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Recently Itchyfingers visited the Japan Creative Centre (JCC) for the first time after Tisu Boy picked up an article on the chinese paper about a contemporary art exhibition by a Japanese artist, Yamaguchi Akira 山口晃. I only realised we have a Japan Creative Centre when I saw photos of a previous exhibition on a friend’s Facebook page last year and have wanted to pay it a visit since then.

Finally found the place at Nassim Road after mixing it up with Nassim Drive. But there is no parking lot for the public so we had to park somewhere nearby before walking back.

If you take the bus, alight at Delfi Orchard and walk over. The Japan
Creative Centre is at No. 4 Nassim Road

See this sign and you know you are at the correct place

Look closer and you will find a lot of familiar architecture of Singapore!
This is one of the works entitled, “HDB”, where the artist cleverly juxtaposes
Sri-Mariamman temple, the Merlion, Chinatown and many other landmarks
of Singapore into one floating planet on water. The painting gave the exhibition
its title, Singa-planet

You cannot miss this huge billboard just outside the centre…

There we are at the gate of the centre which is housed in a nice bungalow…

We were greeted by the friendly staff before proceeding to view the exhibition. The first thing visitors see is this tall wooden structure in the middle of the room.

These three triangular columns standing on the map of Singapore represent the
HDB flats we are living in. Visitors are welcome to interact with the piece by
placing the glass marbles on the horizontal bars and see how they move from
one level to the next. The marbles symbolise people living in the HDB.
Sometimes one marble may be stucked in one corner. But it will move on once
another new marble comes along. This is similar to life where one may be
faced with setbacks and needs help from others

For the exhibition, the artist visited Singapore some times ago to get inspiration to create work that is related to Singapore. The three artwork on the wall behind the installation are some examples of Singapore-themed creations, like a mobile Chicken Rice seller which looks very similar to that of a mobile ice-cream seller.

These look ordinary at first but look again, and you will see that a house of

traditional Japanese architecture travelling along a rope through the sky

A “Portable Folding Tea Cermony Room, 2002” made with corrugated
plastic sheet, wood and paper

Photography is allowed but not for closeup pictures. If you think this is strange, that is because the artist’s work is best appreciated up close due to the many intricate details.

Titled, “Setting up a Thousand Senju Kannon, 2009”, it shows a kind of factory
assembly line of the making of the Goddess of Mercy

Interestingly, for many of the works the artist first painted them with watercolour and recoated some areas with oil.

“A Break in Four Seasons, 2007” captures the transition from Spring to
Winter seamlessly. The people were repainted in oil, which seems to make
them stand out more prominently

“Department Store: Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, 2004” shows all the activity
in this multi-level shopping haven. It reminded us of the bathhouse in
Hayao Miyazaki‘s Spirited Away, one of my favourite animations

The rendition of different scenes on a single artwork reminded us of the
清明上河图, a panoramic painting that captures the daily life of people
from the Song period at the capital, Bianjing. This is a reproduction
print of the artist’s famous work, “Department Store: New Nihonbashi
Mitsukoshi, 2004”

Singa-planet is showing at the Japan Creative Centre from now till 6 May 2011, 10 am to 6 pm. The centre is closed on Sunday and Monday, 22 April and 3 May. Admission is free. Besides the interesting work on show now, the building itself is also worth checking out! :p

View along the corridor leading to the loos… :p



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  1. i nv know tis place exist too.. cool… to bad not in time to visit the exhibit…

    n hey i like spirited away too… btw tat chicken rice stall concept .. is it like olden days those peddler.. like hong kong where u see the hawker sellin food stuff (porridge/mee etc..) like tat

    n how they refrain u from closeup.. cos can have powerful zoom ah…

    • haha…i din take closeup lah…just took the overall exhibition area…and then din do any more cropping when post on web…hahah…I think the centre only opened in 2009

  2. happen to know when is tamagochi akira’s exhibition will be until?

    • It’s until 6 May, but please check the days which JCC will be closed.

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