The Beetles

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Itchyfingers were looking for some birds in Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserves when Tisu Boy pointed to a tree trunk and said he saw something big flew in. I looked through the binos…and what a pleasant surprise!! I didn’t know we have this in Singapore!

A Rhinoceros Beetle! Not sure which species is this one as there are so many
types and Itchyfingers are not experts in insects..heee…Initially it was
partially hidden, and it took a long wait before it decided to show itself.
Males have horns while female do was this one we saw a female?

It was exciting cos being nocturnal, it made it tougher to find them in daytime. We have seen Rhino Beetles in Malaysia but it was the first time we saw it here! A pity it was too high for us to take better photos.

The only time I got closest to one was when we were doing insect
. This is the male Three-horned Rhinoceros Beetle. Beetles have

a wing cover called the elytra as seen here. To fly, a beetle must pull its wings
out from the elytra before flying, hence delaying flight

The Rhinoceros Beetles or Rhino Beetle are a subfamily (Dynastinae) of beetles in the family of scarab beetles (Scarabaeidae). One of the largest beetles, it can grow up to 60cm long! However they are completely harmless to humans because they cannot bite or sting. Remember the timid Rhino Beetle in Pixar’s A Bug’s Life? Hahah…The horns are not used to fight against predators but rather for the occassional battle with another male over a feeding site, which can attract a female. The horns are also used for digging.

A life Rhino Beetle at Fraser’s Hill, Malaysia. Didn’t realise my photo is
blur cos I was blocked and had to bend to take this shot from the top.. 😦

At the car porch was this dead but beautiful huge metallic green beetle. No
idea what was it but it was about the same size as the Rhino Beetle…

A poor beetle crushed probably by cars on the road of Fraser’s Hill…a bit
beyond recognition…

But it should be one of these which is quite common in Fraser’s Hill. Not  sure
if this should be called Stag Beetle or Staghorn Beetle since we are not
experts…hahah…Anyone care to enlighten Itchyfingers? These guys used
to come into our hotel rooms at night and once I heard a friend caught it in a
plastic bag so that he could photograph it. The next moment, the beetle
had already cut through the plastic with the sharp mandibles!

We waited so long for the Rhino Beetle to move but I guess it prefer the safety of the night. Seeing the Rhinoceros Beetle here just show that though Singapore is so small, we still have a wide biodiversity waiting for us to discover, which makes it all the more important to preserve and appreciate what we have!

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  1. is there stag beetle in singapore

    • Not too sure if we have them in the wild, cos you gotta go out often enuf and hv sharp eyes to spot wild life! 😀

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