The Nite We All Turned Into Voyeurs

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It was close to 8pm on a Saturday night. People of all ages, races and nationality gathered under some big trees, waiting patiently…It was a warm night; there were no seats; and standing spaces were limited. But no one complained…Well, until the singer on stage asked if we would like to have more…Oh, please, NO….!

The noise from the local rock band continued to pound…It continued to torture the people for at least a good half an hour…Kinda felt embarrassed to have local bands of such standard performing at an annual event together with acclaimed international groups…The vocal was completely drowned by the deafening music and couldn’t really make out what they were singing…

Itchyfingers were back at the Night Festival at the Singapore Management University Green, waiting patiently under the majestic trees where a translucent 15 metre pool was suspended high overhead. Performers will be dancing and swimming in the suspended pool, which will be slowly descended to fingertip level. It was to be one of the highlights by an Argentina group, Fuerzabruta. Actually in Itchyfingers’ humble opinion, it was the best performance of all the Night Festivals we had attended…Why? Because it was something that was so refreshingly new and creative…

After about what seemed like eternity, the rockers finally decided to retire (for now…!) and all eyes were glued on the suspended pool…Then….

Four dancers slipped and slided in rapturous motions in a rippling puddle
of water bathed in clouded lights of changing hues and tints!

Don’t they look as if they were engulfed by fire?

Too hot to handle! 😀

When the music started and the dancers started moving around, I heard two guys exclaiming excitedly to themselves, “Wow, upskirt! Upskirt!”.

The dancers were all wearing flowery dresses made of thin fabric, so you
really felt as if you were some peeping toms…

Turning and tossing around in the shallow pool of water


Then the four dancers gathered in the middle of the pool, holding hands
and kicking away….

Then as the dancers were still splashing water around, the pool gradually lowered…

…to such a low-level that we could even touch them…!

Don’t we look like a bunch of voyeurs peeping upskirt? 😮

The reflection from the audience on the pool formed an interesting picture.
But I think the dancers should have swimming costumes underneath their

dresses, or at least worn darker coloured clothing…

…to protect their modesty…cos some people just aimed their cameras
at the private areas or tried to touch…aiyo!

Sometimes you see nothing but shadows…

Took a deep breath…

And submerged the whole face in the water…

She decided to peep back at the audiences below…


This is one of my favourite parts where they stood up and then dived down
into the shallow water….Not pain meh? Cos they did dive down quite
forcefully….But I think there should be two layers to the pool – one hard
layer below so that audiences with itchy fingers cannot poke through or
feel the dancers’ body and a softer flexible layer on top so that they won’t
get bruises all over while performing! 😀

This is another of my favourite where one dancer stood up and flirted with 
the water using her legs to create these ripple effects…

And the ripples even followed her, absolutely amazing!

See some of the video clips here..

Interacting with the audiences…

I like the diving part!

See this!

I love the bursting light at the end, looked like an explosion!

Certainly looking forward to even better and more creative performance for next year’s Night Festival!

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Beauties and the Beasts – Chingay Wonderland 2009 #1

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Like last year, Itchyfingers went photo taking on both nights of the Chingay preview and parade. But this time we made sure we arrived earlier to catch the performers preparing for the show. Since Itchyfingers are more used to taking photos of nature and architecture, we were at first quite shy about going so close taking people. So we kept at a distance and took photos of them. They were all dressed in beautiful costumes with fancy makeups. But the performers were amazing! They were more than happy to be photographed! Everyone was so happy and enthusiastic, they must had felt proud to be part of the parade. Walking among these performers, somehow made us feel like part of the parade too, with a sense of involvement and participation… :p It was especially exciting to see those familiar faces whom we just shot earlier before the show at the actual parade dancing and performing.

One of the earlier shots we took without them noticing…

Another shots taken secretly from a distance…Almost everyone looked
gorgeous and beautiful in their outfit..

Even guys were beautiful to look at! Look at the curly lashes and big eyes!
He was supposed to be an Indian God…I think it’s Krishna…

There were Chinese beauty…

Thai beauty…

Javanese beauty…

Another Javanese beauty…

One more Javanese beauty…

Malay beauty…

‘Angmoh’ beauty…

Eurasian beauties…

African sexy beauty…oh my! She was surrounded by photographers!

Beauty with braces….:p

Flower beauties…

Colorful beauties…

Pink ladies…

Little Japanese beauties…

University elvish beauties…

Beautiful drag queen….hahah… 😀

But best of all…

Natural beauty! Three cheers for our national swimmer Yip Pin Xiu for her
strength and courage in overcoming her physical disadvantage and won a gold medal
in the 50m backstroke and a silver medal in the 50m freestyle in Beijing Paralympics! 

