The World’s Slowest SMS vs Broken Satellites – Night Festival 2010

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Many people send lotsa SMSes a day, which are then received almost instantly. So what happens if it takes more than 20 minutes to receive an SMS? Would you still prefer to send SMS or pick up the phone instead? Judging by the response of users on the Night Festival 2010 two weeks ago, the answer was quite clear.. :p

Presented by Wit Pimkanchanapong from Thailand, a giant billboard was installed in front of the Singapore Art Museum. This was one of the most interactive installations Itchyfingers have seen…

Bringing back the days when technology was less developed and instantaneous,
this is a tongue-in-cheek, interactive artwork where messages received are
manually assembled by a team of humans on a giant billboard for five minutes
for all to read!

The individual alphabets on huge hardboards were placed in a big black bag
and manually lifted up for assembly…


Crews were secured with harness to prevent accidents from happening..

Crew shouting out to a “Elicia”, whose name was plastered on the billboard
with a love message…I was just commenting why no people send those
proposal message before this came out…Afterall, it only cost a normal
SMS fee to send the message.. Aiyo! Wonder why no picture was taken! 😦

Being Itchyfingers, we had initially wanted to send in our message too. But the sign said that only selected SMSes with less than 60 characters would be displayed and it would take a minimum of 20 minutes before appearing on the billboard. I thought of sending a “Visit” message, but Tisu Boy said it might not be selected as they might not want to display “advertisement”. 😦 And there were a lot of people crowding around whom might be waiting for their own messages to appear, which would mean that the actual waiting time might exceed 20 minutes if ours were to be selected. But we couldn’t wait that long cos we wanted to rush back to the National Museum for another performance. 😦

One last message before we popped over to the National Museum…

Six giant satellite dishes were set up outside the National Museum. This
was before the start of the show…

Didn’t really read the synopsis of the performance, so wasn’t too sure what to expect. The performance didn’t start until about 10 minutes later when this lady appeared on a tall platform in front of us…

Dressed in skin-tighted latex suit, this lady seemed to be doing some sort
of warming up with squatting and stretching…We thought she was supposed
to do some stunts or leap into the air…Everyone waited in anticipation…

Then another five minutes or so after she did her “warm-ups”, finally music started…and guess what…

This lady was just a music “conductor”… controlling the four musicians
in front of the museum building…Not even sure when did they appear…

Din realise the violist was a lady…

The music soon awaken this lady from her sleep and started dancing…

..with some acrobatic moves and running around…The music was more
like sound effects, totally ‘controlled’ by the ‘conductor’

Titled “Paraboles 2.0”, these six giant satellite dishes “stretched out to the sky
and remained still, ignoring all activities on Earth. At the core of the satellite
dishes, stroboscopic light flashes quietly, signalling activity. They are looking
at the stars, downloading cosmic data, absorbing the sound of space. Under
each satellite, we hear faint abstract sounds. It is the music of the stars,
solar winds, and radio waves, all mixed together in a surreal, random
composition”, as described on the official guide for the Night Festival

Wow. Wonder why sometimes people can come out with such fanciful write-ups. Personally, I felt confused by the images flashing on the satellite dishes – from abstract images to eyeballs to swimming sperms…what on earth was happening? And what was the Dancer doing, running here and there? Totally “catch-no-ball”… 😮 Well, but these were all my personal thoughts on the performance…There might be others with higher level of appreciation for the fine arts, totally mesmerized by the performance… :p

The Dancer braved a flight of stairs to plant herself into this globe thingy
which revolved around…

Finally, the group decided they had enough of solo performances of dancing, running and waving hands in the air. The lukewarm applauds from the audience might be a hint that the performance was not as well-received as that of last year…So I guess I was not the only one feeling that time was a stretch standing on the ground of the museum, politely waiting for the show to finish instead of walking off like some others :p

In the end, I wished I had sent the SMS message and stayed on to wait for it to appear…

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Wolves in Sheeps’ Skins – Head On by Cai Guo-Qiang

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Having seen pictures of this artist’s impressive installation work at the Guggenheim Museum in Berlin, I was eager to take a look at it when National Museum brought in his work recently.

The first thing when Itchyfingers reached the gallery at the basement, I let out a “wow!” You would know why when you see it for yourself…

Normally set against white walls, this is the first time this installation work
is exhibited against black walls…making it even more impactful!

