Night at the Museum – Night Festival 2009

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Itchyfingers were at the museum for the Night Festival two weeks ago to catch the display of pyrotechnics and acrobatics performance by the German Arts Troupe, Action Theatre PAN.OPTIKUM.

I went earlier to enjoy the free entrances to the History Museum and the Art Museum while waiting for Tisu Boy to knock off from work…Wanted to check out the new art installation around the museum. The first thing that caught every visitors’ attention was this one…

Titled, “Love Tank (The Temple)“, this was ‘modelled after the M1 Abrams
that were deployed in Operation Desert Storm‘, according to the museum’s
leaflet. The tower of seven tanks is ‘ultimately a meditation through art, a
prayer to transform a weapon of violence and destruction into an object of
beauty, purity and peace’

Wow….very deep lehItchyfingers just found the crashing idea of a war machine and pink lotus intriguing….hahah…no wonder I can’t write a good creative rationale…hahah… 😀

The entire work towered almost 8 metres high…notice the heart-shaped
barrel openings? How nice if it is love that the explosive machine fires…
no wonder they say: ‘make love, not war’…hahahah….

Walking further in, light shone through a long row of glasses specially arranged to depict a city of its own…

The Crystal City” created an illusion of a glass city using ordinary everyday
objects as crystal bottles, jars, cups, bowls and decanters

The installation was as long as the escalator…

I remembered seeing some more installation on the papers and confirmed that from the museum’s festival guide…and then I found them outside the other end of the museum.

The Tree” is a ‘reconstruction of a series of interlocking frames with lights
that pulsate gently in the night. Hanging microphones simulating that of
aerial roots will also detect environmental sounds and alter the lighting nature
of The Tree – glowing intensely and dimming down with the rising and
falling sound levels.’ So there were a few visitors clapping, stomping or shouting
into the microphones to see the tree glow…

The Beginningis a ‘stainless steel sculpture with LED lights; the spiral
form of which resembles a massive DNA model glowing in the night

At around 10pm, there were already many people in front of the museum waiting for the performance name Loop of Fortune. Although we were standing quite close to the museum where they had laid the props, we were also partially blocked by a tentage. Couldn’t move any nearer…

10.30pm. The show was still not on..but there were already performers positioning themselves on the gigantic wheel. Anticipation….

10.40pm. Over across the road at the Singapore Management University (SMU), something seemed to be happening. Oh, only now then we realised the show was supposed to start at SMU before crossing over to the museum. I thought it was interesting but wished that some sort of big screen could be put up so at least we could see what was happening over the other side and vice versa when they cross over here.

We did catch glimpses of the performers with drums and fire through the gaps between the human wall in front of us.


Flames flew towards the museum from somewhere which we couldn’t see
properly…I heard someone saying, ‘terrorists’ attack’ jokingly….

Then another performer climbed onto the wheel…

and the museum was given fresh coats of light projection….

The museum facade transformed into huge canvas….

The performer started singing while running….

Looked like guinea pigs running in the wheel right? 😀

I couldn’t hear properly what she was singing but everyone was dazzled and mesmerized by colourful projection on the museum facade…

as well as the fire display…

Sparkling! 😀

To everyone’s delight, the fireworks were indeed a visual treat! Too bad
we were too close to take in all on our camera…ya…we were too close!
Someone behind us also exclaimed it was better than National Day
Fireworks….haha…we could even feel falling ashes from the fireworks!


All this while with the fireworks display, the four performers on the wheels
were still hanging there doing their stuns as if living in their own world…

The performance, according to media reports, was supposed to tell the story of a man’s trials and tribulation in a travelling performance that includes acrobatics, acting, song and fireworks. Er…but after watching the performance, I really couldn’t see any story leh…I felt that the acrobats and fireworks were not very interactive and either performance could stand on their own…But just to be fair, we were also not in the best spot to take in all that was happening. So we decided to come back the following night to take some better pictures.

Unfortunately, the next night when we visited the museum again, it started pouring at around 8 plus.

We only managed to catch some dance performance at SMU before it started
to pour…

The second night of the Loop of Fortune performance had to be postpone to 11pm, which we didn’t stay for since it was still drizzling around 10plus. But we did have a fun time re-visiting the museums, which Itchyfingers will write about in our next post!

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