National Carpet Dog – Bangkok, Thailand

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Itchyfingers were at Bangkok’s National Stadium BTS Station when we saw this super cute sight…I have seen photos of cuties in these poses but I have always thought it was somehow digitally manipulated or someone must have arranged for the pose. But now I do believe it is for real and comes naturally…hahah…Cannot blame Itchyfingers lah! We don’t own any doggie! 😀

Look what have we found here! A Carpet Dog! Hahahah! 

It was a busy station, and this doggie seemed totally oblivious to the people
walking around…and he was right in the middle of the path, as if he owns
the place! 😀

How did he manage to stay so flat? 😀

I don’t mind dogs though I prefer cats anytime…Normally I would keep a 
distance away from bigger dogs, especially strays. But this one was so cute and
completely in his own dream world so I got bolder and went closer to shoot 
him from all different angles….

So cute! He wasn’t the least bothered at all!

Just look at his face! 😀 He had a collar, so was he someone’s pet?

We were the only ones who stopped and took his sleeping carpet position, though some people did turn and took a look at him. Maybe he was such a common sight there at the station that people were so used to him? About a month later, I saw on my friend’s Facebook page a picture of this doggie sleeping at the station again, though not exactly this carpet position…hahha….So I guess he must be a regular there. Next time when you are in Bangkok, take the BTS to National Stadium Station and you might bump into this cute doggie too!  😀


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