Titled Head On, “the artist created this installation for his solo exhibition at the Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin. Though the Berlin Wall is long gone, and the former East and West Germany have reunified, there remain deep and intractable historical issues between the two sides. The 99 life-sized wolves are leaping en masse towards an unseen wall, with those at the front falling after striking the wall while those from the rear continuing to surge forward, undeterred. Seen from afar, their fierce courage and spirit of warrior camaraderie serve as a reminder to people – humanity is easily blinded by a kind of collective mentality and action, and is destined to repeat errors to an almost unbelievable degree. The crux of this installation lies just before the glass wall, as the artist reminds people – invisible walls are the hardest to dismantle.”

We followed the path of these wolves…the nylon strings looked like heavy

Wolf in sheep’s skin…literally…cos these wolves were made with gauze,
resin and painted sheeps’ skins…hahah…You are allowed to interact with
the wolves but please do not touch them! No flash photography too!

Leaping wolves!

You could even make out who are the boys and who are the girls from this

Looked like Were Wolves…hahah

This is when they ‘long bia’ (Hokkien for 撞墙 – the chinese title of the
installation, or literally ‘hit the wall’)


Howling in pain…

Closer look at the contorted face…

The artist is well-known for exploring the use of gunpowder in his various
On show also was this huge piece of work titled Vortex. The video
showed how it was done
by spreading gunpowder over cut-outs of wolves’
silhouettes before igniting up the work. The result is this burnt and spontaneous
effect but I am sure the artist had put in lots of planning and trying out before
presenting it in public

A closer look at the wolves…

Cai Guo-Qiang
‘s Head On will be showing at the National Museum till
31 August 2010. Do catch it and experience this powerful work of art!
Admission is FREE! 🙂

The Demands of Parenthood – Woody Woodpecker #2

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Itchyfingers were in a fishing village in Malaysia when I spotted this Woody flew and perched on one of the wooden poles that were planted in the water next to the jetty. The next moment, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes and my luck…The Woody popped its tiny head into a hole in the pole! I had just discovered yet ANOTHER Sunda Woodpecker’s nest!

So I quickly asked Tisu Boy to come over, hopefully we could get some nice feeding pictures.

The Woody sticking its head out of the hole, looking around. But the funny
thing was, whenever there were fishing boats passing, it would immediately
retreat slightly into the nest, leaving just a bit of its head out as if to look
out for more danger…

Then, another Woody flew in!

The parent Woody with goodies which looked like some wasps in the mouth!
So the previous Woody was THE CHICK!!!

How lucky to find another nest in another country and this time the chick was fledging!

And yes! The Chick popped out its head for the goodies!

Finally we got the feeding picture!

When Parent was away, Chick would always pop out its head waiting impatiently for the next snack…

Chick wondering if he should fly out of the nest to look for Daddy or Mummy…
but looking down at the water…er…maybe not so safe…the tiny wings might
not be strong enough…?

This time, even when the chick looked big enough to leave the nest, the parent woodies still came back with food, but apparently the chick was not gonna get it so easily…

Parent Woody trying to coax Chick out of its nest…

Chick: “Gimme! Gimme!”
Parent: “Nope. Not unless you come out of the nest!”

Eventually, Parent Woody gave in…But look at the size of the chick!
He should be old enough to leave the nest!

The Chick might look bigger than the parents due to the puffed-up down
feathers…Oh, now can you tell if it was a Boy Chick or a Girl Chick?

Pacific Swallows (Hirundo tahitica) are usually found near water and
open country. They would perch and wait before chasing after individual
prey, displaying some aerial acrobatics!

One particular swallow decided to try his luck for a ready meal…

By attempting to snatch the wasps from Parent Woody’s bill!

“These are for my baby!” Parent Woody looking real pissed…

And he raised up his crown feather to show the intruder some true colours!

“I’m not someone to mess around with!” Wow! Now you know why it is called
怒发冲冠 (literally to become so angry that the hair stands erect and raises
one’s cap from the head)! Oh, and now we could recognise Papa Woody! 😀
With the raised crown, he probably looked more fearsome so the swallow
decided it’s mission impossible…

The noon sun burnt mercilessly on our skins and our tummies sounded the emergency alarm so we had to make a move. It would also be a long drive back Singapore…

A last picture of Parent Woody doing housekeeping…

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