Wolves in Sheeps’ Skins – Head On by Cai Guo-Qiang

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Having seen pictures of this artist’s impressive installation work at the Guggenheim Museum in Berlin, I was eager to take a look at it when National Museum brought in his work recently.

The first thing when Itchyfingers reached the gallery at the basement, I let out a “wow!” You would know why when you see it for yourself…

Normally set against white walls, this is the first time this installation work
is exhibited against black walls…making it even more impactful!

Titled Head On, “the artist created this installation for his solo exhibition at the Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin. Though the Berlin Wall is long gone, and the former East and West Germany have reunified, there remain deep and intractable historical issues between the two sides. The 99 life-sized wolves are leaping en masse towards an unseen wall, with those at the front falling after striking the wall while those from the rear continuing to surge forward, undeterred. Seen from afar, their fierce courage and spirit of warrior camaraderie serve as a reminder to people – humanity is easily blinded by a kind of collective mentality and action, and is destined to repeat errors to an almost unbelievable degree. The crux of this installation lies just before the glass wall, as the artist reminds people – invisible walls are the hardest to dismantle.”

We followed the path of these wolves…the nylon strings looked like heavy

Wolf in sheep’s skin…literally…cos these wolves were made with gauze,
resin and painted sheeps’ skins…hahah…You are allowed to interact with
the wolves but please do not touch them! No flash photography too!

Leaping wolves!

You could even make out who are the boys and who are the girls from this

Looked like Were Wolves…hahah

This is when they ‘long bia’ (Hokkien for 撞墙 – the chinese title of the
installation, or literally ‘hit the wall’)


Howling in pain…

Closer look at the contorted face…

The artist is well-known for exploring the use of gunpowder in his various
On show also was this huge piece of work titled Vortex. The video
showed how it was done
by spreading gunpowder over cut-outs of wolves’
silhouettes before igniting up the work. The result is this burnt and spontaneous
effect but I am sure the artist had put in lots of planning and trying out before
presenting it in public

A closer look at the wolves…

Cai Guo-Qiang
‘s Head On will be showing at the National Museum till
31 August 2010. Do catch it and experience this powerful work of art!
Admission is FREE! 🙂


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