Catch Me If You Can

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Earlier this month, a sign put up by the neighbourhood police appealed for witness for crimes happening in the car park….

Oooo? Mischief to Vehicles? Someone had been creating trouble in the car park,
probably vandalising them…Nowadays, police will put up signslike this to appeal
to public who had witnessed crimes such as unlicensed money lending harassment,
shop theft, housebreaking etc, to help bring these criminals to justice

So far, Itchyfingers have not seen any suspicious person loitering around the car park leaving his marks behind. But this particular night, Tisu Boy finally found out who is the culprit! Guess who is that!

Ah ha! Caught you red-handed! Er, should be caught you furry-pawed! So, 
my fat lady Miss Dusty is the one creating mischief to vehicles! 😀

“Huh? What do you mean? Me creating mischief? Me just trying to get 
a better vantage point…”

“This spot is good, cos it is safe and cool…I don’t have to worry about cars
coming, and I can see you from far…Now, where’s my dinner?”

Huh? You mean that there are people who are so nasty as to dislike or even
hate cats? You mean they will get angry if they see me on their precious
cars? But they have warm beds and I don’t..What? They will complain? OK,
I will come down…”

Seeking warmth and comfort between Tisu Boy’s feet….

Haha…Itchyfingers were kidding when we said Dusty is the culprit for the car vandalism. Surely a little, ok, a fat kitty can’t do much harm to your cars? At most they will leave cute little paw marks and maybe a few cat hair…In fact, you get even more scratches from tiny flying pebbles and twigs while driving on the roads…So next time if you see a kitty seeking some refuge on top of your car, don’t be angry. Most of the time the kitty will jump down and go hiding before you can even approach it for a photo…

Dusty giving one of her sweetest looks….”Please bear with me….” Itchyfingers
are still waiting for the day Dusty jumps onto our car…So cute! 

Now, while you are still been mesmerized by those beautiful eyes, don’t forget to watch out for the real culprit…

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