Tug-of-War – Singapore Biennale 2013 #4

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When Itchyfingers saw this from far, we thought it looked like some messy chunk of log or stone. As we approached nearer, we were quite amused by what we saw and the material used – textile inspired by soldier uniform…

We found the sculpture very familiar as we walked nearer…It looked
like something we had seen before….

And yes! Itchyfingers were right! The sculpture was indeed depicting
the “Churning of the Sea of Milk”, a scene from the Hindu myth…

No wonder we found it so familiar! Itchyfingers saw similar sculptures when we visited Angkor Wat some years back…

Remember this bas-relief taken from one of the walls of Angkor Wat?

This was posted on our earlier post here.

Another sculpture with the same theme at the South Gate of Angkor

If you are at the Departure Hall at the Bangkok Airport, you will not miss this one…

More pulling from the gods! 😀

Pulling back from the Asuras (demons)! The whole art piece is way too
long to be captured on camera…

Anyway, back to the sculpture at the basement of the National Museum…

They kinda look cute after you figure out what they are doing…haha…

Each figure look different…Really a lot of work to sew the pieces together….

You have to look at them closely to appreciate them….Actually look
like a big human stuff toy! Hahah… 😀

Vishnu, at the centre, mediating the tug-of-war…

One side was supposed to be the good guys and the other, the bad…But 
I can’t really tell which were the good and which were the bad leh… :p

The headgears were different for both sides….

Detail of fish at the bottom…

The Singapore Biennale 2013 is ongoing at various venues until 16 February 2014. Quick! Catch it before it’s too late!

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National Carpet Dog – Bangkok, Thailand

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Itchyfingers were at Bangkok’s National Stadium BTS Station when we saw this super cute sight…I have seen photos of cuties in these poses but I have always thought it was somehow digitally manipulated or someone must have arranged for the pose. But now I do believe it is for real and comes naturally…hahah…Cannot blame Itchyfingers lah! We don’t own any doggie! 😀

Look what have we found here! A Carpet Dog! Hahahah! 

It was a busy station, and this doggie seemed totally oblivious to the people
walking around…and he was right in the middle of the path, as if he owns
the place! 😀

How did he manage to stay so flat? 😀

I don’t mind dogs though I prefer cats anytime…Normally I would keep a 
distance away from bigger dogs, especially strays. But this one was so cute and
completely in his own dream world so I got bolder and went closer to shoot 
him from all different angles….

So cute! He wasn’t the least bothered at all!

Just look at his face! 😀 He had a collar, so was he someone’s pet?

We were the only ones who stopped and took his sleeping carpet position, though some people did turn and took a look at him. Maybe he was such a common sight there at the station that people were so used to him? About a month later, I saw on my friend’s Facebook page a picture of this doggie sleeping at the station again, though not exactly this carpet position…hahha….So I guess he must be a regular there. Next time when you are in Bangkok, take the BTS to National Stadium Station and you might bump into this cute doggie too!  😀

Match Made in Heaven – Lost in Translation #3

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While walking on the streets of Bangkok, Itchyfingers found this sign outside a row of shop houses. A most common light box sign that you may just missed it since most of them are in Thai. It happened to have a large English word in the middle, so that caught our eyes. But look closely…I think times are really bad, so to stand out from your competitors, you have to offer something really special and different…

Marriage for Aliens! Wahahahahah!!!!! Certified marriage for intergalactic
couples??!? 😀 I think they meant to be marriage for foreigners…wahahahah…

Thailand. A Land of Smiles… 😀

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