Fruits of Life – Singapore Biennale 2013 #3

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One of the exhibits at The Singapore Biennale struck a chord with Itchyfingers.

Two paintings showed contrasting landscapes – one was natural and the other, man-made…

No guess which was our preference…

A beautiful rainforest scene in Bornea…Can you find the orangutans?

This was one of them….

Such lovely image of a mother and a child…Would be such fantastic
experience to be able to see them in the wild one day…

Look opposite for a picture of horror…

Forest logged and replaced by the lucrative oil palm plantation…It
is always sad to see large piece of land being cleared for these…

These huge oil palm plantations are common sight in Malaysia that
you would never miss while driving. Here, workers were collecting 
the fruits…

Air pollution from factories in the distance…

Rationale for the paintings. I think the artist was successful in making
his statement through these two paintings…Commercial oil palm
plantations thrive only at the expense of the natural habitats of many
native animals….

The Singapore Biennale 2013 is ongoing at various venues until 16 February 2014.

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