Four Itchy Fingers….Singapore Biennale 2013 #1

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Walk into the National Museum of Singapore and you won’t miss these…

Wow! Huge finger! What’s with the furry nail? 😀

Oh my goodness…huge furry finger! Feel so itchy! Wahahaha!

This looked kinda bloody… :p

And this looked a bit dead…pale and bloodless finger! :p

At first, Itchyfingers thought the artist must be an itchy finger himself so he created these installation pieces. But it seemed that he wanted to convey more….

Wow…didn’t know the idea behind the fingers was so serious and solemn…
thought the works 
were just fun pieces…

Whatever it is, Itchyfingers had fun fooling around… :p

The Singapore Biennale 2013 is on-going at various venues until 16 February 2014.

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