Have a Mint – Toy Story #2

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Do you know that we have museums dedicated to toys in Singapore? We used to have three, but with one based on Shanghai toys closed a few months ago, we are now left with two.

I am sure if you are a regular visitor to the Bras Basah Complex or the
National Central Library, you would definitely not miss this signage at
Seah Street

But how many of you have actually walk into the building to check out the
exhibits inside?

Besides a privately-owned museum, the five-storey award-winning building
also houses a cafe, restaurant and winebar

MINT”, which means “Moment of Imagination and Nostalgia with Toys”, showcases more than 50,000 pieces of vintage toys and childhood memorabilia that originate from over 25 countries such as Germany, Japan, United States and even Bulgaria. Many of these are still in ‘mint’ condition – new and unused in its original packaging.

Enter the museum and you would be greeted by this floor to ceiling mural
leading you to the basement cafe


Each of the four levels has a different theme – level two features collectables; level three features childhood favourites; level four features characters; level five features outerspace; while level one is the shop (selling what else but toys!) and ticketing.

Old chinese advertisements mostly featuring chinese beauties

Chinese dolls in traditional costumes

Sexy Betty Boop
in her earlier days…

The owner must be a Beatles

Can you recognise them?


Movie poster

This book was published in 1954, more than a decade before man’s
successful landing on moon! I have never read a single Tin Tin’s
must really get my itchyfingers on them one of these days!

Nice birdies wind-up tin toys…

And a huge peacock wind-up tin toy…I think this could be remote-controlled

Felix the Cat
in the good old days… :p

He looked so comical

Everybody loves Mickey!

Nice tin cases from the 60s

Batman and Bat Mobile

Popeye the Sailorman

Wow! Popeye pops out in 3D!

Talking about popping out in 3D, if you write Popeye’s name separately, it would read “pop eye”….

And look what Itchyfingers found…Pop Eye Pete – “the cute kid with the
comical eyes and a wig wag walk” tin toy with his girlfriend! Hahaha!
Actually looked scary and reminded me of that scary toy
Chucky in the movie!

Itchyfingers first visited MINT few years ago when my Hong Kong friend came for a visit. Recently I went in to check if there is any new exhibits and the lady said there is a section based on cars in conjunction with the Formula One Racing…so I guess the majority of the exhibits should be almost the same…, maybe…hmmm, maybe I shall save the visit until another friend visit from overseas? Hahaha….the admission is a bit steep at $15 for adults lor…:p But definitely worth a visit if you have not done so!

These must be among those under the racing cars exhibits now… :p

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