Street Art or ‘Arrrghhhh’….?

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One of the recent hot topics in the news is about a local artist expressing her artistic freedom by plastering tongue-in-cheek stickers on traffic lights and stencilling words on roads and public buildings. In some countries, graffiti, or street art are more common and accepted by people, and there are some artists famed for their street art. But here in Singapore, other than a few designated areas, it is against the law to use public places as canvases for art. There are people who are against graffiti or street art. They view it as unsightly markings that vandalise, disfigure and dirty public properties, and to clean up, valuable public funds, resources and manpower are used.

But street art, as the name implies, belongs to the street. Itchyfingers are not totally against street art, as long as it is done nicely…hahah…Most of the graffiti here are found sporadically on lamp poles or walls, and we have to agree that most are just vandalism rather than art. But there is one place that you can find better graffiti work, and it seems legal or maybe people there are more tolerant and feel that the chaos rather complement the kind of businesses and atmosphere there. It creates a narrow escape for graffiti artists to express themselves freely, and is none other than Haji Lane.

Each time Itchyfingers visit Haji Lane, we are able to find new artwork…

The first thing we saw was this colorful wall mural depicting indians of
South/Central Amercia…the whole shophouse was coated but the street was
too narrow for us to move
 backward for a wider shot 

Another part of the mural. Nice colourful headgear that looked like a 

Street art belongs to the street, so things like the wheeler-bin or a motorbike
parked against the wall are all part and parcel of its presentation…

The mural was done to promote this brand of spray paints developed by our
local graffiti artist… 

Integrating the artwork into part of the shop’s decor…

As part of the shop’s branding…

Event posters plastered on pillar…

How are you?

Stencilling is one of the quickest way of graffiti art besides stickers….

This is cool…Stencilling plus spraying a chimpanzee on a ball…

Another nice one…See the difference between art and ‘arrghhhh’ here?

Nice! The beauty of these street art is they may be here today and gone
replaced by another layer of spray paint. Catch them while they
are still
 around, before the authorities decide to hunt for the culprits and clean
up the so-called mess and return the walls their original boring state….

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