists! I think
no one would complain if we have such good works on our streets and 
buildings! Just look at how one artist spruced up the streets of old George
Town in Penang!

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  1. I guess folks in SG lost one channel to be inspired with the restrictions of free expressions of art… Great pics by the way!

    • hahah…thanks for visiting itchyfingers! ya lor…so much restriction…am trying to catch up with all the back-dated posts….do stay tuned!

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