Besides the beauties, there were a few that looked quite scary…some put on monstrous masks, some put on hideous make-ups, while others were…well…naturally scary looking….hahahah…..:D

Performer from Indonesia…

Wow such teeth! 😀

And there was this one that looked so fearsome that Itchyfingers dared not really go so close to take his photo…in the end we found all our photos of him were blur…..:p

Super full length big wig with bold make-ups made him look very unfriendly…
and he always looked so serious…no smiles at all…..Itchyfingers quickly
snapped and ran away….:o

I guessed I preferred to take the beauties….hahahah….8)

Friendly NUS students posing for Itchyfingers while we crossed the road
to the parade ground…

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In Search of Paper Clips – Bangkok, Thailand Trip #4

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We already noticed this unusual phenomenon the first time we went to Bangkok almost two and a half years ago. Little did we expect to see it again this time round. I had asked friends who had been to Bangkok if they had ever noticed this, but seemed like everyone else was too engaged in their shop-till-they-drop business in the shopping paradise that they failed to notice something interesting like this.

So what was it that caught Itchyfingers‘ eyes?

Paper clips

What? Paper clips? Weren’t these used for organising thicker stack of papers together? What’s so interesting about these metal paper clips?

Well, that’s what you think as the humble use of these paper clips. In Bangkok, (at least I din see it happening in Chiang Mai) these paper clips are of much bigger importance.

Walking along the streets of busy Bangkok city, you would encounter many students in different school uniforms. However most of these were white tops and black bottoms.

The long pleated skirt with white top, white socks and white shoes

But then there were also many others with tight tops and skirts that were in super small sizes! Some even had a high slit in front. On closer look, we also found that many of the girls had these on…

Three friends each spotting a different skirt – the old fashioned and long
pleated skirt, a low waist tight skirt and another low waist one with a slit –
this one at the back. Look at the shoes! Can suka suka wear any shoes
one leh! Er, what’s with the red circle?

Take a closer look…

Paper clip on the belt!

What was the metal paper clip doing on the girls’ belt? When we first saw it, we thought she might have left it there so that she won’t forget in case she needed it for emergency when she had a whole stack of paper to organise. Er, but hor, if that was the case, surely you could just clip it on your bag right? Then we noticed more of these clips on girls’ belt and only girls had them and not the boys. Wow! Surely not all Thai girls students were that forgetful right?

According to this site, girls must wear two pins that represent which
faculty/department of study they belong to. So I think this should be
one of them. Some of these girls worn shoes that were so casual!

It was only then we realised that the girls must have used the clip to clip the belt and the skirt together to prevent the belt from slipping off. Har?? So troublesome? Why dun they just add some loops for belt on the skirts, just like what the boys’ pants had?  Best thing was, they not only used this kinda metal paper clip, but also those good old wooden cloth pegs our mothers used to secure wet laundry!

Another kinda metal clip being used

Being smart and observant, we also figured out that the girls in super tight tight tight or sexy short skirts must be from tertiary institutions. To prove ourselves right, we even followed the paper clips, er, I mean the girls, to their school the last trip, and BINGO! They were uni students! We were surprised that Thai universities required students to put on uniforms. Well, maybe to rebel against the school regulation and to inject a more fashionable image, these girls chose to dress so sexily. As for the clips, we really couldn’t figure out why a simple long term solution of just making some belt loops wasn’t been done…so we concluded that it could be a case of fashion statement again.. :p If not, why would you see this…?

A Hello Kitty clip on this girl taken from this site

Incidentally during our brekky buffet at the hotel, we saw this paper clip, erhm, this uni girl working in the cafe. She should be just working as a part-timer as she was in her school uniform…and yes! she’s one of the paper clip! Curious for a confirmation on the use of the paper clip, my friend KG approached her with the question. Unfortunately she couldn’t understand English and got to blushingly ask her colleague to translate. Finally we got our answer – yes, the paper clip was used to secure the belt onto the skirt. Not to make her feel more embarrass, we didn’t ask her about why didn’t they just sew some loops on the skirt.

So in our quest for more fashion conscious, paper clip donning universities girls pictures, Itchyfingers had a most fun and frustrating time looking, peeping, tailing and chasing after the girls. It was a case of when you wanted them, they would not appear! When they did appear they didn’t have the paper clips!

No paper clips!

And when we spotted those with paper clips, our almost five years old cameras couldn’t act fast enough even with our itchy fingers! Most of the time we had difficulties trying to focus walking behind them while maintaining a respectable distance so as not to appear like perverts! The worse thing was when we were ready to press the shutter, some passerby would block our view! How we wished we had brought along the SLR camera with zoom lens!

Breaking the school rule a little with a harmless small bear accessory and a paper clip

Itchyfingers tailed this sexy paper clip for the longest distance at a mall

Waiting for our ‘target’ at a bus stop, we finally got this relatively closer view  

We had to call it a day as it was the last day of our trip. Just as we were rushing back to the hotel to pick up our luggage, we saw three girls walking towards us! Immediately we turned over after they walked passed to look for paper clips…Darn! One of them had it! But I had kept my camera! So hastily I took it out but the piece of antique took forever to turn on so I had to open up my steps in order to catch up to take a picture…But the zoom couldn’t reach far enough so I tried to catch up some more to take a closer picture. Then it started to pour! Aiyo! No more chance liao!

My last paper clip shot

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