Bird Brain?

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People like to use ‘Bird Brain’ to describe a stupid person. Well, Itchyfingers never think that birds are fact, if you study them more carefully, you would realise that some of them are really quite intelligent, judging from the way they build their nests, the courtship, the hunting tactics etc…

But this particular day after seeing this particular bird’s behaviour, couldn’t think of any more appropriate words to describe…other than ‘bird brain’…hahah…

We were returning to the carpark after our birdwatching session when we saw this White-crested Laughingthrush near a car looking very busy. When we got nearer, immediately we knew what was going on. Itchyfingers have seen photos of similar bird behaviour, but it was the first time we witnessed it ourselves…

A White-crested Laughingthrush (Garrulax leucolophus) standing on the
front window of a car…looking very curious…

Then it flapped its wings curiously…with eyes constantly fixed on the

Then it started pecking onto the window while flapping its wings…

So, have you guessed what was happening?

The bird was challenging another huge and intimidating ‘rival bird’ that he saw on the car window…

In short, he was simply pissed off by his own reflection…. :D!

Now, can you blame Itchyfingers for thinking of “Bird Brain”?

Yes, sometimes, some birds do feel threatened when they saw another bird in mirrors, without understanding that it was their own reflection! Observations and photographs by fellow birders proved this behaviour, but it was the first time we saw it happening. Couldn’t help but felt quite amused by it…especially when it ran down the bottom of the window and then ran all the way up while still pecking and flapping its wings…looked like someone practising gung-fu…hahahah..Wow…but really pity the car owner cos not sure if there would be any damage or scratch caused or not…

See this short video to understand what we mean… 8) You can see the ‘rival bird’ clearly… 😀

He continued ‘practising many more rounds of gung-fu’ before deciding to fly off… 8)

But he flew back shortly, but this time, to ‘attack’ another ‘rival bird’ on another car…

Not sure if this was the same bird, but he was poking and pecking at the
reflection on this car….

“This bird looked dare he challenged me!” Hee…see how clear
the reflected ‘rival bird’ was? Maybe it is not such a good idea to polish
your car too shiny…hahah….

A lady park visitor who drove a posh convertible quickly ran back to cover up her nice car in case the bird flew in to do his stunts there… :p

Caught another video of him pulling one of the loose rubber part of the car…he should be thinking that was the leg of the ‘rival bird’….

The White-crested Laughingthrush is a babbler that exhibits brief chatter, often followed by a chorus of cackling laughter. Their calls are quite melodious and thus they are also kept as pets. They are not native to Singapore and those in the wild were probably released, abandoned pets or escapees. Their population seemed to be growing quite healthily, spreading from the nature reserves and lately, we just saw a pair at the Botanic Gardens. At the canal where I frequently jog, their calls were often heard and occasionally they would show themselves among the foliages. Once, I even saw an individual perching on the big tree just outside my block! This is another example of alien species invading into our nature areas. Beautiful though they are, their more aggressive nature may threaten the survival of our own native bird species.

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