Of Dragons and Lizards – Mistaken Identities #4

November 11, 2009 at 10:06 am | Posted in itchy mouth | 2 Comments
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Itchyfingers went for a short visit at Lower Pierce Reservoir with a friend last Sunday and was glad to find something new at the boardwalk. Remember our earlier posts about mistaken identities of the different reptiles in Singapore?

This wasn’t there a few months ago when I last visited. I am so glad NPark
finally put up a sign to educate people about the differences among the
different species of lizards found in our forests and parks!

A closer look. The white patches were light reflections through the tall trees…
Lazy to touch up all the patches…since you can never alter the work of nature…
hahah…Now I know skinks give birth to live young…hmmm

Yes! And that’s not an Iguana either! 😀 Incidentally, I saw a nice Green-
crested Lizard
sitting very quietly among the leaves, very close to where
people walk…but it was partially covered that I couldn’t get a nicer
picture of it. But glad to see it around!

Haha…and yes, that’s not a crocodile either! Great that they list the
differences between the Clouded and the Water Monitor Lizards. So now
you know…

Now I am starting to wonder if any of the NPark staff read my previous posts on these reptiles? Hahaha….no lah, they must have heard enough of the mistaken identities and feedback from the public that they decided to put up this very useful sign. Really hope they will put up more of this in other parks too! Hey, then how about our Sunbirds and Hummingbirds? 8)

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  1. Cool! I hope to hear fewer people screaming that they spotted an iguana, chameleon or Komodo dragon in our nature areas…

    • Hahah…but first they must stop and spend time read the sign… :p

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