An “Otterly” Exciting Morning

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Just about 20 minutes into my run, which I had to drag myself to do it this morning, I saw some people crowding around the fence of the canal. Running closer, I saw what made them stop their usual morning activities. I had overheard a walker telling her friend about it. I was really surprised to know that. Afterall, this is not a beautiful park with nice water bodies but a sometimes-very-dirty canal behind some private houses. But I have since then been hoping to see it for myself. Today, I finally saw them here! Otters!! Smooth-coated Otters! It was quite a while ago since Itchyfingers last saw otters. What made this so special was that, there were a pair of adults and three youngsters!!! Just the other day, someone reported of a sighting of a family of five at the Bishan-Ang Moh Kio Park. Was actually thinking of paying the why-so-far-from-my-house park a visit this coming weekend cos we have never seen wild young otters. And here, Itchyfingers was seeing for herself a family of five right at her territory! Wahahah!!! Now, I wonder if it was the same family of five? Would they swim that far here? While the family were running around the opposite bank of the canal, the resident Gray-headed Fish Eagle suddenly swooped down out from nowhere towards the family before perching onto one of his favourite trees! Gave me a shock cos I thought he wanted to attack the young ones! Maybe he did, but changed his mind seeing how cute they were? Haha… Gotta count myself lucky for bringing my mobile phone along today… After trying for some “otterly” lousy shots, I called Tisu Boy, still in his Slumberland. Had to send him my blur shot and keep harping him to rush over. I was hoping the family would swim nearer so I could shoot a better photo. Again, the Fish Eagle flew down from his perch to the water further away from the family and landed near the bank. I think he might have caught and lose something cos it was the first time I saw him landed on the ground for a few seconds before flying off onto another perch. A huge Water Monitor Lizard also came to join in the fun and swam towards the Otters, but he made a big detour before climbing up the bank. Luckily the parents were around, otherwise there might be casualty…. I waited for about 10-15 minutes before my photographer arrived. Minutes before he came, I lost sight of them! Otters are strong swimmers and can hold their breath for very long time under water. Luckily he brought along the binoculars so I managed to find one small little head…Then, something romantic happened….

Papa and Mama Otters having some intimate moments….”Dear, I love how fishy your breath smell…”

As if sensing someone peeping them, they separated, with one giving the “stunned vegetable” look… 😀

One of the parents stood up high to look for the youngsters… Then the parents started swimming…Some young otters popped out from nowhere and followed the parents…

That same Monitor Lizard quickly moved further up when he saw the family….

It was funny cos not just this particular lizard scurried away from the otters, another one even swam up frantically when they approached! Must be shocked at the size of the family… 😀 All the monitor lizards today were extra-large size, so it was comical to see them running away from the cute otters…hahah

Eventually the whole family climbed up for a run…Could finally have a shot of the five of them!

tchyfingers couldn’t believe it when we saw another little one joining them! So now we have a big family of six!!! This is definitely not the same family spotted at the other park!

They seemed to have spotted something among the grass….Is it dangerous?!

Ahhh, another big Monitor Lizard….Outnumbered, the reptile obviously couldn’t do anything

“Let’s ignore him! Look what Papa has got!”

A BIG Fish!

It was the first time Itchyfingers saw an otter with such a huge fish! Boy, I didn’t know my smelly longkang (canal) has such big fishes!

Papa seemed to be teaching the young ones how to toss the fish…

Splash! “Yippee! Is the fish ready for us to eat?!” The Otters were getting so excited you could hear them making so much noise!

“Papa! I want! I want!”

“Papa! Gimme! Gimme!”

But Papa seemed to be ignoring the young ones. Maybe he just wanted them to learn the tricks and hunt for themselves?

But young one refused to obey…”Gimme some!”

“Nom Nom! Learn how to catch your own fish, Young Man!” 😀

Persistence finally paid off! Papa relented and gave them the fish….Feeding frenzy…

Was that the mummy keeping an eye for predators while the young ones enjoyed their brekky?

We observed and followed them when they swam. More people stopped when they heard the noisy family. One uncle stopped by and talked to us. Though friendly, he was a little bit loud, probably cos of deteriorating hearing…Not sure if that affected the feasting mood of the otter family, they started to move out of the water again…with their fish….

“Bro, why do these human like to make so much noise?” 😀

Let’s go find a quieter spot!”


Soon all followed and ran up..

Does this look like they were posing for photo for the one standing up? Hahah…

Finally gone into the woods to enjoy the rest of the fishy meal….

That ended Itchyfingers’ “otterly” exciting morning! Hopefully the family will be here to stay!

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  1. Excellent sequence. That Lizard shot took me by surprise. 🙂

    • Thank you! We couldn’t stop laughing at his sudden reaction! 😀

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