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Itchyfingers just finished the toughest run we have ever joined so far. This year’s edition of the Real Run has been moved back to Sentosa after six years at Changi. From our past experiences for our Half Marathons with the Standard Chartered, I knew that the route at Sentosa will involve many slopes. But it turned out to be much tougher for me. The organiser has kindly arranged for three familiarisation runs before actual race day. But each time we couldn’t make it…and I was unfortunately sick for quite a long period of time to join them too. Unlike the previous three years where the organiser listed down the actual distance on each different terrain, this time the new organiser did not do the same. The interactive race map on the official site looked intimidatingly long and this year, we had to run along the sandy beach not just once, but twice! That’s double the challenge I guess!

Screen Shot 2013-05-25 at 3.22.12 PM
A screen shot of the map

To my dismay at the starting point, I discovered that my newly charged battery has mysteriously drained away with just one bar left! Time to get new battery! That made me lose the mood to take photos along the way.

We came early so were not too far from the starting point…But eventually
more people came and went ahead to fill up the space in front…

The first two kilometres were uneventful for me as it was the usual route we had run before. But I noticed my GPS watch recording a longer distance then the official distance marker.

Slightly after four kilometers, we ran onto the first sandy terrain…

The beach is generally flat, unlike the one we ran at Changi Beach where
it was nearer to the sea and inclined at an angle. Nonetheless, it is always
a challenge to run on the beach as your feet tend to sink in the soft sand,
hence taking more effort to complete the roughly 400 metres beach…

Did not take any more photos for the day…Getting lazy. Overall, it was a challenging route with varying slopes – there were a couple of upslopes where many of us struggled, especially the part after the Siloso Beach. Some part of the routes were undulated while there were times we were all speeding down long gentle slopes…I kinda ignored my watch timing cos it is tough to keep up with my usual pace with such terrains and bottlenecks were common when the road got narrower. The last time I checked my watch was before I turned into Tanjong Beach, another second stretch of 500 metres or so flat sand beach, and I was surprised to see it recorded 8.8km already.

I finally made my way out of the beach some super long four minutes later, was a bit confused how much more to go before the finishing line since I did not study the route map properly. As my watch was recording a longer distance, I was not sure how much longer it would go. Thank goodness the last 250 metres distance marker finally appeared and that was when you could see the finishing point…Used up all my last bit of energy and dashed across! Nearly died…hahah…Finally made it across some 1hr 20min later for my 4th Real Run…my worse timing since my first 10km run! Wahahah…But a check on my watch showed 10.80km…Even if I were to take into account the difference between gun time (the actual flag-off time) and my net time (the actual starting time since not everyone can squeeze to the front of the line), it would still not be very much better…hahah…But I am so glad that I did not give up and start walking on the beach part…I may be slow, but still running for real! Wahaha… 😀

One of the most hard-earned medals…hahha


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Lie Like A Rug

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Just like Itchyfingers didn’t think that doggie can really lie on the ground flat like a carpet until we saw it ourselves, we didn’t think that they can lie flat on their backs without being made to pose so unnaturally by their owners or perhaps some computer manipulating was being done. But really, seeing is believing. This time we saw a kitty lying flat like a rug with our own eyes…Oh my, and this is really cute!

We were playing with our sweet car park warden, the Fat Lady Dusty, when
she started to roll over on its back…See how happy she looked! 😀

And then she kept still like this for a while…This is just so cute! We have
seen kitties rolling on its back before but none of 
them lie so completely flat
on the back like a rug with the forelimbs folded like this! Super cute!

Normally the idiom to “lie like a rug” means to tell lies shamelessly. But body language tells no lies. For cats to exhibit this rolling on their backs and exposing their tummies behaviour is simply a sign that they are completely comfortable with their environment. As their tummies are the most vulnerable spot, if they were to show it to human, it means that they trust you and are inviting you for a tummy rub. 🙂

A pity our fingers weren’t fast enough to take a top view of her lying so flat…
she got self-conscious for so openly displaying her affection and rolled back

So now I know all the cute photos of dogs and cats lying on their back sleeping soundly are real…hahah…

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National Carpet Dog – Bangkok, Thailand

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Itchyfingers were at Bangkok’s National Stadium BTS Station when we saw this super cute sight…I have seen photos of cuties in these poses but I have always thought it was somehow digitally manipulated or someone must have arranged for the pose. But now I do believe it is for real and comes naturally…hahah…Cannot blame Itchyfingers lah! We don’t own any doggie! 😀

Look what have we found here! A Carpet Dog! Hahahah! 

It was a busy station, and this doggie seemed totally oblivious to the people
walking around…and he was right in the middle of the path, as if he owns
the place! 😀

How did he manage to stay so flat? 😀

I don’t mind dogs though I prefer cats anytime…Normally I would keep a 
distance away from bigger dogs, especially strays. But this one was so cute and
completely in his own dream world so I got bolder and went closer to shoot 
him from all different angles….

So cute! He wasn’t the least bothered at all!

Just look at his face! 😀 He had a collar, so was he someone’s pet?

We were the only ones who stopped and took his sleeping carpet position, though some people did turn and took a look at him. Maybe he was such a common sight there at the station that people were so used to him? About a month later, I saw on my friend’s Facebook page a picture of this doggie sleeping at the station again, though not exactly this carpet position…hahha….So I guess he must be a regular there. Next time when you are in Bangkok, take the BTS to National Stadium Station and you might bump into this cute doggie too!  😀

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