The Yellow Flower Road…

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Itchyfingers were driving when we saw this phenomena…A look up at the nearby trees and we got our answer…

Pavement along the road were covered with a layer of yellow flowers….

These flowers were from the Angsana Tree (Pterocarpus indicus), a large deciduous tree that grows up to 40m tall, with trunk up to 2 m diameter. It can be recognised by its drooping, dome-shaped crown

It was actually quite a pretty sight with the road covered by the flowers….They bloom for only a day, then rain down the next morning, creating yellow carpets on the ground

Close up of the flowers…we could still smell the faint fragrance…

Many of us are familiar with the fruits, which are flattened pods with disc-like papery wings since we often see the fallen brown ones on the roads. But we are less familiar with the flowers because the trees are so high for us to see the tiny flowers clearly….well, that is, if they were to flower. According to this Singapore infopedia site, “Flowering in Angsana is related to temperature variations and rainfall. In habitats where there is a marked dry season, the Angsana flowers twice a year. Leaf shedding followed by flowering occur conspicuously after a period of dry weather. However, Angsanas in Singapore do not flower twice a year as a distinct dry period is uncommon. They do not flower at all, unless there is an exceptional hot and dry period, for example, in 1982 and 1983.” No wonder I have not much memory of such mass flowering of the tree. The recent change in temperate must be the trigger for this!

Dried leaves among fallen flowers….According to Wiki, the flowers are used as a honey source while leaf infusions are used as shampoos in Indonesia. Both flowers and leaves were said to be eaten. The leaves are supposedly good for waxing and polishing brass and copper. It is also a source of kino or resin

Good thing there was an overhead bridge next to the flowering tree, so we could climb up and take some shots of the flowers…

But we weren’t too happy cos the most flowers were already gone…So we walked around and looked for more Angsana trees….Following the yellow flower road led us to this whole rows of flowering trees….Itchyfingers decided to go up to the nearest block for an aerial view…..hahahah…

Wow! From just the 10th floor, we could see this! What a beautiful sight to open your door every morning and be welcomed by flowering trees and not another block of HDB flats! The older government flats were built more spaced out with more matured trees….

There were so many flowers that we were spoilt for choice!

By the way, do you know that the Angsana is the national tree of the Philippines? Itchyfingers just found out too! 😀

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