Boring Hot Spring – Sabah Trip#4

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The next morning after our super slow climb, we woke up early in the morning at 6am to prepare cos we had to drive about an hour to Poring Hot Spring and Nature Reserve, hopefully to find some interesting endemic lowland birds species that Tisu Boy had read about there.

Situated 40 kilometers (25 miles) slightly northeast from the Parks HQ, in the district of Ranua, Poring is located in the lowlands – hot and humid, typical of the tropics –  a contrast to the montane and sub-montane rainforest of Kinabalu National Parks.

Gotta pay RM18 to enter, which we could also use it on the same day at the Park HQ entrance too, since it is part of the Kinabalu National Park.

This looked like an unused old suspension bridge

The name Poring comes from a Kadazandusun word for a bamboo species found in the area. No wonder there were so many bamboo trees…

One of the few positive contributions the Japanese made to Borneo during WWII, Poring Hot Springs has become a popular weekend retreat for locals, and popular with climbers to soothe those aching muscles in the spring’s hot sulphuric minerals that are deemed to have healing properties. It was indeed very popular – local families were already enjoying themselves at the playground, swimming pool as well as the rundown man-made pools with steaming sulphurous water. The humid hot air was filled with the pungent smell of sulphur. We were actually a bit shocked to see so many people, and we were expecting to see a more natural setting. Now the place just looked boring for us, so didn’t bother to take any photos there.

To escape from the crowd and noise, we decided to head to the Canopy Walkway first. The Walkway is 157.8m long and 41m high. We were wearing our leech socks cos we didn’t know what kind of terrain to expect here…Better safe than sorry! 

Entrance fee and warning message. Wow…height phobia! :O

So humid! Grab a huge piece of leave as fan! Hahah…

Arrrgh! More steps and climbing! The walking path from the ticket booth to the beginning of the canopy walk is about 1km up hill and is moderately aerobic. Could gradually feel the ache in my thighs from yesterday’s climb 

So many majestic trees! I think this is the Menggaris tree 

Wow! The Canopy Walkway looked higher than I imagined! No choice, since you can only walk one way…

Good thing was that we were early and there were only a handful of people. So I waited for the person in front to clear before I made my first step…

Gingerly, I stepped out onto the narrow wooden plank. Wow, a bit high leh and it was only tied with thick ropes. I was already starting to perspire from nervousness and just when I was like on my fifth steps or so, suddenly I felt a big drop and the whole canopy shook very violently!!!!

Grabbing tightly with both hands, I realised it was Tisu Boy who caused the whole canopy to sink down! His camera bag was simply too heavy and he had purposely walked so fast to frighten me! 😦 I must have shouted quite loud…people behind must be laughing…#$%&*

Centuries later after walking with my turtle speed, we finally reached the end of the first 50 metre to a small platform. So immediately I asked Tisu Boy to walk first, and then I waited till it was not so shaking before I started walking slowly… :p

“See, so stable! What’s so scary?” Shake, shake, shake! :O

But Tisu Girl was still grabbing onto the rope all the time…Shirt was soaked with cold sweat…my excuse was that it was very hot! 

Tisu Girl didn’t stop along the canopy to take any photos cos the hands were glued on the rope…

I could still see the mountain in the distance

Not sure what fruit were these but the skin texture looked familiar…

Beautiful leaves…

Took us only 5 minutes to reach the end of the four stretches of the canopy walk. Didn’t manage to see any birds or wildlife though. I think even if we were to see any, I wouldn’t want to stand on the shaking walkway too long, unless we were on the platform. I think maybe they could include some signages to highlight the plant species.


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