The Demands of Parenthood – Woody Woodpecker #2

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Itchyfingers were in a fishing village in Malaysia when I spotted this Woody flew and perched on one of the wooden poles that were planted in the water next to the jetty. The next moment, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes and my luck…The Woody popped its tiny head into a hole in the pole! I had just discovered yet ANOTHER Sunda Woodpecker’s nest!

So I quickly asked Tisu Boy to come over, hopefully we could get some nice feeding pictures.

The Woody sticking its head out of the hole, looking around. But the funny
thing was, whenever there were fishing boats passing, it would immediately
retreat slightly into the nest, leaving just a bit of its head out as if to look
out for more danger…

Then, another Woody flew in!

The parent Woody with goodies which looked like some wasps in the mouth!
So the previous Woody was THE CHICK!!!

How lucky to find another nest in another country and this time the chick was fledging!

And yes! The Chick popped out its head for the goodies!

Finally we got the feeding picture!

When Parent was away, Chick would always pop out its head waiting impatiently for the next snack…

Chick wondering if he should fly out of the nest to look for Daddy or Mummy…
but looking down at the water…er…maybe not so safe…the tiny wings might
not be strong enough…?

This time, even when the chick looked big enough to leave the nest, the parent woodies still came back with food, but apparently the chick was not gonna get it so easily…

Parent Woody trying to coax Chick out of its nest…

Chick: “Gimme! Gimme!”
Parent: “Nope. Not unless you come out of the nest!”

Eventually, Parent Woody gave in…But look at the size of the chick!
He should be old enough to leave the nest!

The Chick might look bigger than the parents due to the puffed-up down
feathers…Oh, now can you tell if it was a Boy Chick or a Girl Chick?

Pacific Swallows (Hirundo tahitica) are usually found near water and
open country. They would perch and wait before chasing after individual
prey, displaying some aerial acrobatics!

One particular swallow decided to try his luck for a ready meal…

By attempting to snatch the wasps from Parent Woody’s bill!

“These are for my baby!” Parent Woody looking real pissed…

And he raised up his crown feather to show the intruder some true colours!

“I’m not someone to mess around with!” Wow! Now you know why it is called
怒发冲冠 (literally to become so angry that the hair stands erect and raises
one’s cap from the head)! Oh, and now we could recognise Papa Woody! 😀
With the raised crown, he probably looked more fearsome so the swallow
decided it’s mission impossible…

The noon sun burnt mercilessly on our skins and our tummies sounded the emergency alarm so we had to make a move. It would also be a long drive back Singapore…

A last picture of Parent Woody doing housekeeping…

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  1. WOW! Great shots! Thanks for sharing.

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